Blaine Gabbert

QB · Kansas City Chiefs

Height 6'4" Weight 235
DOB 1989-10-15 Age 34.3
College Missouri

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  • Blaine Gabbert Totals 200 Yards In Spot Start

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    Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Blaine Gabbert wasn't asked to do much in Sunday's 13-12 road win over the Los Angeles Chargers, completing 15-of-30 passes for 154 yards and an interception with five carries for 46 yards. With the Chiefs resting most of their top skill positions in a game with no playoff implications, Gabbert understandably had a difficult time moving the ball and sustaining drives. The 34-year-old veteran looked spry, though, on 25- and 14-yard scampers to set up a go-ahead field-goal drive during the fourth quarter. Gabbert served his purpose in Week 18 to bridge the gap between this meaningless contest and K.C.'s postseason endeavors, and he will head back to the sidelines as Patrick Mahomes' backup when the team hosts the Miami Dolphins on Saturday night for Wild Card action.

    Jan 8 · Source via Kansas City Chiefs Blaine Gabbert
  • Blaine Gabbert Gets Week 18's Starting Nod

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    Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Blaine Gabbert will be handed the starting role for Sunday's regular-season finale against the Los Angeles Chargers, with starting signal-caller Patrick Mahomes (ankle) resting a mild ankle injury. Gabbert will draw his first start since 2018 with the Tennessee Titans, and he shouldn't be expected to be much of a difference maker from a fantasy perspective. The Chiefs are going to be without top wideout Rashee Rice (hamstring), and even though Travis Kelce (neck) is off the injury report, it remains highly unlikely that he will play his normal allotment of snaps. For his career, Gabbert has completed just 56.4% of his 1,538 passes for a 51:49 TD:INT, 6.1 yards per attempt, and a 72.1 passer rating. The 34-year-old journeyman second-stringer should not relied on as anything more than low-end QB2 in two-QB and Superflex formats with little DFS appeal in Week 18.

    Jan 6 · Source via Kansas City Chiefs Blaine Gabbert
  • Blaine Gabbert To Start In Week 18

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    Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Blaine Gabbert will start in the Week 18 regular season finale against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. The Chiefs are locked into the No. 3 seed in the AFC for the postseason and have elected to sit Patrick Mahomes this weekend. Gabbert will make his first start for the Chiefs this season. His only action came in Week 3 in the blowout win over the Chicago Bears in which he went 3-for-5 passing for 31 yards and two interceptions. The 34-year-old has plenty of experience in the NFL over 12 NFL seasons, as he's played in 68 games and made 48 starts, although he hasn't started a game since 2018 with the Tennessee Titans. It's a solid matchup against the Bolts, but Gabbert will still be a low-end QB2 option in superflex leagues, and things could be more difficult for him if other key starters on offense for the Chiefs are rested.

    Jan 3 · Source via Kansas City Chiefs Blaine Gabbert
  • Quarterback Stats



    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1DETL 20-210.0-----------------
    2@JACW 17-90.0-----------------
    3CHIW 41-10-0.6-2127.39.173560.0310202-1-0.5000
    4@NYJW 23-200.0-----------------
    5@MINW 27-200.0-----------------
    6DENW 19-80.0-----------------
    7LACW 31-170.0-----------------
    8@DENL 9-240.0-----------------
    9MIAW 21-140.0-----------------
    11PHIL 17-210.0-----------------
    12@LVW 31-170.0-----------------
    13@GBL 19-270.0-----------------
    14BUFL 17-200.0-----------------
    15@NEW 27-170.0-----------------
    16LVL 14-200.0-----------------
    17CINW 25-170.0-----------------
    18@LACW 13-1211.32358100.060.335153050.01540115469.2000
    WCMIAW 26-70.0-----------------
    DP@BUFW 27-240.0-----------------
    CC@BALW 17-100.0-----------------
    SBSFW 25-220.0-----------------


    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1@DALW 19-30.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    2@NOW 20-100.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    3GBL 12-140.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    4KCL 31-410.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    5ATLW 21-150.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    6@PITL 18-200.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    7@CARL 3-210.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    8BALL 22-270.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    9LARW 16-130.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    10SEAW 21-160.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    12@CLEL 17-230.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    13NOW 17-160.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    14@SFL 7-350.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    15CINL 23-340.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    16@ARIW 19-160.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    17CARW 30-240.0-----------------
    18@ATLL 17-305.5331425.514.586875.02910000-00
    WCDALL 14-310.0-----------------

    Touchdown Distances
    Passing: 3


    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1DALW 31-290.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    2ATLW 48-25-0.3-34.84.8300-00003-3-1.0000
    3@LARL 24-340.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    4@NEW 19-170.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    5MIAW 45-172.0351216.28.1633100.0410003-1-0.3300
    6@PHIW 28-220.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    7CHIW 38-30.832811.04.132366.71500000-00
    8@NOL 27-360.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    10@WASL 19-290.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    11NYGW 30-100.434911.55.1422100.0110012-2-1.0000
    12@INDW 38-310.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    13@ATLW 30-170.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    14BUFW 33-270.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    15NOL 0-90.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    16@CARW 32-60.0-34.51.51010.0000000-00
    17@NYJW 28-240.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    18CARW 41-17-0.1-915.05.03020.000001-1-1.0000
    WCPHIW 31-150.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    DPLARL 27-300.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00


    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    6GBW 38-100.232913.86.24010.00000320.6700
    9NOL 3-38-0.1-12.02.0100-00001-1-1.0000
    10@CARW 46-230.0-56.33.8300-0000300.0000
    16@DETW 47-716.7223444.222.11791560.01432012157.5000
    WC@WASW 31-230.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    DP@NOW 30-200.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    CC@GBW 31-260.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    SBKCW 31-90.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Passing: 25, 22

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