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  • Houston Texans Defense Has Low Upside In Week 12

    The Houston Texans defense should be low on the fantasy radar heading into Week 12 against the Dolphins. Miami ranks sixth in the NFL in scoring offense this season and while pass defense has been a positive for the Texans this year, the team has also had the advantage of some good matchups to help that number, like a Week 8 contest against the Titans where Tennessee attempted just 10 passes. Against an offense as good as this Dolphins offense, the Texans shouldn't be a team you look at for fantasy.

    Nov 25 · Source via Texans Houston Texans
  • Houston Texans Defense Has Some Appeal In Week 11

    The Houston Texans defense hasn't been the most reliable fantasy defense, but the team has at least three sacks in three consecutive games and gets to take on the Washington Commanders this week, who rank just 21st in the NFL in turnover differential. The Commanders rank 24th in scoring offense, so if there's ever a game to stream the Texans defense in fantasy, this might be it, especially when Houston's biggest defense weaknessit's run defenseisn't a strong point of the Washington offense.

    Nov 18 · Source via Texans Houston Texans
  • Texans Defense Should Be Off Fantasy Radar On Thursday

    The Houston Texans play host to the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night, and while Houston's MLB team might hold Philadelphia's MLB to a low score in the World Series, the NFL equivalents are unlikely to do so. The Texans rank 17th in the NFL in scoring defense, while the Eagles are fourth in scoring offense. And even that might not really show the full situation, as Houston's had the advantage of playing some struggling offenses so far this season.

    Nov 3 · Source via Texans Houston Texans
  • Texans Defense Has Limited Appeal In Week 8

    The Houston Texans defense is a little more appealing than usual on Sunday against a Titans team that ranks just 21st in the NFL in points per game, but there's still plenty of reason to be concerned. For example, the Texans allow the most rushing yards per game in the NFL and face a team led by Derrick Henry this week. So while the overall issues with the Titans offense give Houston a little upside, the specific nature of Tennesee's strengths and Houston's weaknesses make it tough to trust his unit on Sunday.

    Oct 29 · Source via Texans Houston Texans
  • Texans Defense Has Some Streaming Appeal In Week 7

    The Houston Texans defense has played surprisingly well this season, allowing just one team to score over 23 points. The defense ranks 13th in points allowed per game and while the team has struggled to slow offenses down when it comes to moving the ball, it's really clamped down when it comes to preventing scores. With the Raiders not having tight end Darren Waller (hamstring) this week, there could be some upside here for fantasy managers who find themselves in need of a defense in a league where the pickings are slim on the waiver wire.

    Oct 21 · Source via Texans Houston Texans
  • Texans Defense A Risky Week 5 Play

    The Houston Texans defense has allowed the 17th-most points per game in the NFL this season at 23.3 and now faces a Jaguars team in Week 5 that is scoring 26.3 points per game, the sixth-best mark in the league. The team has been gashed on the ground, allowing the second-most rushing yards per game. There's some talent on this defense and they've done a decent job forcing turnovers, but fantasy managers probably shouldn't be chasing turnovers this week at the expense of playing a defense that allows a lot of points.

    Oct 7 · Source via Texans Houston Texans
  • Texans Defense Week 4 Outlook For Fantasy Football

    The Houston Texans defense is a risky fantasy option this week against the high-powered Chargers. Even with wide receiver Keenan Allen out, Justin Herbert and the Chargers have one of the league's top offenses, ranking second in the NFL in passing yards per game. Houston has been decent against the pass, allowing the 11th-fewest passing yards per game, but some of that is because other teams haven't always needed to push the pace. The Texans defense should be off of your fantasy radar in Week 4.

    Oct 1 · Source via Texans Houston Texans
  • Texans Defense Week 3 Outlook For Fantasy Football

    The Houston Texans defense has some fantasy appeal in Week 3 against the Chicago Bears based on how Chicago's offense and Houston's defense have played this season. The Texans have allowed the ninth-fewest points per game this season, while the Bears rank last in the NFL in passing yards per game. Trusting the Texans defense is always risky, but if there's ever a week to do it, this one might be it.

    Sep 23 · Source via Texans Houston Texans
  • Texans Defense Week 2 Outlook For Fantasy Football

    The Houston Texans defense faces a tough test in Week 2 as the team goes on the road to face the Denver Broncos. With Russell Wilson quarterbacking the Broncos and the Texans defense allowing 340 passing yards last week, there's not a lot of upside with this defense for fantasy purposes. There will be times when you can stream the Texans defense, but this probably isn't the week to do it.

    Sep 16 · Source via Texans Houston Texans
  • Texans Defense Not On Fantasy Radar

    The Houston Texans defense ranked 22nd in both passing and rushing DVOA last season and faces a tough task in Week 1 this season against the Colts. The last time these teams met, the Colts won 31-0, with Taylor rushing for 143 yards and two touchdowns. With an improved passing game this year led by Matt Ryan, there's no reason to have the Texans defense in your lineup this week.

    Sep 9 · Source via Texans Houston Texans
  • Team Defense Stats



    1INDT 20-204.02110020
    3@CHIL 20-239.05220023
    4LACL 24-343.01020034
    5@JACW 13-62.0020006
    7@LVL 20-381.01000038
    8TENL 10-175.03110017
    9PHIL 17-295.04010029
    10@NYGL 16-244.03010024
    11WASL 10-230.00000023
    12@MIAL 15-307.05020030


    1JACW 37-214.01300021
    2@CLEL 21-314.02110031
    3CARL 9-243.03000024
    4@BUFL 0-402.01100040
    5NEL 22-253.01110025
    6@INDL 3-312.02000031
    7@ARIL 5-317.04100131
    8LARL 22-381.01000038
    9@MIAL 9-178.04220017
    11@TENW 22-137.02410013
    12NYJL 14-215.04100021
    13INDL 0-312.01010031
    14SEAL 13-330.00000033
    15@JACW 30-163.03000016
    16LACW 41-2910.01211029
    17@SFL 7-232.01100023
    18TENL 25-281.01000028


    1@KCL 20-341.01000034
    2BALL 16-334.04000033
    3@PITL 21-282.02000028
    4MINL 23-313.03000031
    5JACW 30-146.04020014
    6@TENL 36-424.02110042
    7GBL 20-350.00000035
    9@JACW 27-253.02100025
    10@CLEL 7-101.01000010
    11NEW 27-202.02000020
    12@DETW 41-2513.04121025
    13INDL 20-263.03000026
    14@CHIL 7-363.03000036
    15@INDL 20-271.01000027
    16CINL 31-370.00000037
    17TENL 38-413.02010041


    1@NOL 28-302.01100030
    2JACW 13-125.04010012
    3@LACW 27-206.05010020
    4CARL 10-166.03030016
    5ATLW 53-329.02101032
    6@KCW 31-243.01110024
    7@INDL 23-302.01010030
    8OAKW 27-240.00000024
    9@JACW 26-38.0422003
    11@BALL 7-411.01000041
    12INDW 20-171.01000017
    13NEW 28-224.03100022
    14DENL 24-382.01100038
    15@TENW 24-213.02100021
    16@TBW 23-2014.03411020
    17TENL 14-350.00000035
    WCBUFW 22-194.03010019
    DP@KCL 31-518.01011051

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