Dallas Goedert

TE · Philadelphia Eagles

Height 6'5" Weight 256
DOB 1995-01-03 Age 29.3
College South Dakota State

2023 Fantasy Rankings

TE # 6 (Tier 2) · ADP (12-team PPR): 7.05, 77th

Fantasy Advice

Am I fading every top TE? It seems like it as I'm writing this commentary. In Goedert's case, he is ranked here more for talent than opportunity and past performance. He missed 5 games last year, and has never played a full season. He scored 5 TD in 2019, his career high. Now it wasn't until mid-2021 that the Eagles traded Zach Ertz to the Cardinals opening up more TE snaps for Goedert. But Goedert suffers a little bit like George Kittle - numerous good skill players around him, and in this case, a running QB. Don't seek out Goedert but if he falls a bit in your draft, he's a good pick.

Position Rankings

Tier 2
4Kyle Pitts, ATL1123.57.026.2
5T.J. Hockenson, MIN1326.84.109.9
6Dallas Goedert, PHI1029.37.059.5
7George Kittle, SF930.56.0911.4
Tier 3
8Tyler Higbee, LAR1031.312.056.8
1 NFFC (12-team PPR)
2 2022 season, Half PPR scoring

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • C.J. Uzomah Expected To Sign With Eagles

    Headshot for Grant Calcaterra

    Free-agent tight end C.J. Uzomah, the former starter for the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets, is expected to sign an undisclosed one-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. Uzomah flew to Philadelphia on Thursday and passed his physical and should bolster the team's passing attack to give them another weapon. The 31-year-old was released by the Jets in early March after catching just 29 passes for 290 yards and three touchdowns in 27 games for the Jets after signing a three-year, $24 million deal in 2022. Uzomah, a former fifth-round pick of the Bengals in 2015 out of Auburn, only played in 12 games (eight starts) in 2023 and ended the year on Injured Reserve with an MCL knee injury. He won't be on the fantasy radar this fall as a backup behind Dallas Goedert alongside Grant Calcaterra and Albert Okwuegbunam.

    Apr 11 · Source via Philadelphia Eagles Grant Calcaterra Dallas Goedert Albert Okwuegbunam C.J. Uzomah
  • Dallas Goedert Catches Lone Eagles Touchdown Monday Night

    Headshot for Dallas Goedert

    Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert caught four of six targets for 21 yards and a touchdown during the team's 9-32 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The 28-year-old did leave the game late in the fourth quarter with a knee injury, but there were no hopes for a comeback at that point, so the severity of his injury is unknown. Goedert had a few drops in this contest and was visibly upset with quarterback Jalen Hurts at one point during the second half. Goedert set a career-high in receptions despite missing three games in 2023, but he saw his yards per target take a big hit and failed to reach 600 receiving yards for the first time since 2020. With plenty of turnover coming in Philadelphia, Goedert will remain one of the staples of the Eagles' offense at the start of the 2024 regular season.

    Jan 16 · Source via Philadelphia Eagles Dallas Goedert
  • Tight End Stats



    WkVsScoreFPtsTE RankSnpSnp%MS%OppTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1@NEW 25-200.0-6192.41.51100-000-00
    2MINW 34-285.2287496.19.1776223.7000-00
    3@TBW 25-116.6157492.58.8775418.2000-00
    4WASW 34-313.52871100.05.64422512.5000-00
    5@LARW 23-1421.727594.911.499811714.6100-00
    6@NYJL 14-206.7165477.111.4885428.4000-00
    7MIAW 31-1716.245779.26.95557715.4100-00
    8@WASW 38-315.6185892.111.1774369.0000-00
    9DALW 28-236.5184877.46.54435016.7000-00
    11@KCW 21-170.0---------------
    12BUFW 37-340.0---------------
    13SFL 19-420.0---------------
    14@DALL 13-335.0254683.67.3444307.5000-00
    15@SEAL 17-205.1275884.114.51094307.50111.0000
    16NYGW 33-2510.6106485.312.09977110.1000-00
    17ARIL 31-3513.244693.912.2665479.4100-00
    18@NYGL 10-270.9542335.44.633144.0000-00
    WC@TBL 9-3210.1-4881.410.2664215.3100-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 6, 19, 9, 5


    WkVsScoreFPtsTE RankSnpSnp%MS%OppTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1@DETW 38-357.5137192.25.24436020.0000-00
    2MINW 24-710.776183.68.26658216.4000-00
    3@WASW 24-810.194564.35.7443268.7100-00
    4JACW 29-219.7117490.27.36657214.4000-00
    5@ARIW 20-1713.557095.912.39989511.9000-00
    6DALW 26-173.2327098.68.56622211.0000-00
    8PITW 35-139.4114273.710.56666410.7000-00
    9@HOUW 29-1720.015990.813.899810012.5100-00
    10WASL 21-327.81250100.06.0333237.7100-01
    16@DALL 34-408.2126794.44.23336722.3000-00
    17NOL 10-206.0275396.410.96634515.0000-00
    18NYGW 22-167.61273100.09.6776467.7000-00
    DPNYGW 38-714.3-6795.77.15555811.6100-00
    CCSFW 31-74.8-6587.88.1665234.6000-00
    SBKCL 35-389.0-7194.79.37766010.0000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 23, 4, 6, 16


    WkVsScoreFPtsTE RankSnpSnp%MS%OppTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1@ATLW 32-612.265273.27.05544210.5100-00
    2SFL 11-173.4283865.53.42222412.0000-00
    3@DALL 21-417.6193458.66.94426633.0000-00
    4KCL 30-4214.195574.36.85555611.2100-00
    5@CARW 21-183.8294567.24.53322814.0000-00
    6TBL 22-280.0--0.00.0-000-000-00
    7@LVL 22-338.5116492.87.25537023.3000-00
    8@DETW 44-610.274467.710.87767212.0000-00
    9LACL 24-275.8235393.010.56634314.3000-00
    10@DENW 30-133.8261320.33.12222814.0000-00
    11NOW 40-298.7137596.210.38856212.4000-00
    12@NYGL 7-130.5546495.54.533100.0000-00
    13@NYJW 33-1825.526895.88.566610517.5200-00
    15WASW 27-1717.046693.012.799713519.3000-00
    16NYGW 34-103.8285384.16.34422814.0000-00
    17@WASW 20-1610.175793.411.57767111.8000-00
    18DALL 26-510.0---------------
    WC@TBL 15-3112.2-5989.418.2121269215.3000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 9, 3, 36, 25


    WkVsScoreFPtsTE RankSnpSnp%MS%OppTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1@WASL 17-2720.125479.413.299810112.6100-00
    2LARL 19-375.0266388.711.3884307.5000-00
    3CINT 23-231.25266.61.111177.0000-00
    8DALW 23-92.0365384.11.61111515.0000-00
    10@NYGL 17-275.3156292.59.0664338.3000-00
    11@CLEL 17-2216.2568100.08.86657715.4100-00
    12SEAL 17-2317.0271100.014.1101077510.7100-00
    13@GBL 16-309.1165283.911.37756613.2000-00
    14NOW 24-216.3215985.58.76644310.8000-00
    15@ARIL 26-335.9267388.09.6884399.8000-00
    16@DALL 17-375.3294156.24.13333812.7000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 34, 4, 3

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