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2023 Fantasy Rankings

DEF # 1 (Tier 1) · ADP (12-team PPR): 13.01, 145th

Position Rankings

Tier 1
1San Francisco 49ers, SF9 -13.01
2Philadelphia Eagles, PHI10 -13.03
3New York Jets, NYJ7 -15.06
1 NFFC (12-team PPR)
2 2022 season, Half PPR scoring

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • San Francisco 49ers D/ST Behind Chiefs In Super Bowl Projections

    The San Francisco 49ers D/ST should be a close second option for fantasy managers' D/ST slots when they face Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas on Sunday for Super Bowl LVIII. San Francisco's fantasy defense has underperformed this season, finishing 10th in the regular season in standard scoring after being taken as a top-3 option in most drafts this summer. In the regular season, they delivered on their promise in terms of limiting opponent scoring, finishing third in the NFL in points allowed. They also did well to create 28 turnovers, good enough to tie for fifth in the league. San Francisco was expected to do better than seventh overall in sacks, however, after spending a good chunk of their payroll on their pass rush. Also holding down their production was a lack of touchdowns, only producing one all season. In two games this postseason, they've totaled three turnovers and two sacks. The Chiefs offense isn't necessarily a powerhouse and Patrick Mahomes set a personal high with 14 interceptions in the regular season this year. To his credit, Mahomes has been tough to bring down, only suffering 26 sacks all season which was the best among regular starters in the NFL. San Francisco's D/ST is an inferior choice to Kansas City's in Super Bowl LVIII, but not by much.

    Feb 10 · Source via San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers
  • San Francisco 49ers D/ST A Top-Two Play In Divisional Round

    Headshot for Clelin Ferrell

    The San Francisco 49ers D/ST will take on the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round on Saturday night in Santa Clara. The Packers have been tough on opposing fantasy defenses lately. In their last five regular season games Green Bay has protected quarterback Jordan Love skillfully, only allowing one sack per game. For his part, Love has taken care of the ball, throwing one total interception in that time. In last week's first-round embarrassment of the Cowboys, Green Bay committed no turnovers. San Francisco's excellent defense comes into the game rested and near full-strength except for DE Clelin Ferrell (knee) who is out and LB Dre Greenlaw is questionable (Achilles tendinitis). Despite Green Bay's recent hot streak, San Francisco has the pass rush and the motivation to flip the script and turn in a solid fantasy performance.

    Jan 20 · Source via San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers Clelin Ferrell Dre Greenlaw
  • Team Defense Stats



    1@PITW 30-79.0522007
    2@LARW 30-234.01210023
    3NYGW 30-124.02110012
    4ARIW 35-161.01000016
    5DALW 42-108.04310010
    6@CLEL 17-195.02210019
    7@MINL 17-221.00100022
    8CINL 17-314.03010031
    10@JACW 34-39.0522003
    11TBW 27-146.04110014
    12@SEAW 31-139.06120013
    13@PHIW 42-193.03000019
    14SEAW 28-166.04200016
    15@ARIW 45-2911.03201029
    16BALL 19-332.02000033
    17@WASW 27-104.01210010
    18LARL 20-214.02110021
    DPGBW 24-212.00200021
    CCDETW 34-313.02010031
    SB@KCL 22-255.03110025


    1@CHIL 10-194.02110019
    2SEAW 27-77.0322007
    3@DENL 10-115.04010011
    4LARW 24-916.0712109
    5@CARW 37-1514.06111015
    6@ATLL 14-282.02000028
    7KCL 23-443.01110044
    8@LARW 31-143.02010014
    10LACW 22-164.03100016
    11@ARIW 38-105.03200010
    12NOW 13-03.0102000
    13MIAW 33-1713.03311017
    14TBW 35-74.0022007
    15@SEAW 21-134.03010013
    16WASW 37-204.02110020
    17@LVW 37-340.00000034
    18ARIW 38-1311.07310013
    WCSEAW 41-235.03110023
    DPDALW 19-123.01200012


    1@DETW 41-3310.03101033
    2@PHIW 17-112.02000011
    3GBL 28-301.01000030
    4SEAL 21-283.03000028
    5@ARIL 10-173.02010017
    7INDL 18-303.01020030
    8@CHIW 33-225.04100022
    9ARIL 17-312.02000031
    10LARW 31-1010.02201010
    11@JACW 30-105.03020010
    12MINW 34-263.01110026
    13@SEAL 23-307.04120030
    14@CINW 26-237.05020023
    15ATLW 31-134.03010013
    16@TENL 17-204.04000020
    17HOUW 23-74.0310007
    18@LARW 27-247.05200024
    WC@DALW 23-176.05100017
    DP@GBW 13-106.05010010
    CC@LARL 17-203.02100020


    1ARIL 20-243.02100024
    2@NYJW 31-131.01000013
    3@NYGW 36-95.0212009
    4PHIL 20-254.03100025
    5MIAL 17-432.02000043
    6LARW 24-161.00100016
    7@NEW 33-66.0240006
    8@SEAL 27-372.02000037
    9GBL 17-341.01000034
    10@NOL 13-275.03020027
    12@LARW 23-2012.02221020
    13BUFL 24-342.01010034
    14WASL 15-233.02100023
    15@DALL 33-412.02000041
    16@ARIW 20-125.03110012
    17SEAL 23-262.02000026
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