Ian Thomas

TE, Carolina Panthers

Height 6'4" Weight 260
DOB 1996-06-06 Age 26.3
College Indiana

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Ian Thomas Not On The Fantasy Radar For Week 3

    Carolina Panthers tight end Ian Thomas has not been highly involved to begin the season and has a tough matchup in Week 3 against the New Orleans Saints. The Saints were a top-10 defense against fantasy tight ends last season and have continued that success so far in 2022. Thomas did come through with a nice 50-yard reception back in Week 1, but only amassed 13 receiving yards in Week 2 and is simply not getting enough looks to be a viable fantasy option. Thomas can be comfortably left on the waiver wire in all redraft leagues.

    Sep 23 · Source via Panthers Ian Thomas
  • Ian Thomas Held To One Catch In Week 2

    Carolina Panthers tight end Ian Thomas finished with just one reception for 13 yards on three targets in the team's Week 2 loss to the New York Giants. Thomas again operated as the TE1 for Carolina but was unable to do much of anything with his opportunity this week. He is, at best, the fourth target in an offense that has struggled in the first two games of the season. Thomas is not on the fantasy radar and can be left on the waiver wire in all formats.

    Sep 18 · Source via Panthers Ian Thomas
  • Ian Thomas - Week 2 Outlook For Fantasy Football

    Carolina Panthers tight end Ian Thomas operated as the team's TE1 last week and will go on the road to face the New York Giants in Week 2. Thomas was only targeted three times in Week 1, but turned one of his two receptions into a 50-yard gain and was brought down just shy of the end zone. Tommy Tremble is also competing for tight end duties in Carolina but ran clearly behind Thomas, who out-snapped him 35-to-18 in the season opener. Quarterback Baker Mayfield has frequently targeted tight ends throughout his career, so Thomas' utilization going forward is something to keep an eye on. For now, he can be left on the waiver wire in all but the deepest of redraft leagues.

    Sep 16 · Source via Panthers Ian Thomas
  • Tight End Stats



    1CLEL 24-266.33566.05.73325326.5000-00
    2@NYGL 16-191.84374.15.23311313.0000-00
    3NOW 22-142.33862.34.9332136.5000-00


    1NYJW 19-142.23554.73.12211717.0000-00
    2NOW 26-71.25268.42.622177.0000-00
    3@HOUW 24-90.03750.70.00000-000-00
    4@DALL 28-363.04462.94.3333155.0000-00
    5PHIL 18-216.04563.47.05544010.0000-00
    6MINL 28-344.64054.12.72214141.0000-00
    7@NYGL 3-250.04570.33.12200-000-00
    8@ATLW 19-131.54662.21.41111010.0000-00
    9NEL 6-241.43864.43.422199.0000-00
    10@ARIW 34-100.05776.00.00000-000-00
    11WASL 21-271.23262.72.011177.0000-00
    12@MIAL 10-330.04072.75.53300-000-00
    14ATLL 21-290.03554.73.12200-000-00
    15@BUFL 14-311.04255.31.311155.0000-00
    16TBL 6-320.92433.81.411144.0000-00
    17@NOL 10-184.85488.54.93333311.0000-00
    18@TBL 17-410.03750.70.00000-000-00


    1LVL 30-342.64465.73.0222168.0000-00
    2@TBL 17-310.04054.80.00000-000-00
    3@LACW 21-161.43568.63.922199.0000-00
    4ARIW 31-217.54558.46.555252.5100-00
    5@ATLW 23-160.04264.61.51100-000-00
    6CHIL 16-231.44769.11.511199.0000-00
    7@NOL 24-271.63269.62.21111111.0000-00
    8ATLL 17-254.34074.15.6333289.3000-00
    9@KCL 31-331.35971.12.422188.0000-00
    10TBL 23-461.22960.42.111177.0000-00
    11DETW 20-00.04056.30.00000-000-00
    12@MINL 27-280.94366.23.122144.0000-00
    14DENL 27-323.54770.16.0443206.7000-00
    15@GBL 16-244.45072.55.8443299.7000-00
    16@WASW 20-130.04058.80.00000-000-00
    17NOL 7-330.44166.14.8331-1-1.0000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 2


    1LARL 27-300.046.01.51100-000-00
    2TBL 14-
    3@ARIW 38-200.0711.10.00000-000-00
    4@HOUW 16-100.01014.70.00000-000-00
    5JACW 34-270.01218.50.00000-000-00
    6@TBW 37-
    8@SFL 13-510.01521.71.41100-000-00
    9TENW 30-
    10@GBL 16-
    11ATLL 3-
    12@NOL 31-340.922.62.622144.0000-00
    13WASL 21-294.43242.75.3444246.0000-00
    14@ATLL 20-4014.26185.914.1101055711.4100-00
    15SEAL 24-303.36995.85.64422311.5000-00
    16@INDL 6-383.13245.74.3333165.3000-00
    17NOL 10-421.74259.27.05511212.0000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 1

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