Noah Brown

WR, Dallas Cowboys

Height 6'2" Weight 225
DOB 1996-01-06 Age 26.6
College Ohio State

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  • Noah Brown Has An Opportunity

    Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Noah Brown is the only receiver on the team not named CeeDee Lamb to have caught a pass in a regular season game after James Washington (foot) suffered a broken foot in practice on Monday. He's the oldest of the remaining receivers on Dallas' roster as they look to replace Washington and Michael Gallup (knee) to begin the season, and he's looking good this summer. Brown has lost weight, has the ability to line up all over the field and is a key contributor on special teams. The 26-year-old has struggled with injuries, but if healthy, he could have a big early season role alongside Lamb and rookie Jalen Tolbert. Rookie Dennis Houston has caught the eye of Lamb in camp as well. Tolbert is the favorite to start opposite Lamb in Week 1 against the Buccaneers.

    Aug 3 · Source via Cowboys Noah Brown
  • Wide Receiver Stats



    2@LACW 20-170.01219.00.00000-000-00
    3PHIW 41-211.42329.91.311199.0000-00
    4CARW 36-280.02133.90.00000-000-00
    5NYGW 44-205.12329.15.14433612.0000-00
    6@NEW 35-295.71820.02.22224723.5000-00
    8@MINW 20-161.21318.12.822177.0000-00
    9DENL 16-300.02539.71.61100-000-00
    10ATLW 43-32.32835.91.31111818.0000-00
    11@KCL 9-190.04262.73.02200-000-00
    12LVL 33-368.36993.212.2996538.8000-00
    13@NOW 27-172.41216.94.2332147.0000-00
    17ARIL 22-
    18@PHIW 51-260.01219.00.00000-000-00
    WCSFL 17-230.01418.90.00000-000-00


    1@LARL 17-
    2ATLW 40-393.889.82.42222814.0000-00
    3@SEAL 31-381.42935.42.422199.0000-00
    4CLEL 38-496.32226.84.94444310.8000-00
    5NYGW 37-340.02131.80.00000-000-00
    6ARIL 10-382.52325.82.2222157.5000-00
    7@WASL 3-250.01425.00.00000-000-00
    8@PHIL 9-230.01620.32.52200-000-00
    9PITL 19-240.0811.10.00000-000-00
    11@MINW 31-281.11522.71.511166.0000-00
    12WASL 16-410.01322.00.00000-000-00
    13@BALL 17-345.51113.95.14434013.3000-00
    14@CINW 30-70.0815.70.00000-000-00
    15SFW 41-331.81729.312.17611313.00144.0000
    16PHIW 37-170.01825.70.00000-000-00
    17@NYGL 19-

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