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2019 Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy is updated for projections, ADP and depth charts as of yesterday. And I - coincidentally - couldn't have timed that update and this member newsletter much better. It seems all of your access (and mine) to download Draft Buddy expired yesterday. Not to worry! It is still free and easy to re-up. Lets get to it...

Renew Subscription, Download v.2.0

If you downloaded the early release 2019 fantasy baseball Draft Buddy, that was actually under your 2018 access, which automatially expired yesterday. Like I said, no worries, and we have a new version 2.0 released anyway, so you should download the new version.

As existing Draft Buddy members, login to your member account signup, check "Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy" and click "Next". It is still FREE (much to my wife's chagrin, but I know it makes you guys happy) and then you can access the Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy download page.

Projection Pal + THE BAT and ATC Projections

Now you are on the downlaod page, you might notice some additional files available for download. First is Projection Pal, the optional add-on that lets you import other projections into Draft Buddy. Use Pal if you want an alternate source than the default Steamer or Zeile projections.

The nice thing about fantasy baseball projections is many websites make a CSV download available, which makes it much easier to add them to Pal and port to Draft Buddy. And that is exactly what I did with two additional projections THE BAT by Derek Carty, and ATC by Ariel Cohen. They each gave me permission to make them available to you guys. Sweet!

I plan to give some details about each projection set in a future blog post but for now, read about THE BAT, about ATC, and give each of Derek (@DerekCarty) and Ariel (@ATCNY) a follow on Twitter to say thanks.

Miscellaneous Random Thoughts

Okay, what else? Last Player Picked online dollar value calculator is also updated. Check around the site as I made numerous changes - and continue to do so - to improve the player stats, player news (pretty cool resource) and other database features.

You can give Chris a poke on Twitter (@Roto_Chris) to see when his first article is coming. I know he is keen as we are polishing off a 17-team mock draft. The first two rounds saw him with Acuna-Kluber drafting 10th spot, me with Stanton-Sale from 11th. Click the images below to see the complete two rounds.

If you are watching the Super Bowl then give my Super Bowl Party Quiz a whirl for fun. I want to have the 13-run pool again this year. I think I had a really good idea this morning re: leveraging Twitter for fantasy baseball (or fantasy football) research. Not sure I have the manpower to pull it off though.

Okay that is enough rambling. Next projections update is scheduled for two weeks but will be earlier IF a key player or two finally sign on the dotted line. Enjoy the game Sunday if you are into that, and thanks for supporting Draft Buddy!


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