2017 Fantasy Rankings
Overall # 86 · RB # 33 (Tier 7)

Jonathan Stewart

RB, Carolina Panthers

Height 5'10" Weight 235 DOB 1987-03-21 Age 30
College Oregon

Position Rankings
Tier 7
31Derrick Henry, TENHenry could be a huge lottery pick winning ticket for your fantasy team if DeMarco Murray goes down, but it is a big price to pay for that. Henry could be fairly productive even in the same backfield with Murray. We've seen examples of both over the years. Judge the risk-reward before you spend the pick.
32Terrance West, BALKenneth Dixon is undergoing season ending knee surgery so he is no longer a threat to Terrance West's primary down carries. Danny Woodhead is the key pass catcher out of the backfield.
33Jonathan Stewart, CAREveryone is very excited about rookie Christian McCaffrey but Jonathan Stewart will still have a good share of touches and is getting drafted at a pretty deep discount.
34LeGarrette Blount, PHIHe scored practically every week last year making the start-bench decision pretty easy. Prior to that it tended to be a roll of the dice he scores or gives us bupkes. This isn't the Patriots. Expect more weeks of bupkes.
35Robert Kelley, WASKelley is pretty average but turning into a value pick because fantasy experts were quick to write him off and tag rookie Samaje Perine the projected starter. Lacks receiving skills but starter touches in a pretty good offense is nothing to sneeze at.

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News from the Past 90 Days
  • Thu Sep 7 8:02 am
    Jonathan Stewart will be 'short-yardage' back

    The Charlotte Observer's Scott Fowler believes Jonathan Stewart will be the Panthers' "short-yardage" back.

  • Thu Aug 24 8:02 pm
    Jonathan Stewart gets loose for 31-yard gain

    Jonathan Stewart rushed 5 times for 39 yards in the Panthers' third preseason game.

  • Thu Jul 6 12:02 pm
    Jonathan Stewart to out-carry C. McCaffrey?

    The Panthers' website expects Jonathan Stewart to "see the bulk of the carries" despite the addition of Christian McCaffrey.

  • Running Back
    1DENL 20-2115640100006.4
    2SFW 46-27590227001.6
    6NOL 38-41198521000020.5
    8ARIW 30-202595221250124.0
    9LARW 13-1015420000004.2
    10KCL 17-2013390100003.9
    11NOW 23-2018311418009.9
    12OAKL 32-35179621000021.6
    13SEAL 7-4011500113015.3
    14SDW 28-16246612000012.6
    15WASW 26-152513202180014.0
    16ATLL 16-3311500212005.2
    17TBL 16-17206512170013.2

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 3, 1, 2

    1JACW 20-9185604425008.1
    2HOUW 24-171762011-3005.9
    3NOW 27-2214520100005.2
    4TBW 37-2310500000005.0
    6SEAW 27-23207821180020.6
    7PHIW 27-162412501000012.5
    8INDW 29-26248212110114.3
    9GBW 37-2920660212006.8
    10TENW 27-10229110000015.1
    11WASW 44-1621102011121017.4
    12DALW 33-1421680439007.7
    13NOW 41-382182133310117.3
    14ATLW 38-01075111140014.9

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 1, 1, 3, 16, 5, 1
    Receiving: 12

    1TBW 20-1492003317003.7
    2DETW 24-71537111220011.9
    3PITL 19-3753103319005.0
    7GBL 17-38135002112006.2
    8SEAL 9-13167905315009.4
    9NOL 10-288460000004.6
    10PHIL 21-451136144230011.9
    11ATLL 17-1972403315003.9
    13MINL 13-311285022250011.0
    14NOW 41-102015511000021.5
    15TBW 19-1722750116018.1
    16CLEW 17-132412204271018.9
    17ATLW 34-3134902220006.9
    WCARIW 27-1624123111-30018.0
    DPSEAL 17-3113700114007.4

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 2, 1, 69, 13
    Receiving: 9