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Import Fantasy Baseball Projections To Draft Buddy With Projection Pal

Fantasy Baseball Projection Pal

Many long-time Draft Buddy users are familiar with Projection Pal. It is an optional add-on tool that helps import fantasy baseball projections into Draft Buddy. Pal is also available for the fantasy football version of Draft Buddy.

Draft Buddy includes fantasy baseball projections from five sources – ATC, THE BAT, Steamer, Zeile (FantasyPros), and our own home grown projections. However, if you want to use a different set of projections to create cheat sheets in Draft Buddy, voilà, Projection Pal.

Pal matches the players and pushes data to the correct rows on the hitters data and pitchers data tabs.

How To Use Projection Pal

The first thing you need is a set of projections with full player names. If the source you are using makes them available in an Excel or CSV download, great. If not, then you can often highlight tables on a webpage, copy, and paste into Excel.

Once you have projections in Excel, make sure the player names are on the left side, and clean up any extraneous data. For example, if a player name cell contains both a full name plus the player’s team or position, then split that data so the name is on its own.

At this point, you are probably ready to copy the projections into Projection Pal. Download Pal and open it in Excel. It is a good idea to open Draft Buddy now, too. (New here? See: What Is Draft Buddy?)

On the setup tab in Pal, make sure the Draft Buddy filename where you are putting the projections matches exactly. It should by default, unless you changed the name of Buddy.

Now, copy your hitter projections, and paste them into the hitters Raw tab in Pal. The data should go inside the dark grey highlighted cells.

After the projections are on the Raw tab, change the yellow highlighted column headings to match the data. Don’t worry if the accompanying Clean tab is showing errors to start. Pal does some cleaning of the data to alleviate those errors.

Copy Projections to Draft Buddy

At this point, click the Copy to Draft Buddy button. You should see Pal find your Draft Buddy file, which is already open, jump to the hitters data tab, and copy in the projections in the correct columns.

Now I usually scroll down the tab to see if any key players are missing projections. This is usually due to a player name mismatch, which you can fix back in Pal, and click Copy to Draft Buddy, again.

Repeat the same process to pitchers and you are all set. Now you can use these projections in Draft Buddy, weighting them into your cheatsheets from the options tab. The projections already in Pal are from Razzball from a few days ago, which I used for testing.

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