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Draft Buddy Update + Fix, More Articles


New writers Andy, Chris and Giles are off to a great start adding insightful fantasy baseball analysis to DraftBuddy.com.

In the past there were limited in-season updates at the website, but we have plans to change that, so keep checking in after Opening Day (next Thursday!) for new articles and updated stats. To enquire about joining the team, send me an email.

Draft Buddy Update + Fix

Now on to the most important stuff - helping you guys who are still drafting. Yesterday we posted a projections, ADP plus depth charts update for Draft Buddy, which if you haven't got it yet is still free to download (although donations are appreciated).

Note if you are using Draft Buddy 2.5 Beta with Target Percentages, then please download the new DB 2.6 for an important fix. It seems the original was not exactly tracking the drafted pitchers correctly. I also made minor changes to version 2.0 that didn't prompt a change to the version number. Check the notes on the download page for details.

Manuel Margot Has Trea Turner Potential

Sleeper is an overused term in fantasy sports, but Giles latest identifies Manuel Margot as a legitimate sleeper candidate - a player he is projecting to vastly outproduce his draft position. And no, he isn't a Padres fan.

Lucky and Unlucky Pitchers Due For A Correction

Chris' contribution this week shows us how to figure out if starting pitchers were especially lucky or unlucky last season, and given luck balances out over time (remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is Even Steven?), we can use this to our advantage targeting or avoiding certain guys. See what category Gio Gonzalez and Chris Archer fall in.

Avoid Drafting Bryce Harper In The Top 10

Last but not least we welcome high school baseball coach Andy VanFossan to the team with his inaugural contribution to Draft Buddy telling us why to pass on Bryce Harper at his current average draft position as a top 10 pick. Yes, he knows Harper is in a walk year.

Busy week here but the excitement is building as we get closer to Opening Day. A final Draft Buddy update is planned for that day. Thanks for your time.

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