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How To Update Projections In Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy

It is the final weekend before MLB Opening Day on April 7th, and surely a big fantasy baseball draft weekend. Draft Buddy is updated for ATC, Steamer, and Zeile projections, plus ADP from each of NFBC and FantasyPros.

I worked on the update late last night. My only caution – which should be pretty obvious – is the projections and ADP have not caught up to the latest news on Jacob deGrom. Check his ADP of a min pick of 1 overall (yikes!), and a max pick of 227. That is from one week of drafts at NFBC.

How To Update Projections

To update projections in your copy of Draft Buddy, do the following:

  • Go to the action tab
  • Select the projections you want to update using the drop-down (click on yellow highlighted box)
  • I usually click “Check for Update” to confirm an update is available
  • Then at the prompts, run the update, and then Compile Cheatsheets

If you want to update another set, use the “Move to” buttons to shift the set you just updated from A to B, or C, and repeat the above steps. The updates always imports into Site A, which is the first yellow highlighted section on each of the hitters data and pitchers data tabs.

Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy weight projections

Note, the options tab shows which set of projections is powering your cheatsheets. If you change this, then you should run Compile Cheatsheets again.

If all of that is a little confusing, then you can download a new copy.

The dollar auction calculator for roto or points leagues, Last Player Picked, is also updated. Good luck in your drafts!

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