Chuba Hubbard

RB · Carolina Panthers

Height 6'1" Weight 210
DOB 1999-06-11 Age 24.9
College Oklahoma State

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  • Jonathon Brooks Could Be Utilized Heavily In Passing Game

    Headshot for Jonathon Brooks

    Carolina Panthers running back Jonathon Brooks could be heavily involved in the passing game this season. According to head coach Dave Canales, the rookie running back's versatility is "probably the biggest thing that stood out" when the Panthers studied Brooks prior to last month's draft. Although he's recovering from a torn ACL, Brooks was still the first running back off the board, emphasizing Carolina's interest in deploying him as soon as he's healthy. Brooks will compete for touches in a backfield that consists of Chuba Hubbard, Miles Sanders, and Rashaad Penny, but he might be the best pass-catching option of that group. Canales' glowing comments boost Brooks' fantasy value, and so does the new head coach's experience in Tampa Bay. As Buccaneers offensive coordinator, Canales helped funnel plenty of targets to emerging dual-threat back Rachaad White. White finished last season as the RB4 in PPR leagues, so it's safe to say that Brooks' upside is quite high if he can indeed get involved both on the ground and through the air. Perhaps the biggest obstacle will be the Panthers' offense, which may have to prioritize throwing deeper if they're playing from behind in 2024.

    May 7 · Source via Carolina Panthers Jonathon Brooks Chuba Hubbard Rashaad Penny Miles Sanders
  • Panthers Expected To Use All Three Running Backs

    Headshot for Jonathon Brooks

    Carolina Panthers head coach Dave Canales said the plan in 2024 is to use all three of running backs Chuba Hubbard, Miles Sanders and rookie second-rounder Jonathon Brooks (knee). The Panthers traded up in the second round to take Brooks. Because he's a rookie and is coming off ACL surgery, The Athletic's Joseph Person has put Brooks initially at third on the Panthers' running back depth chart. However, if he's healthy, he'll have a chance to surge up the depth chart in a hurry, and it's fair to wonder if Sanders will be marginalized with Brooks' arrival. The 26-year-old Sanders just didn't look good at all in 2023, getting a career-low 129 carries for 432 yards (3.3 yards per tote) and one touchdown. Sanders' fantasy stock is reaching rock bottom.

    Apr 29 · Source via Carolina Panthers Jonathon Brooks Chuba Hubbard Miles Sanders
  • Running Back Stats



    WkVsScoreFPtsRB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDFL
    1@ATLL 10-247.9302836.414.3119606.6702294.500
    2NOL 17-207.5252236.711.772168.00055346.800
    3@SEAL 27-371.4702734.25.14122.0003221.000
    4MINL 13-216.3353954.222.21614412.93022126.000
    5@DETL 24-424.0373447.915.5119353.8902100.000
    6@MIAL 21-4215.575376.829.02019884.6311122.000
    8HOUW 15-136.4364567.225.41715281.870222613.000
    9INDL 13-278.7244663.030.12216583.6306492.300
    10@CHIL 13-164.9423050.018.3119232.56022168.000
    11DALL 10-337.5252949.220.31210575.7002284.000
    12@TENL 10-1717.7114763.525.71914453.21155479.400
    13@TBL 18-2122.464765.334.725251044.162000-00
    14@NOL 6-2810.6246277.531.32523873.7802294.500
    15ATLW 9-711.3184872.736.42422873.95022168.000
    16GBL 30-3311.6204263.625.81716432.6911188.000
    17@JACL 0-269.1283870.429.61611454.09054266.500
    18TBL 0-910.2244280.848.12523833.6102294.500

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 6, 5, 1, 1, 4


    WkVsScoreFPtsRB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDFL
    1CLEL 24-260.37535.71.91133.000000-00
    2@NYGL 16-19-2.0-23.40.0000-0000-01
    3NOW 22-142.559711.54.933258.330000-00
    4ARIL 16-260.0-35.80.0000-0000-00
    5SFL 15-370.0-1115.90.0000-0000-00
    6@LARL 10-241.25749.16.83263.0001111.000
    7TBW 21-314.3182346.024.0129637.00132105.000
    8@ATLL 34-370.0---------------
    9@CINL 21-420.0---------------
    10ATLW 25-151.4591218.27.655142.800000-00
    11@BALL 3-133.5422340.412.37400.000322512.500
    12DENW 23-106.5412842.425.81717653.820000-00
    14@SEAW 30-2417.4102331.923.61714745.29133258.300
    15PITL 16-248.2362963.015.274102.500335719.000
    16DETW 37-2312.5173145.617.6121212510.420000-00
    17@TBL 24-308.0303553.09.163124.000335317.700
    18@NOW 10-76.9314169.537.32221693.290100-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 17, 2


    WkVsScoreFPtsRB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDFL
    1NYJW 19-141.467710.93.1200-02242.000
    2NOW 26-71.0731925.011.898101.250100-00
    3@HOUW 24-99.4284054.821.91611524.73053279.000
    4@DALL 28-368.1363347.121.41513574.38022147.000
    5PHIL 18-2115.9184664.842.330241014.21065336.600
    6MINL 28-3413.0214864.925.71916613.8113144.000
    7@NYGL 3-257.6303453.126.61712282.33054287.000
    8@ATLW 19-1313.6204155.435.12624823.4212199.001
    9NEL 6-244.1471016.98.55331.000213333.000
    10@ARIW 34-108.7281621.312.099273.001000-00
    11WASL 21-270.0-12.00.0000-0000-00
    12@MIAL 10-330.6741120.05.53263.000100-00
    14ATLL 21-299.3252539.115.61010333.301000-00
    15@BUFL 14-314.6503647.411.898405.0001111.000
    16TBL 6-320.9783448.610.07691.500100-00
    17@NOL 10-1814.3203252.534.42117553.24143134.300
    18@TBL 17-4112.6183244.415.3119485.3302284.010

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 2, 6, 5, 17, 21
    Receiving: 2

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