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We are into the second full week of the MLB season and, in case you checked out from DraftBuddy.com once the season started, and haven't been following us on Facebook or Twitter (for shame!), then you probably don't know the big news - we have in-season fantasy baseball content!

Yep, the new writing team is really coming through for us. We've got regular articles to give advice managing your team, plus daily stats. Here are the early highlights:

Streaming Pitchers

Those pitchers you drafted are great, but are only going to contribute 70% of the counting stats you need to win your league. The other 30% comes from the waiver wire, but make sure you don't blow up your ratios. Chris (@RotoC) gives us the Straight Cheese to help pick the right guys.

Buy-Sell Advice

Each week we plan to have one article dedicated to identify players who are impacted by recent news, or perhaps just due for fantasy value correction. Fantasy baseball is a stock market game, and this is your buy and sell advice. Andy (@andyvanman) wrote this week's column, but also check last week by Giles (@giles_clasen).

Closer Roundup

Who can keep on top of the endless closer carousel? Well, Andy is game to try with a weekly article, but this is a good example of where you guys can really help contribute too. Lets use the comments section of the closer articles to discuss all MLB bullpens - who's hot, who's not, changes, etc., for all of our benefit. Lets do it!

Five Hitters to Watch

We even have a guest article! And another on the way, courtesy of Antonio (@LouisLipps), who wrote for Baseball America last season. This article he gives us five hitters to keep an eye on as they are trending up, and could help your fantasy team sooner than later.

Player Stats + Depth Charts

Player stats are updated daily this year, and Kevin is carrying over from Draft Buddy season to keep the depth charts updated for us. I made some improvements to the player stats page. Still more to do, for sure, but so far, so good. If you notice any players missing it is probably due to a mismatch between our database and the stats provider, so please let me know.

Hey, if you are a good writer, provide solid, winning (majority of the time) fantasy advice, and can be entertaining all at the same time, put those talents to work by joining our team. I would love to add to the baseball side, and football is quickly approaching, too. If you are interested then shoot me an email to discuss.

I hope you are off to a great start in your fantasy baseball leagues, and thanks for your continued support for Draft Buddy!


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