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Baseball Update + Target Percentages


Okay peeps, as promised we have another projections, ADP and depth charts update for Draft Buddy! Open Draft Buddy, go to the action tab and Update Projections. But first we have more to share to help you prep for your upcoming fantasy baseball drafts. Read on...

Target Percentages

I teased this last week so hopefully you checked in Monday to read Chris Spencer's article introducing Target Percentages. In a nutshell, Target Percentages help you focus your draft to target and track the stats you need in each roto category to win your league. I can't say it better than Chris, "For those of you that like to salt your food with the tears of your enemies, this article is for you!"

Draft Buddy 2.5 Beta

A brand new Draft Buddy! This is not an official release but if you play in a standard 5x5 roto league, and you are intrigued with the concept of Target Percentages from the aforementioned article, then you will want to check this out. I added Target Percentages to Draft Buddy which gives us some alternate cheatsheets, an example shown above. Find the new Draft Buddy on the download page.

Please follow our new writers on Twitter to send them props about their recent articles. Find Giles @giles_clasen and Chris @RotoC.

Next scheduled projections update is March 22 because I am traveling making updates difficult, but still feel free to email me if you have questions, I will try to get to them as soon as I can. Thanks and good luck in your upcoming baseball drafts!

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