Gerald Everett

TE, Los Angeles Chargers

Height 6'3" Weight 240
DOB 1994-06-25 Age 28.1
College South Alabama

2022 Fantasy Rankings

Overall # 174 · TE # 21 (Tier 4)
ADP (12-team PPR): 14.04, 202nd

Position Rankings

Tier 4
19Logan Thomas, WAS1431.113.099.8
20Robert Tonyan Jr., GB1428.313.056.3
21Gerald Everett, LAC828.114.048.0
22Tyler Higbee, LAR729.614.049.8
Tier 5
23Hayden Hurst, CIN1028.913.065.1
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2 2021 season, PPR scoring

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Donald Parham Jr. Likely To Miss This Week

    As reported on Sunday, Los Angeles Chargers tight end Donald Parham Jr. (hamstring) left practice with a leg injury. The severity of the injury was unknown at the time, but head coach Brandon Staley has since confirmed he expects Parham to miss this week of training camp. This is disappointing for Parham, who was making a real impression and challenging veteran Gerald Everett for the starting role. Hopefully, he will return to the field next week and continue to compete for the job.

    Aug 8 · Source via Chargers Gerald Everett Donald Parham
  • Gerald Everett Could Be In Line For Career Season

    The Los Angeles Chargers hope that tight end Gerald Everett will provide a more explosive yards-after-the-catch dynamic than veteran Jared Cook did last year. They plan to get the ball in Everett's hands via screens, flat routes and jet sweeps, which could put him in line to have a career-best season. The 27-year-old had a career-high 48 receptions for 478 yards and four touchdowns on 63 targets in his one and only season with the Seattle Seahawks last year, and he could easily top those numbers working with rising young quarterback Justin Herbert this year. Nobody should be drafting Everett as a TE1 in fantasy, but he's a great target as a TE2 with upside in fall drafts.

    Jun 21 · Source via Chargers Gerald Everett
  • Tight End Stats



    1@INDW 28-169.03972.23.72222010.0100-00
    2TENL 30-330.84379.63.722133.0000-00
    3@MINL 17-307.94279.29.45555410.8000-00
    6@PITL 20-235.03147.74.63324020.0000-00
    7NOL 10-132.63358.97.1433113.7011212.0000
    8JACW 31-71.24477.25.332177.001-5-5.0000
    10@GBL 0-1710.34675.413.1888637.9000-00
    11ARIL 13-235.24285.78.24433712.3000-00
    12@WASL 15-1712.23778.719.1995377.4100-00
    13SFW 30-232.75477.18.666471.8000-02
    14@HOUW 33-138.53862.34.9322157.5111313.0000
    15@LARL 10-208.04884.27.04446015.0000-00
    16CHIL 24-2514.84783.98.95546817.0100-00
    17DETW 51-295.15170.86.95533612.0000-00
    18@ARIW 38-302.55594.85.23312020.0000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 9, 6, 1, 24


    1DALW 20-171.22432.92.722177.0000-00
    3@BUFL 32-354.42840.62.92223417.0000-00
    4NYGW 17-91.53357.93.52111010.00122.0011
    5@WASW 30-1011.03044.15.94449022.5000-00
    6@SFL 16-244.23050.06.7443279.0000-00
    7CHIW 24-1010.85576.46.9554287.0100-00
    8@MIAL 17-285.75254.79.5995326.4000-00
    10SEAW 23-163.74361.44.33322713.5000-00
    11@TBW 27-244.74156.96.9554276.8000-00
    12SFL 20-232.62946.83.2222168.0000-00
    13@ARIW 38-287.46072.38.4776447.3000-00
    14NEW 24-31.45384.14.833199.0000-00
    15NYJL 20-233.82745.86.84422814.0000-00
    16@SEAL 9-202.35269.34.0332136.5000-00
    17ARIW 18-73.54967.19.67722512.5000-00
    WC@SEAW 30-200.04764.41.41100-000-00
    DP@GBL 18-320.02750.91.91100-000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 2
    Receiving: 12


    1@CARW 30-271.23039.01.311177.0000-00
    2NOW 27-93.65071.48.6653217.00100.0000
    3@CLEW 20-132.55887.93.0222157.5000-00
    4TBL 40-5512.95657.18.2885448.8100-00
    5@SEAL 29-3017.15880.615.31111713619.4000-00
    6SFL 7-201.92852.89.455294.5000-00
    7@ATLW 37-1013.05673.713.2101045012.5100-00
    8CINW 24-102.53048.44.8332157.5000-00
    10@PITL 12-1710.85470.115.612128688.5000-00
    11CHIW 17-72.51425.51.81112020.0000-00
    12BALL 6-453.31731.53.72222311.5000-00
    16@SFL 31-340.045.71.41100-000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 5, 8

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