Projections, Depth Charts and ADP Update for Draft Buddy and LPP

Fantasy baseball season is in full swing now, and we have our first projections, depth charts and ADP update now available.

This data feeds into Draft Buddy custom cheatsheet and draft tracker, Last Player Picked dollar value calculator and our other online features (team-by-team projections, player comparison tool).

To update Draft Buddy, go to the action tab and click Update Projections. If you want to update both sets of projections – Steamer-Fangraphs and Zeile from FantasyPros, try this:

5. action tab

5. action tab

  1. Select one of the sources with the available drop-down. Click the Update Projections button.
  2. After the update finishes, click the Move Site A to Site B button. This will shift the newly updated projections from the first yellow highlighted section on each of hitters data and pitchers data tabs (Site A) to the second yellow highlighted section (Site B).
  3. Now select the other projections source with the drop-down. Click the Update Projections button.

Note the ZiPS projections we had last season are not yet available.

If you don’t already have Draft Buddy, then make sure to login plus renew your free subscription, or register a new account, and download. The download file includes the latest projections, which you can always test by clicking the Check for Update button on the action tab.

There was one small issue noticed with version 1.0 of Draft Buddy. It seems some of the relief pitchers in our depth chart were in the database (and therefore Draft Buddy) as position “P” instead of “RP”, and therefore Draft Buddy did not include them in the cheatsheets. Updating the projections fixes this, so no need to download again. Thanks to Mark for bringing that to my attention.

That it is for this update, about the update! Good to hear from some of you via Twitter, Facebook and email. Thanks for supporting Draft Buddy!

Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy Now Available for 2016 Season

DB_Logo_BaseballOne of the two biggest news days of the year around these parts is today, the release of the new version of Draft Buddy for fantasy baseball! (The other biggest news day is the release of the new version of Draft Buddy for fantasy football, of course.)

Apologies for the delay, but between commitments last month to take courses, study and write (and pass!) an exam to become a Zend Certified PHP Engineer, and then some complications with our baseball player and stats database, this is the earliest I could roll it out.

Draft Buddy for fantasy baseball is FREE, once again. It includes updated Steamer-Fangraphs and Zeile from FantasyPros projections, depth charts and Average Draft Position data from both NFBC and FantasyPros. It also includes detailed player stats from each of the past three seasons.

Draft Buddy works for roto and fantasy points scoring leagues, auctions or draft pick style drafts, and redraft or keeper leagues. You can value players using Draft Buddy’s valuation system, or import results from Last Player Picked.

To get Draft Buddy all you need is a free membership account for the website. If you already have one, then login and go to your member page. Once there click Add / Renew Subscription and you likely have to renew your access to the baseball version of Draft Buddy.

New users, register an account and check you want access to the baseball version of Draft Buddy. You then have access to the download page. While you are at it, if you play fantasy football then check off your interest and we will add you to our football mailing list.

I am available to answer questions about Draft Buddy so please feel free to send them over, via Twitter, Facebook, email, a support ticket or even in comments to this or other blog posts.

Thanks very much for supporting Draft Buddy. Good luck in the upcoming baseball season!

Still Drafting? Final 2015 Fantasy Baseball Projections Update for Draft Buddy and Last Player Picked

Still drafting? Yeah, I know some of you are, even with the MLB season five days old.

I kind of forget about this nuance with fantasy baseball compared to fantasy football each year, which rarely drafts after NFL Week 1, but it makes sense for baseball. Its a long season. Why not wait and get a small glimpse of the first few real games before drafting your squad, if that is how your fellow owners prefer to do it.

A few members emailed me saying they are drafting this weekend, and a number of people are still downloading Draft Buddy, so I figured, why not do another update? Plus, it kind of bugged me Craig Kimbrel continued to show as an Atlanta Brave in Draft Buddy, Last Player Picked and on our cheatsheet rankings. He was traded to the San Diego Padres after the season started, but man, missed it by one day? The fact people are still drafting gave me a great excuse to update for the latest transactions and depth chart moves.

So, whether you are drafting, or even if you simply want to update Draft Buddy for the latest changes, open it up, go to the action tab, and click Update Projections. I updated the Steamer-Fangraphs projections, the Zeile projections from FantasyPros, and depth charts for all 30 teams. I didn’t update the Average Draft Position, as that hasn’t changed from our available sources. The latest player news, found to the far right on the hitters data and pitchers data tabs, continues to update automatically and I will leave that on through this weekend.

For those who have stuck with us since the season started—thank you—we do have updated player stats every day. You can view the stats by game from the scoreboard on the front page, such as Toronto Blue Jays-New York Yankees game last night, and also by day, season, and further filtered by any or all positions and by team.

The plan is to keep updating the depth charts and baseball stats, and expanding on the stat features (did you notice the FanDuel salary amounts in those prior links?) plus more baseball content as we are able. We will start rolling out some football content in the near future, too.