Diontae Johnson

WR · Carolina Panthers

Height 5'10" Weight 183
DOB 1996-07-05 Age 27.8
College Toledo

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • New Panthers WR Johnson: Here 'to make plays'

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    Diontae Johnson said he was excited to work with Panthers QB Bryce Young despite being surprised he was traded from Pittsburgh to Carolina in the offseason.

    Apr 24 · ESPN Carolina Panthers Diontae Johnson Bryce Young
  • Panthers Acquire Diontae Johnson From Steelers

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    The Carolina Panthers acquired wide receiver Diontae Johnson and pick No. 240 overall in this year's NFL draft from the Pittsburgh Steelers on Tuesday in exchange for cornerback Donte Jackson and pick No. 178 overall in this year's draft, according to sources. The move leaves the Steelers dangerously thin at the receiver position, with George Pickens and Calvin Austin III as the team's top two wideouts with Johnson gone. Johnson, 27, finished last year with a career-low 51 catches for 717 yards and five touchdowns. He'll move to a Panthers offense desperately seeking playmakers and should be one of quarterback Bryce Young's top targets, other than veteran Adam Thielen. Johnson's chances for a fantasy rebound in 2024 don't look great in Carolina, but perhaps he can develop some nice chemistry with Young and feed off volume.

    Mar 12 · Source via Carolina Panthers Pittsburgh Steelers Diontae Johnson
  • Steelers Listening To Offers For Diontae Johnson

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    According to Dianna Russini of The Athletic, the Pittsburgh Steelers are open to trade offers for wide receiver Diontae Johnson. "There is interest from teams around the league as GMs are getting set for free agency," said Russini. Johnson signed a two-year, $36 million contract with the Steelers in August of 2022 and is set to be a free agent after this season. With inconsistent quarterback play from the Steelers, the 27-year-old managed to catch 51 passes for 717 yards and five touchdowns across 13 games in 2023. He owned 18.2% of the team's target share and averaged 5.2 yards after the catch. Johnson has a cap hit of $15.8 million. It's unclear if Johnson will return to the Steelers for a sixth season, but the Steelers are listening to offers, and a change of scenery could only boost his fantasy value in 2024. Stay tuned.

    Mar 9 · Source via Pittsburgh Steelers Diontae Johnson
  • Wide Receiver Stats



    WkVsScoreFPtsWR RankSnpSnp%MS%OppTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1SFL 7-306.3502742.99.56634816.0000-00
    7@LARW 24-1710.4223966.110.26657915.8000-00
    8JACL 10-2012.5226191.020.9141488510.6000-00
    9TENW 20-1618.555787.713.89979012.9100-00
    10GBW 23-192.2785381.56.24411717.0000-00
    11@CLEL 10-132.6745086.213.8882168.0000-00
    12@CINW 16-107.0465273.211.38845012.5000-00
    13ARIL 10-2411.3244472.18.2554338.3100-00
    14NEL 18-2113.2164868.610.07735719.0100-00
    15@INDL 13-3014.2185086.210.36646215.5100-00
    16CINW 34-112.5843762.78.5552157.5000-00
    17@SEAW 30-239.6334258.35.64447619.0000-00
    18@BALW 17-1016.9133048.48.15548922.3100-00
    WC@BUFL 17-3112.8-5584.610.87744812.0100-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 3, 2, 25, 4, 71, 10


    WkVsScoreFPtsWR RankSnpSnp%MS%OppTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1@CINW 23-209.0395181.019.012127557.9000-00
    2NEL 14-178.7415186.416.910106579.5000-00
    3@CLEL 17-2912.4295898.318.6111188410.5000-00
    4NYJL 20-243.2715789.19.4642115.502115.5000
    5@BUFL 3-388.5377093.317.3131356012.0000-00
    6TBW 20-186.1476195.314.1975285.60284.0000
    7@MIAL 10-167.0447093.314.711105428.40133.0000
    8@PHIL 13-356.0527294.711.8995357.0000-00
    10NOW 20-108.3407791.76.05546315.8000-00
    11CINL 30-374.2607095.98.2654215.30111.0000
    12@INDW 24-177.4546695.711.6885499.8000-00
    13@ATLW 19-168.5375381.516.9111156012.0000-00
    14BALL 14-1611.2285294.514.58868213.7000-00
    15@CARW 24-1615.0165073.516.2111010989.80122.0000
    16LVW 13-108.9376088.210.37756412.8000-00
    17@BALW 16-134.5516491.410.07723517.5000-00
    18CLEW 28-144.8616082.213.7101023819.0000-00


    WkVsScoreFPtsWR RankSnpSnp%MS%OppTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1@BUFW 23-1612.1344475.917.210105367.2100-00
    2LVL 17-2615.0194987.521.41212910511.7000-00
    3CINL 10-240.0---------------
    4@GBL 17-2719.765591.721.7131399210.2100-00
    5DENW 27-1914.2206092.33.12227236.0100-00
    6SEAW 23-2014.1176992.018.714139717.9012525.0000
    8@CLEW 15-1012.8196891.917.6131369816.3000-00
    9CHIW 29-279.2256590.311.18655611.202115.5000
    10DETT 16-169.8287485.114.9131378311.9000-01
    11@LACL 37-4119.666391.318.81313710114.4100-00
    12@CINL 10-4114.0166198.422.6141499510.6000-00
    13BALW 20-1926.525795.018.31111810513.1200-00
    14@MINL 28-3610.8387297.314.9111057615.20177.0000
    15TENW 19-137.3364898.012.2655387.6011010.0000
    16@KCL 10-3612.1246590.312.5996518.5100-01
    17CLEW 26-1413.1197288.918.515158313.9100-00
    18@BALW 16-138.6446585.513.210107517.3000-00
    WC@KCL 21-4211.9-6088.214.710105346.8100-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 5, 45, 50, 10, 29, 5, 15, 5, 13

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