P.J. Walker

QB · Cleveland Browns

Height 5'11" Weight 210
DOB 1995-02-26 Age 29.0
College Temple

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  • Browns Place QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson On IR, Sign P.J. Walker

    Headshot for Dorian Thompson-Robinson

    Joe Flacco comfortably sits atop the Browns’ quarterback depth chart, but a new backup will be in place for the foreseeable future. Dorian Thompson-Robinson has been placed on injured reserve, the team announced on Tuesday. The fifth-round rookie is dealing with a hip injury, and it will shut him down for an extended stretch. The move guarantees at least […]

    Dec 26 · Pro Football Rumors Cleveland Browns Dorian Thompson-Robinson P.J. Walker
  • Browns Promote P.J. Walker To Active Roster

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    The Cleveland Browns signed quarterback P.J. Walker to the active roster on Tuesday. He had been on their practice squad. The move comes in conjunction with Cleveland's announcement that rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinson (hip) has been placed on injured reserve. Walker, who will now back up Joe Flacco, started three games for the Browns earlier this season, completing just 49.5 percent of his passes for 618 yards, one touchdown, five interceptions, and one lost fumble.

    Dec 26 · Source via Cleveland Browns P.J. Walker
  • Browns QB Transactions Since 2022

    Headshot for Jacoby Brissett

    Upon giving Joe Flacco the keys in Week 13, the Browns became the 28th NFL team since 1950 to start four quarterbacks in one season, per the Elias Sports Bureau. (The Vikings, who will start ex-Browns QB Nick Mullens in Week 15, will soon become No. 29.) This will continue an eventful stretch for a […]

    Dec 14 · Pro Football Rumors Cleveland Browns Jacoby Brissett Joe Flacco Case Keenum Baker Mayfield Kellen Mond Nick Mullens Josh Rosen Dorian Thompson-Robinson P.J. Walker Deshaun Watson
  • Browns Bump Joe Flacco To QB2

    Headshot for Joe Flacco

    Hoping to play a 16th season, Joe Flacco expressed interest in another Jets contract after the team lost Aaron Rodgers. As the Jets balked and ended up only adding Trevor Siemian in the wake of Rodgers’ Achilles tear, Flacco remained a free agent until last week. He is now on team No. 5, signing with […]

    Nov 30 · Pro Football Rumors Cleveland Browns Joe Flacco Dorian Thompson-Robinson P.J. Walker
  • Quarterback Stats



    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    4BALL 3-280.0-----------------
    6SFW 19-177.7307598.748.737183452.9192022310.3300
    7@INDW 39-388.2256384.046.735153246.9178012331.0000
    8@SEAL 20-2415.1247798.747.437153148.42481236274.5001
    9ARIW 27-00.0-68.20.0000-000000-00
    10@BALW 33-310.0-11.31.31010.0000000-00
    11PITW 13-100.0-----------------
    12@DENL 12-290.7342128.819.21461346.2560041-1-1.0001
    13@LARL 19-360.0-----------------
    17NYJW 37-200.0-----------------
    18@CINL 14-310.0-----------------
    WC@HOUL 14-450.0-----------------

    Touchdown Distances
    Passing: 18


    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1CLEL 24-260.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    2@NYGL 16-190.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    3NOW 22-140.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    4ARIL 16-260.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    5SFL 15-373.033913.08.765683.36000200-00
    6@LARL 10-242.9303784.138.617101662.5600021-1-1.0000
    7TBW 21-316.91450100.044.022162272.717720100-00
    8@ATLL 34-3720.91680100.046.337193652.831711112020.0000
    9@CINL 21-42-1.0-1836.722.41131030.09020166.0000
    10ATLW 25-156.82866100.028.819101662.51080013144.6700
    11@BALL 3-130.0-----------------
    12DENW 23-100.0-----------------
    14@SEAW 30-240.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    15PITL 16-240.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    16DETW 37-230.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    17@TBL 24-300.0-----------------
    18@NOW 10-70.0-----------------

    Touchdown Distances
    Passing: 20, 29, 62


    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1NYJW 19-140.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    2NOW 26-70.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    3@HOUW 24-90.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    4@DALL 28-360.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    5PHIL 18-210.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    6MINL 28-340.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    7@NYGL 3-253.0291929.723.41531421.43300311313.0000
    8@ATLW 19-13-0.1-1013.52.72010.000001-1-1.0000
    9NEL 6-240.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    10@ARIW 34-106.0306688.042.732222975.9167010362.0001
    11WASL 21-270.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    12@MIAL 10-333.4321527.318.21051050.08701400-00
    14ATLL 21-296.3271625.021.91461250.0751102-5-2.5000
    15@BUFL 14-310.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    16TBL 6-320.0-----------------
    17@NOL 10-180.0-----------------
    18@TBL 17-410.0-----------------

    Touchdown Distances
    Passing: 5


    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    8ATLL 17-25-0.4-916.77.441425.0-700000-00
    10TBL 23-460.632510.48.342450.01200100-00
    11DETW 20-014.71971100.056.340243470.62581215-2-0.4000
    17NOL 7-331.8372235.522.61451435.79503200-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Passing: 17

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