Justice Hill

RB, Baltimore Ravens

Height 5'10" Weight 200
DOB 1997-11-14 Age 24.7
College Oklahoma State

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Justice Hill Building Momentum

    Baltimore Ravens running back Justice Hill, a third-year running back trying to secure a job in training camp, has quietly built momentum. He is looking quick and is showing no signs of the Achilles tear that kept him off the field all of last season. Hill has also caught some passes out of the backfield, showcasing his athleticism. It's worth noting with both J.K. Dobbins (knee) and Gus Edwards (knee) trying to return from torn ACLs that kept them out in 2021. Edwards is behind Dobbins and may not be ready for the start of the regular season, which could give Hill an opportunity, especially if Dobbins is limited. Hill isn't a player that you need to be drafting in standard-sized leagues, but he's a name to keep an eye on in this backfield early on.

    Aug 3 · Source via Ravens Justice Hill
  • Running Back Stats



    8PITL 24-
    9@INDW 24-
    10@NEL 17-230.857.61.5100-01133.000
    11TENL 24-300.0710.80.0000-0000-00
    12@PITL 14-195.02648.120.4119353.8902252.500
    13DALW 34-170.9610.91.8100-01144.000
    14@CLEW 47-420.4610.01.71144.000000-00
    15JACW 40-141.369.11.5100-01188.000
    16NYGW 27-
    17@CINW 38-32.1912.22.7222110.500000-00
    WC@TENW 20-
    DP@BUFL 3-170.01012.81.3100-0100-00


    1@MIAW 59-102.72329.99.177273.860000-00
    2ARIW 23-171.91620.33.83144.000211010.000
    3@KCL 28-330.11113.34.84111.000300-00
    4CLEL 25-402.71623.25.84284.0002294.500
    5@PITW 26-230.756.22.52273.500000-00
    6CINW 23-173.11721.06.255316.200000-00
    7@SEAW 30-
    9NEW 37-200.71014.35.74372.330100-00
    10@CINW 49-131.11225.56.433113.670000-00
    11HOUW 41-73.2811.18.365183.6001199.000
    12@LARW 45-62.71924.410.388273.380000-00
    13SFW 20-170.346.21.51133.000000-00
    14@BUFW 24-170.8610.05.03382.670000-00
    15NYJW 42-211.51015.96.344153.750000-00
    16@CLEW 31-1512.61317.89.673196.331433210.700
    17PITW 28-1011.41927.917.61210393.901211010.000
    DPTENL 12-284.65051.55.2500-054266.500

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 18, 8

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