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LAST CALL 13-Run Baseball Pool


I target about a twice a month email update for fantasy baseball, but it was important I send it early this week because it is LAST CALL for our 13-Run Baseball Pool contest. Deadline to join is Tuesday May 15th.

13-Run Baseball Pool Contest

Simple - pick one MLB team and cheer for them to score every possible run total from 0-13 faster than any other team. The link has rules plus current results, and post in the comments to join. Orioles at 10 of 14 still available. Win a coveted Draft Buddy t-shirt!

Daily Fantasy Baseball Blog

Any FanDuel or DraftKings players here? Chris is going to post his daily fantasy baseball thoughts for us on the site, allowing him more freedom than posting on Twitter. His initial focus is a concept of fantasy points allowed per plate appearance. We just got this going starting today, so you are in on the ground floor!

Dynasty Prospects - Second Base

Rick continues his position by position look at the next great baseball players - and fantasy assets - coming down the MLB pipeline for us to keep an eye out for, and even draft early for those in deep dynasty leagues. The most recent posts are second base, posted this morning, and third base, posted last week.

Don't forget to keep checking the site for new articles from the team, including Giles' weekly buy-sell on Tuesdays, Chris' Straight Cheese streaming pitchers on Wednesdays and Andy's closer roundup on Fridays. Oh, and Giles (@giles_clasen) and Chris (@RotoC) have graciously offered to field fantasy baseball questions from our members. Hit them up on Twitter or in the comments of their articles.

For you dual-sport fantasy players, the fantasy football version of Draft Buddy and related content will be ready soon. Go join the baseball pool and thanks for your time!


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