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THE BAT Fantasy Baseball Projections Now In Draft Buddy

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Derek Carty, creator of THE BAT fantasy baseball projections, gave permission to include his projections in Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy. The projections are now available. Thanks Derek! Follow Derek on Twitter and check out his other work.

Updating Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy

If you already downloaded Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy, then you don’t need to download again. The only time you need to download a new copy of Draft Buddy is if our player pool changes to the point I need to expand the number of rows on either the hitters data or pitchers data tabs. Or, if there are bug fixes (hopefully not necessary) or feature changes.

Otherwise, we should be able to use the update options to pull the latest data, or reset the file for a new league. If you are using Draft Buddy for multiple leagues, then save a copy for each league. With Draft Buddy open in Excel, use File > Save As.. > Macro-enabled Workbook, change the name for the league, and Save.

If you don’t already have Draft Buddy, then sign up here to access the download links. Check the “create an account?” option to make it easier to return and download updates, and to access custom features in the future.

Get THE BAT Fantasy Baseball Projections

Draft Buddy includes sections for three different sets of fantasy baseball projections. They are found on each of the hitters data and pitchers data tab. Scroll right, they are highlighted yellow, and you can change the label for them on the options tab. Or, as you update projections via the action tab, Draft Buddy will change the labels for you.

When updating projections from the action tab, they get placed in the first yellow section, otherwise known as Site A. Whatever projections you already have there will be overwritten. There are options to move them to Site B or C first, if you like.

Before starting, if you already have any keepers or custom draft order or draft picks input in Buddy, change both of the reset options to “no”. If those are both “yes”, then Draft Buddy resets completely when you Compile Cheatsheets.

updating THE BAT fantasy baseball projections

Okay, let’s say you want to update Steamer and Zeile projections, and get THE BAT fantasy baseball projections. Go to the action tab. Here are the steps:

  1. Select Steamer from the projections drop-down, and click Update Projections.
  2. Once Draft Buddy pulls the Steamer projections – remember, they are in Site A – click the Move Site A to Site C button. It does exactly that.
  3. Now select Zeile from the drop-down and Update Projections. After that runs, click the Move Site A to Site B button.
  4. Select THE BAT, Update Projections.
  5. Click the Compile Cheatsheets button.

Now you have THE BAT, Zeile, and Steamer projections across each of the three yellow sections (A, B, C) on the hitters data and pitchers data tabs. Plus, ADP, prospects, and position eligibility tables are updated.

Your cheat sheets are based on the mix of projections (or stats) found on the options tab. By default that is 100% Site A (now, THE BAT). If you decide to change that mix at all, then run Compile Cheatsheets again to see the results of the change.

Clarifying THE BAT vs. THE BAT X

Quick clarification in case you were wondering, Derek produces two sets of projections – THE BAT and THE BAT X. THE BAT includes hitters and pitchers, while THE BAT X is only for hitters. THE BAT X came about as an experiment from the original, THE BAT. Read THE BAT X introduction from 2020 over at Fangraphs.

Since we only have one spot designated for “THE BAT” projections, I decided to use THE BAT X for hitters, and THE BAT for pitchers. That is what you are getting when you update THE BAT fantasy baseball projections in Draft Buddy.

Updated Top 100 MLB Top Prospects

Top 100 MLB Prospects

Our top prospects list, found in Draft Buddy, also received an update this week. I mixed in Keith Law’s Top 100 MLB Prospects list with our prior ranking to form an average. And, every player on Keith Law’s list that wasn’t previously in Draft Buddy is now in Buddy’s player pool.

This should be a nice addition for deep keeper and dynasty league owners. Thankfully, our player pool was already pretty deep. We didn’t go beyond the 15 extra spots included in the version 1.0 download on each of the hitters and pitchers data tabs, but it was close!

The top player from Keith Law’s Top 100 who wasn’t previously in Draft Buddy is Milwaukee Brewers’ catcher Jeferson Quero, checking it at #45 per Law, and now #74 for us.

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