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Join The Draft Buddy 13-Run Baseball Pool

Have you ever heard of a 13-run baseball pool? Early response from a handful of our members indicates, many have not. It is baseball, it is fun, it is easy, and takes zero skill. Perfect! I’m in. If you want in, read on and join in the comments.

What Is A 13-Run Baseball Pool?

In a 13-run baseball pool each person in the pool picks one Major League Baseball team. That’s it, that is all you have to do. No two people can pick the same team.

Then from the start date of the pool we track when each team scores no runs in a game, 1 run in a game, 2 runs in a game, 3 runs, 4 runs, etc., etc. all the way up to 13 runs in a game. The first person whose team scores each of those 14 possible run totals, wins.

Yep, pretty sure there is no skill involved. Although one does wonder is a team like the Oakland Athletics will ever score 10, 11, 12, and 13 runs in a game. Think of it as baseball bingo, and a fun way to track a team you normally wouldn’t follow.

Draft Buddy 13-Run Baseball Pool Rules

For our 13-run baseball pool, we’ll use MLB Opening Day, March 30, 2023 as the first day to start tracking scores.

One twist for this pool is you can enter or change the team you pick all the way up to April 15th April 20th, even though stats accumulate starting March 30th. A team cannot be picked more than once however, so you can only throw back your team if there is another team still available.

We will declare an American League and a National League winner. There are no monetary prizes for this pool. This is for fun and bragging rights, which are priceless.

This pool is open to all Draft Buddy members. To select your team, post your choice in the comments below. Limit one team per person. We can reset for a new pool once someone’s team hits all 14 run totals.

Pool Standings

Here are the pool standings. This isn’t entirely automated. I update member names as I see the comments. Good luck!

American League

Baltimore Orioles Coteman08 91321211222199137452314
Houston Astros Phoel 62222141020191587436214
Kansas City Royals 15192021311112946634114
Los Angeles Angels Brent 71323301821131476241214
Texas Rangers calikeano 1172322101923777576214
Toronto Blue Jays Webs101 11920242517201672323214
Boston Red Sox jayster71013231822161515117333013
Cleveland Guardians Tom13182426221515765514013
Chicago White Sox wallyworld132022321615171053422013
Minnesota Twins Donnie561117221717181116108642013
New York Yankees Jeff102023222115201354531013
Oakland Athletics16223625151261084143013
Seattle Mariners msodh888131335152318998620113
Tampa Bay Rays Mike Q.713141725141814158554013
Detroit Tigers1514192820162111103310012

National League

Atlanta Braves kopasetic 210121321222516147742214
Chicago Cubs cman 81515262019189711322114
Cincinnati Reds asonabend 10101925211616141210341114
Colorado Rockies 91815262719131248431114
Philadelphia Phillies NeilW 1012132623181714136114114
San Diego Padres KrisH 111821152221141093942114
San Francisco Giants 132422172419111182141114
Washington Nationals 81622252318191171821114
Arizona Diamondbacks715222020271511105233013
Los Angeles Dodgers bclub41412219212114198940413
Miami Marlins14172323242016663351013
Milwaukee Brewers121817221817172047422013
New York Mets Exspell1416281518181212106570113
St. Louis Cardinals Mike131721241916151268331013
Pittsburgh Pirates121628222315111483020412
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