Devin Singletary

RB, Buffalo Bills

Height 5'7" Weight 203
DOB 1997-09-03 Age 24.9
College Florida Atlantic

2022 Fantasy Rankings

Overall # 86 · RB # 32 (Tier 5)
ADP (12-team PPR): 7.02, 77th

Position Rankings

Tier 4
30Rhamondre Stevenson, NE1024.48.059.7
Tier 5
31Cordarrelle Patterson, ATL1431.38.0814.7
32Devin Singletary, BUF724.97.0211.6
33Tony Pollard, DAL925.36.0910.4
34Miles Sanders, PHI725.35.129.8
1 Fantasy Football Calculator (12-team PPR)
2 2021 season, PPR scoring

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • James Cook Looking Good In Camp

    Buffalo Bills running back James Cook has "opened some eyes here a little bit in the run and pass game," stated head coach Sean McDermott. The former Georgia Bulldog has undoubtedly impressed since being taken in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft, especially as a pass-catcher. Although Devin Singletary will likely get a bulk of the snaps out of the backfield this season, there may be room for Cook to get involved on the fantasy end, especially in PPR formats. While the 22-year-old probably won't be an impactful fantasy producer on a week-to-week basis this year, he unquestionably has more insurance policy appeal than Zack Moss and Duke Johnson.

    Aug 4 · Source via Bills James Cook Duke Johnson Zack Moss Devin Singletary
  • Bills Firmly Behind Devin Singletary

    Even though the Buffalo Bills drafted rookie running back James Cook as a pass-catching threat out of the backfield, the coaching staff remains firmly behind Devin Singletary as an important piece of the backfield puzzle. Singletary ended last year as the team's every-down starter, yielding minimal snaps to Zack Moss as the backup. The Bills aren't going to cut Singletary out of the offense just because of Cook, and for now, The Athletic's Joe Buscaglia expects Singletary to remain the lead back by playing time, but Cook will have a role. Cook will likely mix in on obvious passing situations and when the team feels comfortable enough to use two-RB sets and split him out wide. Singletary's fantasy ceiling is definitely lowered with Cook now in the fold, but he could still end up as a top-30 fantasy back.

    Jul 1 · Source via Bills Devin Singletary
  • Running Back Stats



    1PITL 16-239.56475.318.81611726.5505382.700
    2@MIAW 35-016.14366.224.61613826.3113294.500
    3WASW 43-213.13443.016.51311262.3602100.000
    4HOUW 40-09.13243.820.51514795.6401177.000
    5@KCW 38-202.81525.913.886254.17021-2-2.000
    6@TENL 31-346.83544.912.8105275.40055163.200
    8MIAW 26-113.42533.810.887284.0001111.000
    9@JACL 6-99.44871.620.9146162.67087436.100
    10@NYJW 45-1711.42237.913.887436.1411166.000
    11INDL 15-415.82138.212.773175.67043268.700
    12@NOW 31-65.34568.224.21615442.9301144.000
    13NEL 10-143.62848.317.21010363.600000-00
    14@TBL 27-3311.96482.114.11145213.00076376.200
    15CARW 31-1416.16592.932.92322863.911111010.000
    16@NEW 33-2116.35468.422.81812393.25165397.800
    17ATLW 29-1523.06180.331.624231104.782100-00
    18NYJW 27-1024.26275.625.62119884.631222412.010
    WCNEW 47-1722.94885.735.72016815.06243134.300
    DP@KCL 36-4213.164100.023.41510262.60154256.300

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 46, 2, 16, 2, 6, 4, 1, 3, 16, 1
    Receiving: 5


    1NYJW 27-177.85158.618.4169303.33075234.600
    2@MIAW 31-288.63455.721.31310565.600322010.000
    3LARW 35-3214.15588.729.01813715.460545012.500
    4@LVW 30-2316.15488.539.32418553.06165214.200
    5@TENL 16-423.84562.516.71211252.2701188.000
    6KCL 17-265.04075.522.61210323.200211313.000
    7@NYJW 18-105.74054.117.6138293.63052189.000
    8NEW 24-219.72848.325.91514866.1401166.000
    9SEAW 44-344.93145.67.45210.500333311.000
    10@ARIL 30-321.53446.612.394153.75051-5-5.000
    12LACW 27-1711.72540.322.61411827.45033206.701
    13@SFW 34-249.86284.930.12218613.39043227.300
    14PITW 26-153.93040.010.787324.5701122.000
    15@DENW 48-1915.93953.415.1118688.50133165.300
    16@NEW 38-96.23548.616.71210363.60022168.000
    17MIAW 56-261.81828.16.34372.3301166.000
    WCINDW 27-245.93966.110.263217.00033237.700
    DPBALW 17-35.24884.217.5107253.57033124.000
    CC@KCL 24-383.63852.112.396172.8303294.500

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 2, 51


    1@NYJW 17-1612.34869.614.51047017.50065285.600
    2@NYGW 28-1411.72532.97.966579.501000-00
    7MIAW 31-212.62239.312.577263.710000-00
    8PHIL 13-3112.94267.714.593196.33064307.510
    9WASW 24-921.54166.138.72420954.751434515.000
    10@CLEL 16-196.54666.721.7158425.2507382.700
    11@MIAW 37-208.45373.622.21615755.0001144.000
    12DENW 20-311.95771.328.823211065.0502188.000
    13@DALW 26-1517.65277.626.91814634.500433812.710
    14BALL 17-2414.86181.333.32517895.24086294.800
    15@PITW 17-109.94670.836.92421874.1403221.001
    16@NEL 17-245.35296.329.61615463.0701122.000
    WC@HOUL 19-2216.46576.523.52013584.460767612.700

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 14, 2
    Receiving: 28, 28

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