2017 Fantasy Rankings
Overall # 12 · RB # 6 (Tier 2)

LeSean McCoy

RB, Buffalo Bills

Height 5'11" Weight 208 DOB 1988-07-12 Age 29
College Pittsburgh

Position Rankings
Tier 2
4Jay Ajayi, MIAOnly topped 100 yards four times last season, but three of those were 200 plus, which is pretty weird. Bottom line Adam Gase is one of the best offensives coaches in the league right now, and I feel he will ride Ajayi hard this season. Expect more 25 touch games and that production to even out more week-to-week.
5Ezekiel Elliott, DALZeke gets 6 games as of me writing this. He can appeal and we might see a reduction but for now assuming 6 games. That is big. Would still love to have him and willing to hold and be patient I am not dropping him too, too much. Still ranked a top 10 RB considering his projected PPG when he is active.
6LeSean McCoy, BUFIt was a big bounce back year after a rough start to his career in Buffalo in 2015. In line for a lot of carries and he is super talented, but low expectations for this team overall has me a bit skittish drafting McCoy. Quite possibly leads the team in receptions with Sammy Watkins trade.
Tier 3
7DeMarco Murray, TENTalented veteran who posted big numbers in the past, on a run-first team trending upward, what is not to like? The wear and tear for one thing, and young Derrick Henry nipping at his heels for another. There is opportunity for both to succeed here in a shared backfield, and Henry even helps Murray stay healthy. Don't be afraid to add him, but understand the risks.
8Todd Gurley, LARThis was not pretty last season after he made things looks pretty easy as a rookie. A new coaching staff provides some optimism Gurley's production will land more in line with his talent.

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News from the Past 90 Days
  • Sun Jan 7 12:02 pm
    LeSean McCoy officially active vs Jaguars

    LeSean McCoy (ankle) is active for Sunday's Wild Card game against Jacksonville.

  • Sun Jan 7 12:02 am
    Report: LeSean McCoy 'likely to play' vs. JAX

    ESPN's Adam Schefter reports LeSean McCoy (ankle) is "likely to play" against the Jaguars on Sunday.

  • Fri Jan 5 12:02 pm
    McCoy (ankle) expected to play vs. Jaguars

    LeSean McCoy (ankle) is questionable for Sunday's Wild Card game against the Jaguars.

  • Fri Jan 5 8:02 am
    LeSean McCoy upgraded to 'limited' on Friday

    LeSean McCoy (ankle) was limited in Friday's practice.

  • Thu Jan 4 12:02 pm
    McCoy wants to be able to cut without pain

    LeSean McCoy (ankle) said he wants to get to the point where he can cut without pain in Sunday's Wild Card game against the Jaguars.

  • Wed Jan 3 8:02 am
    LeSean McCoy (ankle) not practicing Wednesday

    LeSean McCoy (ankle) will not practice Wednesday.

  • Mon Jan 1 12:02 pm
    Bills confirm 'chance' McCoy plays Sunday

    Bills coach Sean McDermott confirms there's a "chance" LeSean McCoy (ankle) is ready for the Wild Card Round against the Jaguars on Sunday.

  • Mon Jan 1 8:02 am
    LeSean McCoy 'has a chance to play' Sunday

    NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports LeSean McCoy (ankle) "has a chance to play" Sunday against the Jaguars.

  • Sun Dec 31 4:02 pm
    McCoy carted off with sprained ankle Sunday

    LeSean McCoy left Sunday's Week 17 game against the Dolphins with a sprained ankle and will not return.

  • Fri Dec 15 12:02 pm
    LeSean McCoy removed from injury report

    LeSean McCoy (knee) wasn't listed on the Bills' final injury report for Week 15 against the Dolphins.

  • Wed Dec 13 12:02 pm
    LeSean McCoy (knee, limited) added to report

    LeSean McCoy (knee) was limited in Wednesday's practice.

  • Fri Dec 1 8:02 am
    LeSean McCoy (knee) not practicing Friday

    LeSean McCoy (knee) won't practice on Friday.

  • Thu Nov 30 4:02 pm
    LeSean McCoy (knee) pops up on injury report

    LeSean McCoy was added to the Bills' injury report with a knee issue on Thursday, but practiced in full.

  • Sun Nov 19 8:02 pm
    McCoy totals 126 yards, 2 TDs in blowout loss

    LeSean McCoy rushed 13 times for 114 yards and one touchdown in the Bills' 54-24, Week 11 loss to the Chargers, adding a 12-yard touchdown catch.

  • Fri Nov 3 12:02 am
    LeSean McCoy disappears in blowout loss

    LeSean McCoy rushed 12 times for 25 yards in the Bills' Week 9 loss to the Jets.

  • Running Back
    1NYJW 21-1222110005490015.9
    2CARL 3-912900634004.3
    3DENW 26-16142100748006.9
    4ATLW 20-171878003320011.0
    5CINL 16-20196300626008.9
    7TBW 30-272391205310124.2
    8OAKW 26-72092006220011.4
    9NYJL 21-3412250000002.5
    10NOL 10-4784900311006.0
    11LACL 24-5413114101121024.6
    12KCW 16-10224900430007.9
    13NEL 3-23159300290010.2
    14INDW 13-73215810000021.8
    15MIAW 24-162050104461021.6
    16NEL 16-371771005760014.7
    17MIAW 22-16111000222003.2
    1BALL 7-131658144120013.0
    2NYJL 31-37155905431009.0
    3ARIW 33-181711024360023.6
    4NEW 16-01970066381016.8
    5LARW 30-191815002280015.8
    6SFW 45-161914033220032.2
    7MIAL 25-288110000001.1
    9SEAL 25-312185054350012.0
    11CINW 16-12533132120010.5
    12JACW 28-2119103222310025.4
    13OAKL 24-3817130077610019.1
    14PITL 20-271227176810016.8
    15CLEW 33-1319153233160028.9
    16MIAL 31-3424128165170020.5
    17NYJL 10-305100116001.6

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 1, 24, 5, 4, 12, 18, 7, 7, 75, 3, 3, 8, 19
    Receiving: 7

    1INDW 27-14174104346008.7
    2NEL 32-401589033270011.6
    3MIAW 41-14111603110108.6
    6CINL 21-34179014240015.4
    7JACL 31-341868042360110.4
    9MIAW 33-171611212270017.9
    10NYJW 22-1719112055470015.9
    11NEL 13-2020821106410018.3
    12KCL 22-301970053311116.1
    13HOUW 30-212111201000011.2
    14PHIL 20-232074074350010.9
    15WASL 25-3510290118003.7

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 4, 48, 27
    Receiving: 10, 10

    1JACW 34-172174066410011.5
    2INDW 30-271979154230016.2
    3WASW 37-3419220200002.2
    4SFL 21-2610170000001.7
    5STLW 34-2824810445018.6
    6NYGW 27-02214902250015.4
    8ARIL 20-24208305314009.7
    9HOUW 31-212411701160012.3
    10CARW 45-211219131-2007.7
    11GBL 20-532388011180010.6
    12TENW 43-242113011110019.1
    13DALW 33-102515910000121.9
    14SEAL 14-2417500000015.0
    15DALL 27-3816640211006.5
    16WASL 24-272288143280017.6
    17NYGW 34-261799011150011.4

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 1, 1, 2, 38, 11