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Let’s Draft! Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy Ready To Download

Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy

Who is ready for the 2024 fantasy baseball season? My answer is … getting there! Lots to do. There are projections and ADP data to compile. Prospects to add to the database. A lot of the initial data work is finally done and version 1.0 of 2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy is ready to download.

Just in time for me, as I have a live draft this Saturday in CERF, one of the EARTH leagues. Check out this community of leagues. Maybe there is one in your area.

What Is Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy?

Draft Buddy is a custom cheat sheet and draft tool created in Microsoft Excel. You do need a desktop version of Microsoft Excel to use Draft Buddy. Note: Microsoft has an option to try Excel for free.

This super-spreadsheet includes the last three years of MLB stats for all players, plus three sets of 2024 player projections. This alone is worth the download to help you research for your draft. Plus, there is ADP from two different sources, a Top 100 prospects list, and position eligibility for the major fantasy league providers like Yahoo, ESPN, and others.

To create custom cheat sheets or rankings for your fantasy baseball league, input your scoring format – fantasy points or roto, number of teams in your league, starters at each position, and scoring rules. Click the Compile Cheatsheets button on the action tab and Draft Buddy generates a hitters, pitchers, and overall rankings cheat sheet.

Once you are happy with your cheat sheets, the draft tracker portion allows you to input the picks in your draft, or auction results for auction drafts. Draft Buddy marks players off the various cheat sheets, and updates rosters and other reports to help you stay organized. There is even draft sync ability for Fantrax, NFBC (beta), and hopes to add more.

There are many more options to explore, plus there is a fantasy football version of Draft Buddy.

Download Draft Buddy

To download Draft Buddy, you need to (sort of) purchase to access the download links. I say sort of, because there is no set cost. Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy is still free like prior years. However, donations are accepted and very much appreciated to help cover the costs of the site and my time.

When you purchase, check the “Create an account?” checkbox to create an account in the new system. This will make it easier to return to download again if necessary.

Draft Buddy includes regular updates. I try to update each set of projections and ADP weekly. You can check if an update is ready using the Check For Update button on the action tab.

Projection Pal, the optional add-on tool to help import other fantasy baseball projections into Draft Buddy, is also available.

If you have questions or require tech support, then you can always post a comment or send me an email. Thanks, and let’s get drafting!

2 Comments on “Let’s Draft! Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy Ready To Download”

  • Mike


    I can already see two changes from the screenshot of the rules tab… I stopped using the Draft Buddy Facebook page (too much for me to stay on top of to keep posting), and need new X (a.k.a. Twitter) and YouTube logo icons.

  • Mike


    I noticed a couple instances from my draft where a player’s name in Draft Buddy was either a conflict (two players, same name) or didn’t match the name in the ADP tab and didn’t mark when drafted. One example, “Luis Robert” on hitters tab, “Luis Robert, Jr.” on adp tab.

    I uploaded a new copy with these changes, but if you already downloaded run an update of any one of the sets of projections, then that will fix it. Remember action tab > Update Projections, then Compile Cheatsheets. I also updated both NFBC and FantasyPros ADP this morning so it is more current. An update will also capture that.

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