Laviska Shenault

WR, Jacksonville Jaguars

Height 6'1" Weight 227
DOB 1998-10-05 Age 23.8
College Colorado

2022 Fantasy Rankings

WR # 80 (Tier 9)

Position Rankings

Tier 9
78Curtis Samuel, WAS1426.01.7
79Jamison Crowder, BUF729.115.049.1
80Laviska Shenault, JAC1123.87.8
81Terrace Marshall, CAR1322.22.4
82Kenny Golladay, NYG928.814.056.4
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2 2021 season, PPR scoring

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Laviska Shenault Jr. Showing Improvement

    Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr. has impressed both head coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Trevor Lawrence during offseason workouts. "He looks a lot faster," Lawrence said. "He's just going to be that guy when you get the ball in his hands, he's going to make the play." Shenault has always looked good in non-padded practices, but he hasn't been able to translate it to the regular season yet. The former second-rounder caught 63 passes for 619 yards with no touchdowns and 10 drops last year. Even if Jacksonville gets more creative with how they use Shenault in 2022, running back Travis Etienne Jr. and tight end Evan Engram will take opportunities away. Shenault's improvement won't necessarily ensure him a spot as a starter ahead of Marvin Jones Jr., Zay Jones or Christian Kirk.

    Jun 21 · Source via Jaguars Laviska Shenault
  • Laviska Shenault Jr. Could Work As Returner

    Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr. could help the team as a returner, according to head coach Doug Pederson. They've added Christian Kirk and Zay Jones, so Shenault could see less action as a wideout this upcoming season. That being said, Shenault is a candidate to see increased time as a returner in Jacksonville. Jamal Agnew (hip) is still rehabbing and is uncertain for the beginning of the season. It sounds like Shenault could be the new returner in 2022. That won't help his fantasy value, but at least he'll continue getting looks on the field. Shenault has shown promising upside during his first two seasons in the league.

    May 31 · Source via Jaguars Laviska Shenault
  • Wide Receiver Stats



    1@HOUL 21-378.55271.213.71097507.10199.0000
    2DENL 13-230.74583.314.8872-3-1.50100.0000
    3ARIL 19-316.84464.75.94444812.0000-00
    4@CINL 21-2412.94275.014.38769916.5011111.0000
    5TENL 19-376.35274.34.33315858.0000-00
    6MIAW 23-208.45280.015.410106549.0000-00
    8@SEAL 7-312.35268.46.6542136.50188.0000
    9BUFW 9-64.44878.78.2544246.001-4-4.0000
    10@INDL 17-233.05178.515.41083155.00263.0000
    11SFL 10-307.52963.010.95555010.0000-01
    12ATLL 14-215.85373.612.5995336.6000-00
    13@LARL 7-374.53152.513.68533010.00310.3300
    14@TENL 0-205.44581.812.7774348.5000-00
    15HOUL 16-305.94768.111.6874399.8011010.0000
    17@NEL 10-502.31327.76.4332136.5000-00
    18INDW 26-118.74161.210.47756212.4000-00


    1INDW 27-2011.23162.012.06433712.312105.0000
    2@TENL 30-335.04357.312.09433511.705377.4000
    3MIAL 13-315.84568.210.6765336.60111.0000
    4@CINL 25-3311.13754.410.37658617.20155.0000
    5@HOUL 14-3011.45269.310.78877911.3000-00
    6DETL 16-342.54773.412.5873103.30111.0000
    7@LACL 29-395.94774.66.34334414.70100.0000
    9HOUL 25-270.41014.51.4111-1-1.0000-00
    12CLEL 25-274.65990.87.75433110.30166.0000
    13@MINL 24-2711.32535.27.05333812.7123015.0000
    14TENL 10-317.95374.616.912116498.20122.0000
    15@BALL 14-406.84374.113.8865438.60210.5000
    16CHIL 17-4113.34887.312.7775489.6100-00
    17@INDL 14-2821.84569.215.410966811.321-2-2.0000

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 15, 28, 34, 9, 8

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