Larry Ogunjobi

DL, Pittsburgh Steelers

Height 6'3" Weight 305
DOB 1994-06-03 Age 28.1
College North Carolina

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Larry Ogunjobi Signs With Steelers

    Former Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi signed an undisclosed one-year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Tuesday, according to a source. Ogunjobi will have now played for the Cleveland Browns, the Bengals and the Steelers in the AFC North. The 28-year-old pass-rusher had a career-high seven sacks while adding 49 tackles (29 solo), 12 tackles for loss and 16 QB hits in 16 starts for Cincinnati last year, and he'll be a starting-caliber run defender in the middle for the Steelers this year. Ogunjobi signed a three-year, $40.5 million deal with the Chicago Bears in free agency, but the deal was nullified after he failed a physical.

    Jun 21 · Source via Steelers Larry Ogunjobi
  • Larry Ogunjobi Visits With Jets

    Former Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi spent the last two days visiting with the New York Jets, according to a source. Ogunjobi reportedly signed a three-year, $40.5 million deal with the Chicago Bears earlier this offseason, but the deal fell through due to a failed physical related to an ongoing issue with his surgically repaired right foot. The 27-year-old picked up the injury in the wild-card win over the Las Vegas Raiders. Ogunjobi might be in better health now as he looks to ink another deal with a team, and it's possible that the Bears may have interest in revisiting him if he can pass a physical. In 16 regular season starts for Cincy last year, Ogunjobi had 49 tackles (29 solo), 12 tackles for loss, 16 QB hits and a career-high seven sacks.

    May 10 · Source via Jets Larry Ogunjobi
  • Defensive Lineman Stats



    1MINW 27-249.05971.1421.00000
    2@CHIL 17-202.54975.4130.00000
    3@PITW 24-102.05768.7120.00000
    4JACW 24-212.03664.3120.00000
    5GBL 22-250.03757.8000.00000
    6@DETW 34-112.03860.3120.00000
    7@BALW 41-1710.54460.3331.50000
    8@NYJL 31-348.06273.8321.00000
    9CLEL 16-411.54389.6110.00000
    11@LVW 32-131.03880.9020.00000
    12PITW 41-101.03047.6100.00000
    13LACL 22-415.55179.7111.00000
    14SFL 23-267.55678.9311.00000
    15@DENW 15-108.55066.7131.50000
    16BALW 41-210.03661.0000.00000
    17KCW 34-313.03862.3220.00000
    WCLVW 26-192.02835.9000.00001


    1@BALL 6-386.53254.2310.00010
    2CINW 35-300.55762.0010.00000
    3WASW 34-202.54163.1130.00000
    4@DALW 49-381.02935.4020.00000
    6@PITL 7-384.55584.6410.00000
    7@CINW 37-343.04661.3220.00000
    8LVL 6-163.55880.6310.00000
    10HOUW 10-73.53663.2110.50000
    11PHIW 22-173.54464.7030.50000
    12@JACW 27-252.55076.9210.00000
    13@TENW 41-355.54359.7111.00000
    14BALL 42-473.03558.3220.00000
    15@NYGW 20-64.04277.8120.50000
    16@NYJL 16-233.04463.8220.00000
    17PITW 24-221.53146.3110.00000
    DP@KCL 17-221.04566.2100.00000


    1TENL 13-437.05082.0301.00000
    2@NYJW 23-33.04261.8220.00000
    3LARL 13-206.55380.3211.00000
    4@BALW 40-257.54869.6311.00000
    5@SFL 3-313.05369.7300.00000
    6SEAL 28-321.06983.1100.00000
    8@NEL 13-272.05478.3120.00000
    9@DENL 19-248.04080.0301.01000
    10BUFW 19-161.56898.6110.00000
    11PITW 21-75.06385.1101.00000
    13@PITL 13-202.55588.7210.00000
    14CINW 27-198.56384.0450.50000
    15@ARIL 24-383.04065.6220.00000
    16BALL 15-310.05271.2000.00000
    17@CINL 23-335.54971.0510.00000
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