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Work Is Underway On Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy 2024


Work is underway to create the 2024 version of Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy. There is a fair bit involved rolling ye ole Excel workbook over from the prior year for the upcoming MLB season. A lot of the work is gathering the data before I even dive into the file itself.

The biggest piece is setting the player pool. I try to prevent having to adjust the player pool after the initial download, because if we need to adjust it, ba dum tss… new download. Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy’s player pool last year was over 1,000 hitters and 1,300 pitchers. Here is how I decide the player pool:

  1. Include every player with any MLB stats from each of the past three seasons
  2. Include every player from the initial Steamer projections
  3. Include every player from NFBC Average Draft Position data
  4. Include every player from our initial MLB prospects list

Fantasy baseball dynasty players, I’m sure you want more and more and more prospects. Prospect lists seem to release a little later in the season. For example, The Athletic published Keith Law’s 2023 Top 100 on January 30 last year. I start with the Top 100 from MLB and I may try to add Top 10 by franchise if feasible.

That should make for a pretty solid player pool. From there I might do a sanity check like cross-checking against players in the projections from FantasyPros or Razzball.

At this point, you’ll start to see some new 2024 data rolling out on the website, such as Steamer projections and ADP on the player pages (see: Ronald Acuna). I also have a blended ADP tool in the works to pull ADP daily from various sources. Soon enough we’ll have more projections, rankings, data added to the auction calculator, and of course, Draft Buddy. Stay tuned.

Early Fantasy Baseball Draft

Annually I participate in an early, and deep, mock draft to more or less kick off fantasy baseball season. Organized by buddy Rich, he gathers 18 old souls to draft 27 rounds in a relaxed slow draft run over at Couch Managers.

The draft started yesterday and I randomly chose the 12 spot from the remaining available when I checked in. We transfer rosters over to Yahoo and play it out as a best ball (no roster moves) with 5X5 roto scoring format. Six picks are in as follows:

  • 1.01 Ronald Acuna
  • 1.02 Juan Soto
  • 1.03 Bobby Witt, Jr.
  • 1.04 Julio Rodriguez
  • 1.05 Kyle Tucker
  • 1.06 Corbin Carroll

At this point I don’t have a very good idea who I am taking at 12, or 25. When to draft pitchers over hitters is always a tough call because with 18 teams, you’re going to be thin somewhere. If I can finish Draft Buddy it would help immensely, so update over, and back to work for me!

4 Comments on “Work Is Underway On Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy 2024”

  • jas1az1


    I just want to first compliment you on Draft Buddy. It’s always improving and a great tool so thank you so much! I was curious if I could request that in Draft Buddy Baseball we could add K’s and Net steals for hitters then losses, CG, SHO for Pitchers. If not I understand that it takes a lot of time and effort for those kind of changes. Thanks for all you do!

    • Mike


      Thanks very much Jason! Appreciate the kind words. I’m still in data gathering mode but once I get into the file then let me see what is involved. The sheet isn’t very flexible (having become so complex over time) so changes like this are difficult, but I won’t say no off the hop. I’ll try. Cheers.

  • Mike


    Steamer projections added to Last Player Picked for those who love that old dollar value calculator tool. Ran into some errors given the code is rather old, but I think I fixed those up. If you notice any error notices then please let me know, preferably with a screenshot or repeat steps you took to get there.

  • Mike


    Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy is now ready for 2024. I haven’t had time to write a post or send out a newsletter as the day job is calling. Hopefully tonight. But if you are reading this, download and take it for a spin. Please let me know if you notice anything that looks off. Thanks.

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