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Last Call Draft Buddy Early Bird Special


Draft Buddy Early Bird Special

LAST CALL - Early Bird Special for Draft Buddy! The price goes up tomorrow, so save 25% - today!

Remember, we do regular updates all the way through to the start of the NFL season (next one Thursday), so buy today or buy later, we will keep you updated to your fantasy football draft.

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Join Draft Buddy RotoBowl I

Now an explanation about the image above. Our Roto_Chris is starting a new Draft Buddy fantasy football league! And it isn't just any league, but a roto scoring fantasy football league.

You know, the way most fantasy baseball leagues are scored, not with fantasy points? Think categories, and rushing yards per attempt, and chess over checkers, and... well, maybe best if you read about the league.

Submit a comment in the blog to express interest in joining. We are already half full.

Best Ball Superflex Draft Recap

I joined a new fantasy football best ball superflex draft at FFPC. With the first overall pick I took Todd Gurley. Quarterbacks went early and often through the first six rounds. It was crazy. Check out what happened including the draft board. #AlexSmithOrBust

Round 1 Considerations

After I updated my fantasy football rankings last week, including overall Top 125, I wrote commentary to compliment those rankings. This is discussion of the Top 12+, a.k.a. Round 1 considerations. Le'Veon is #3 overall and this is why.

Thanks everyone who already purchased Draft Buddy! If you have any fantasy football questions shoot them over to me via email, Facebook or Twitter (@DraftBuddy) and I'll try to answer asap.


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