Nathan Peterman

QB · New Orleans Saints

Height 6'3" Weight 225
DOB 1994-05-04 Age 29.9
College Pittsburgh

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  • Kellen Mond Signs With Saints

    Headshot for Kellen Mond

    The New Orleans Saints have signed free-agent quarterback Kellen Mond, according to Ari Meirov of the 33rd Team. The former Texas A&M Aggie was a third-round pick by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2021 NFL Draft after a strong college career, but he has now found his footing in the NFL. He has spent time with the Vikings, Browns, and Colts, but his last game action was in 2021. He completed just two passes for five yards. New Orleans has quarterbacks Jake Haener and Nathan Peterman on the roster, so it would be a surprise if Mond makes the team for the regular season.

    Apr 12 · Source via New Orleans Saints Kellen Mond Jake Haener Nathan Peterman
  • Saints To Sign QB Nathan Peterman

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    The Saints designated Jameis Winston as a post-June 1 cut, leaving the position of Derek Carr‘s backup open. Carr’s health issues last season made that role more relevant than it was in Oakland and Las Vegas. Nathan Peterman is heading to New Orleans to be one of Carr’s backups, Nick Underhill of tweets. Peterman […]

    Mar 14 · Pro Football Rumors New Orleans Saints Nathan Peterman
  • Quarterback Stats



    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1GBL 20-380.0-----------------
    2@TBL 17-270.0-----------------
    3@KCL 10-410.0-----------------
    4DENL 28-310.0-----------------
    6MINL 13-190.0-----------------
    7LVW 30-12-0.4-34.22.8200-00012-4-2.0000
    8@LACL 13-300.0-----------------
    9@NOL 17-240.0-----------------
    10CARW 16-130.0-----------------
    11@DETL 26-310.0-----------------
    12@MINW 12-100.0-----------------
    14DETW 28-130.0-----------------
    15@CLEL 17-200.0-----------------
    16ARIW 27-160.0-----------------
    17ATLW 37-170.0-----------------
    18@GBL 9-170.0-12.10.0000-000000-00


    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    12@NYJL 10-310.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    13GBL 19-280.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    15PHIL 20-250.0-11.71.71010.0000000-00
    16BUFL 13-350.3-57.97.953560.02501000-00
    17@DETL 10-410.0-----------------
    18MINL 13-2910.4253874.541.221111957.9114101273.5000

    Touchdown Distances
    Passing: 11


    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1BALW 33-270.0-----------------
    2@PITW 26-170.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    3MIAW 31-280.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    4@LACL 14-280.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    5CHIL 9-200.23746.03.0200-0000221.0000
    6@DENW 34-240.0-----------------
    7PHIW 33-220.0-----------------
    16DENW 17-130.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    17@INDW 23-200.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    18LACW 35-320.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00


    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    12@ATLL 6-432.2331117.59.563560.025002199.0000
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