Matthew Stafford

QB, Los Angeles Rams

Height 6'3" Weight 220
DOB 1988-02-07 Age 34.5
College Georgia

2022 Fantasy Rankings

Overall # 75 · QB # 12 (Tier 3)
ADP (12-team PPR): 7.05, 79th

Position Rankings

Tier 3
10Trey Lance, SF922.39.0911.8
11Dak Prescott, DAL929.07.1223.7
12Matthew Stafford, LAR734.57.0523.3
13Kirk Cousins, MIN733.910.0922.1
14Derek Carr, LV631.39.0419.4
1 Fantasy Football Calculator (12-team PPR)
2 2021 season, PPR scoring

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Matthew Stafford Resumes Throwing Tuesday

    Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (elbow) resumed throwing in individual drills at training camp practice on Tuesday. The Rams are managing Stafford's elbow pain this offseason in order to attempt to keep him healthy all years as the Rams try to defend their Super Bowl championship. The 34-year-old will likely continue to take it easy on his right arm throughout the rest of camp, and it's definitely something to watch as we get into the regular season. For now, fantasy managers should expect Stafford to be fine for Week 1. He has an amazing connection with All-Pro wideout Cooper Kupp and also has Allen Robinson II at his disposal, but Stafford should be targeted as a low-end QB1 in fantasy.

    Aug 9 · Source via Rams Matthew Stafford
  • Matthew Stafford On Elbow Injury

    One of the top storylines around the Rams in recent weeks has been the lingering issue affecting quarterback Matthew Stafford‘s throwing elbow. Just as the team expressed confidence that it won’t affect his availability for the start of the regular season, Stafford himself has downplayed its significance.  [RELATED: Rams Deny Stafford Experienced Setback] “I'm just […]

    Aug 8 · Pro Football Rumors Rams Matthew Stafford
  • Matthew Stafford Showing No Signs Of Injury

    Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (elbow) threw during practice today and did not appear to be impacted by his injury, according to Sarah Barshop of ESPN. Head coach Sean McVay echoed that sentiment, saying, "I don't think you would know that anything was going on. I know that I'm going to sleep better tonight." Stafford's ailment was previously described as "unusual" for a quarterback, so it's refreshing to see that he has looked normal when taking reps. The 34-year-old has dealt with elbow issues in the past, but it hasn't slowed him down too much. Last season, he totaled 404 completions, 4,886 yards, 41 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions en route to finishing as the QB5 in his first year with the Rams. He owns an ADP of 129 heading into fantasy drafts.

    Aug 6 · Source via Rams Matthew Stafford
  • Matthew Stafford's Elbow Is "A Tricky Deal"

    Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford's elbow issue isn't being called "tendinitis," but instead it's been described as "a tricky deal" and "abnormal for a QB", moreso "things that MLB pitchers deal with." The team is learning more about his injury "on the fly." Stafford looked great in limited repetitions on Thursday, but he's not expected to take part in team drills until the Rams are back in their regular facilities next week. It's not a new issue for the 34-year-old veteran, who dealt with elbow issues last year and had an anti-inflammatory injection in his arm in the spring while sitting out organized team activities. Stafford is still expected to be ready for Week 1 of the regular season, and he'll be a low-end QB1 for fantasy purposes.

    Aug 5 · Source via Rams Matthew Stafford
  • Matthew Stafford Not Participating In Team Drills

    Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (elbow) is dealing with a right elbow issue and isn't expected to throw in team drills for the next couple of practices in training camp. The elbow issues cropped up in the spring, and it's being described as bad tendinitis. Stafford received a platelet-rich plasma injection in his elbow earlier this offseason to try and manage the injury, but his arm hasn't gotten to a place where he needs it to be just yet. In the long term, everyone in LA believes that the 34-year-old veteran signal-caller will be fine as he and the Rams look to defend their Super Bowl title in 2022. Stafford remains a low-end QB2 in fantasy, but if he were to miss any time in the regular season, his receiving targets would suffer a big downgrade.

    Aug 4 · Source via Rams Matthew Stafford
  • Matthew Stafford Still Dealing With Elbow Pain

    Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay said on Monday that quarterback Matthew Stafford (elbow) is still dealing with elbow discomfort, so the team has scaled back his workload in training camp. Stafford was held out of spring workouts due to an elbow issue, and the Rams continue to manage how much work he gets in the ramp-up to the 2022 regular season. His elbow required an anti-inflammatory shot at one point in the offseason, and the Rams are trying to prevent the discomfort from becoming a bigger concern. Stafford has played through a myriad of injuries in his career, but the Rams see no point in pushing him too hard now while compromising his health during the season. The 34-year-old Super Bowl champion should be fine for Week 1, but this is certainly worth watching. In fantasy, he'll be a low-end QB1.

    Aug 2 · Source via Rams Matthew Stafford
  • Matthew Stafford Resumes Throwing in Training Camp

    The Super Bowl champions have been exercising caution with their star quarterback Matthew Stafford (elbow), keeping him sidelined thus far, at least from completing passes, thus far. That all changed when training camp opened as Stafford has resumed throwing passes, while attempting to establish a connection with newly signed receiver Allen Robinson. Stafford did not report any pain or re-injury and appears on the path to a healthy season. After posting 4,886 yards and 41 touchdowns last season, Stafford will again be an excellent fantasy option at the position, although his limited rushing will keep him outside the top-5. He's likely to finish in the QB8-12 range.

    Jul 31 · Source via Rams Matthew Stafford
  • Rams To Manage Matthew Stafford's Reps At Camp

    Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (elbow) required an anti-inflammatory shot at one point in the offseason, but he has resumed throwing now that training camp has gotten underway. Head coach Sean McVay said that there's a "pitch count" for Stafford, but that "it didn't restrict him from being able to do anything (on Sunday" for the start of camp. Stafford's elbow has been a problem recently, but there's no reason to think it will be a lingering problem heading into the 2022 season. The 34-year-old veteran has made a career out of playing through and managing issues, so he should be just fine, but obviously the Rams and fantasy managers would prefer to avoid any elbow issues. It's just something to monitor for now, but it shouldn't detract anyone from taking him as a low-end QB1 in fantasy drafts.

    Jul 25 · Source via Rams Matthew Stafford
  • Matthew Stafford More Comfortable With Offense

    Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford said he has a much better understanding of the offense and its concepts heading into his second year with the team after winning the Super Bowl over the Cincinnati Bengals. "At this point in the year last season, I think to myself what I knew about this team and this offense, and it's just so small in comparison to what I know and understand now," Stafford said. "So that gives me great comfort in the fact that we can go above and beyond what we did last year." The 34-year-old and the rest of the Rams offense will have very high expectations as they defend their title, and Stafford will be a low-end QB1 for fantasy managers after he threw for 4,886 yards, 41 touchdowns and a league-high 17 interceptions in his first season in LA.

    Jul 8 · Source via Rams Matthew Stafford
  • Matthew Stafford Will Be Ready To Throw At Training Camp

    Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (elbow) held off on throwing during the team's offseason program due to a right elbow injury, but he said that he will "definitely" be ready to throw at training camp in late July. Stafford had an injection in his elbow for an injury that he played through last year. He said he has "a lot of work to do physically just to get ready to go" and feels like he's entering training camp "in peak position to go out there and play at a high level." In his first year in LA, the 34-year-old finished as the QB5 in fantasy and led the Rams to a Super Bowl title. He threw for 4,886 yards, 41 touchdowns and 17 interceptions in 17 regular season games and will enter the 2022 season as a low-end QB1 target for fantasy managers.

    Jun 8 · Source via Rams Matthew Stafford
  • Matthew Stafford Will Wait To Throw

    Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (arm) will wait to throw until closer to training camp, according to head coach Sean McVay. He was there for the first day of OTAs, but didn't do any throwing drills. He received an injection in his elbow after the Rams Super Bowl victory. This shouldn't be an issue that lingers into training camp or the regular season. The Rams hopefully won't have to limit Stafford at all this season because of this issue. Fantasy managers shouldn't be too worried about Stafford resting in May.

    May 23 · Source via Rams Matthew Stafford
  • Quarterback Stats



    1CHIW 34-1427.652100.059.631202676.93213015-5-1.0000
    2@INDW 27-2421.059100.054.232193063.3278211210.5000
    3TBW 34-2433.065100.061.540273871.13434012-2-1.0000
    4ARIL 20-3723.168100.069.147264163.42802106213.5000
    5@SEAW 26-1721.267100.056.738253767.63651111-1-1.0000
    6@NYGW 38-1128.85683.644.830222878.62514122126.0000
    7DETW 28-1928.565101.667.243284168.33343012-2-1.0000
    8@HOUW 38-2227.35886.647.832213265.630530000-00
    9TENL 16-2818.078100.064.150314864.62941252136.5000
    10@SFL 10-3114.35598.275.042264163.4243122111.0000
    12@GBL 28-3626.062101.663.939213855.33023121-1-1.0001
    13JACW 37-727.06392.657.439263868.4295301122.0000
    14@ARIW 30-2326.458100.051.730233076.728730300-00
    15SEAW 20-1018.966100.048.532212972.42442143-3-1.0000
    16@MINW 30-2311.770100.057.140213756.8197130382.6700
    17@BALW 20-1921.458101.863.236263574.33092211-1-1.0001
    18SFL 24-2721.965100.049.232213265.623832500-00
    WCARIW 34-1126.360100.038.323131776.52022016223.6710
    DP@TBW 30-2733.172100.058.342283873.7369202461.5010
    CCSFW 20-1724.777100.064.950314568.9337212581.6000
    SB@CINW 23-2024.8-0.063.844264065.0283322362.0000

    Touchdown Distances
    Passing: 67, 56, 2, 16, 10, 6, 2, 75, 10, 14, 14, 13, 15, 3, 25, 13, 11, 2, 5, 3, 2, 11, 3, 10, 79, 6, 54, 29, 2, 1, 2, 52, 4, 6, 29, 7, 18, 7, 2, 15, 4, 4, 7, 7, 70, 16, 11, 17, 11, 4, 1
    Rushing: 1, 1


    1CHIL 23-2720.278100.060.347244257.12971115234.6000
    2@GBL 21-4219.659100.057.634203360.6244214144.0000
    3@ARIW 26-2321.267100.047.832223171.02702041-3-3.0000
    4NOL 29-3523.461100.055.734173154.82063133217.0000
    6@JACW 34-1615.677100.046.836193161.32231105142.8000
    7@ATLW 23-2221.862100.059.737253669.4340102188.0000
    8INDL 21-4128.861100.070.543244257.133631511010.0001
    9@MINL 20-3412.66080.042.732233271.921112200-00
    10WASW 30-2725.859100.055.933243372.727630100-00
    11@CARL 0-209.456100.066.137183354.5178005451.2500
    12HOUL 25-4118.182100.053.744284266.7295114133.0000
    13@CHIW 34-3031.168100.064.744274264.3402312200.0000
    14GBL 24-3116.86189.751.535243470.6244104166.0000
    15@TENL 25-4617.85686.252.334223268.82521002126.0000
    16TBL 7-470.947.55.732366.71700000-00
    17MINL 35-3726.658100.056.933203164.5293311294.5000

    Touchdown Distances
    Passing: 4, 4, 24, 5, 15, 7, 15, 1, 1, 11, 25, 9, 4, 15, 55, 27, 15, 14, 49, 9, 25, 1, 2, 43, 20, 26


    1@ARIT 27-2733.588100.054.548274560.03853033227.3301
    2LACW 13-1019.661100.055.734223073.32452204133.2500
    3@PHIW 27-2414.264100.054.735183256.3201100310.3300
    4KCL 30-3428.477100.046.836213461.82913002189.0001
    6@GBL 22-2314.259100.059.335183256.3265000393.0000
    7MINL 30-4233.276100.059.245304566.736441000-00
    8NYGW 31-2627.863100.054.034253278.13423102-3-1.5000
    9@OAKL 24-3131.971100.062.044264163.4406310362.0001

    Touchdown Distances
    Passing: 47, 9, 23, 36, 31, 12, 5, 9, 6, 16, 3, 10, 2, 49, 9, 41, 2, 59, 26

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