Projections, Depth Charts and ADP Update for Draft Buddy and LPP

Fantasy baseball season is in full swing now, and we have our first projections, depth charts and ADP update now available.

This data feeds into Draft Buddy custom cheatsheet and draft tracker, Last Player Picked dollar value calculator and our other online features (team-by-team projections, player comparison tool).

To update Draft Buddy, go to the action tab and click Update Projections. If you want to update both sets of projections – Steamer-Fangraphs and Zeile from FantasyPros, try this:

5. action tab

5. action tab

  1. Select one of the sources with the available drop-down. Click the Update Projections button.
  2. After the update finishes, click the Move Site A to Site B button. This will shift the newly updated projections from the first yellow highlighted section on each of hitters data and pitchers data tabs (Site A) to the second yellow highlighted section (Site B).
  3. Now select the other projections source with the drop-down. Click the Update Projections button.

Note the ZiPS projections we had last season are not yet available.

If you don’t already have Draft Buddy, then make sure to login plus renew your free subscription, or register a new account, and download. The download file includes the latest projections, which you can always test by clicking the Check for Update button on the action tab.

There was one small issue noticed with version 1.0 of Draft Buddy. It seems some of the relief pitchers in our depth chart were in the database (and therefore Draft Buddy) as position “P” instead of “RP”, and therefore Draft Buddy did not include them in the cheatsheets. Updating the projections fixes this, so no need to download again. Thanks to Mark for bringing that to my attention.

That it is for this update, about the update! Good to hear from some of you via Twitter, Facebook and email. Thanks for supporting Draft Buddy!

Zeile from FantasyPros 2016 Fantasy Baseball Projections

1991rookies-zeileWe announced adding the Steamer-Fangraphs projections to the website earlier this week, updating numerous features including Last Player Picked. Today we added another set of projections, the Zeile consensus expert projections from FantasyPros.

Going by memory and for what it is worth, these projections are named after former St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Todd Zeile. Technically former Card and then 10 different teams in the final 10 of his 16 MLB seasons. We have a Shane Zeile in our database, apparently nephew of Todd per Wikipedia.

With the addition of the Zeile projections, not only do you have another option for LPP, but our player comparison tool has a little more to, well, compare. Say you wanted to look at Bryce Harper vs. Mike Trout for the upcoming season.

Thanks to Dave Kim over at FantasyPros for letting us use the Zeile projections and Average Draft Position data that will find its way into Draft Buddy.

Steamer-Fangraphs 2016 Fantasy Baseball Projections


Attention fantasy baseball fans, the first cut of 2016 projections from Steamer and Fangraphs are now available. Thanks very much to Jared Cross, the man behind the Steamer projections, and Fangraphs for incorporating their playing time adjustments.

The projections update quite a few of our online features in one fell swoop, including team-by-team projections, player pages, player vs. player comparison tool and the dollar value calculator (roto and fantasy points versions), Last Player Picked.

This helps us get closer to releasing the 2016 fantasy baseball version of Draft Buddy. I am targeting end of this week but sorry, no promises! Doing my best here. If you aren’t already signed up as a baseball member (for free) on our website then make sure to do that and we will send an email to all members when it is ready for download.

Props to member Kevin Baker for helping update our MLB team depth charts. That is another piece of the puzzle for a new season of Draft Buddy. Thanks Kevin! Online cheatsheet rankings will get updated after Draft Buddy is released.

Once all of our baseball features are ready for this season, then hopefully I can pull down the front page Under Construction image, too. Lots to do still so clearly it is time for me to get back to work!