One Week To Prep For My Fantasy Baseball Draft

Pretty self-explanatory title, right? I was invited to a fantasy baseball league by long-time Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy user, ezcollectibles. In fact, I mentioned in my update last Friday that he was still looking for a couple people to join.

The league is a 12-team, mixed AL/NL, 5×5 roto scoring with weekly transactions. The weekly transactions are right in my wheelhouse. I can’t keep up with the daily transactions. When I see someone streaming pitchers daily I can’t help but wonder how they get away with that at work. The entry fee is $50 per team. This will be my only fantasy baseball league this year.

The draft is scheduled for next Monday, March 26th at 7:30 Central on ESPN. As long as I can get the kids to bed on time, and thankfully it doesn’t conflict with my wife’s birthday the following day, I should be good to go for this draft with exactly one week to prepare, from today. First step is to get my fantasy baseball draft preparation tools in order. Here they are:

  • Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy (free) – Obviously.
  • Baseballguys Draft Guide ($8) – Mr. Baseballguys, Ray Flowers, really knows his stuff and pushes out a ton of opinions on players and their fantasy prospects. A great reference source for a particular player. Even if you don’t pony up for the guide, check Ray’s blog for daily insights.
  • MLBDepthCharts Magazine ($8) – I just purchased this recently and gave props to it in my Friday update. In fact, MLBDC guy Jason Martinez let me post the injury report update from the magazine (since updated again). Another example of a stellar website, so I’m happy to contribute for the extras they offer.
  • Paul Sporer’s Starting Pitcher Guide (free) – The major contribution Paul Sporer makes to fantasy baseball every year is his annual Starting Pitchers Guide. It came out last week, and is a ton of information on a ton of starters and potential starters for the upcoming season. It is free, but please donate to Paul for his hard work.

At this point, I am definitely fast approaching information overload territory, especially with only a week before my draft. The pitcher guide is 151 pages on its own. I’ll be searching through for specific pitchers I want more opinion on, which will cut it down considerably to suit my needs. Similarly with the Baseballguys guide, I printed the sections I felt most relevant to cover early, but of course I’ll be making up pages with the blog.

First thing is first though, I might as well get the CC/DB set up for this league. Do I start with Rick’s projections or check out the Zeile projections imported from FantasyPros via Projection Pal? Either way, I’m going to adjust the rankings of some players based on my personal opinion on their prospects, quite likely influenced from the above sources. I may run both sets of numbers, so I can compare and contrast the players Rick has projected somewhat better or worse than the average of the experts using Zeile.

Time to get started. I downloaded some video screencast software, so we’ll see if I can get that up and running to show off some of the things I’m doing with the CC/DB to get ready for this draft. If I don’t first get lost in a mountain of reading, that is.