C.J. Beathard

QB · Jacksonville Jaguars

Height 6'2" Weight 215
DOB 1993-11-16 Age 29.8
College Iowa

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  • Tim Jones Explodes For 74-Yard Touchdown Against Miami

    Headshot for C.J. Beathard

    Jacksonville Jaguars second-year wideout Tim Jones had only one catch in Saturday's 31-18 preseason win over the Miami Dolphins. He made the most of it by taking it 74 yards to the house. The Southern Miss product broke away on a stop-and-go route, completely fooling the Dolphin's 2023 second-round corner Cam Smith, and quarterback C.J. Beathard hit him in stride for the touchdown. Jones failed to record a catch in the Jaguars' first preseason contest but emerged as a deep threat in limited action over the past two. He secured a roster spot last year with an incredibly impressive preseason, where he hauled in 14 passes for 219 yards across four games. With only two catches under his belt this time around, the odds are not in Jones' favor for making the final cut this year, but his big play ability may be enough for him to sneak onto the roster.

    Aug 27 · Source via Jaguars C.J. Beathard Tim Jones
  • C.J. Beathard Looks Like The QB2 For Jacksonville

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    Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback C.J. Beathard went 8-for-10 for 134 yards, a touchdown, and a near-perfect passer rating of 152.1 in Saturday's 31-18 preseason win over the Miami Dolphins. The vet came into camp with a leg up on rookie Nathan Rourke for the QB2 spot behind Trevor Lawrence , but the latter has been applying some pressure with his play through two games. Beathard was the second QB to take over after Lawrence in this one, leading three consecutive scoring drives to close out the first half. The performance was highlighted by a 74-yard touchdown strike to sophomore wide receiver Tim Jones , who broke open on the left side of the field and cruised in untouched for the score. Rourke quarterbacked the entire second half of the game, which saw the Jaguars put up two more touchdowns. Still, the Ohio native finished with a measly 74 passing yards on only six attempts, as Jacksonville opted to go with a more ground-heavy attack. At this point, Beathard has held onto his QB2 position but is still firmly off the fantasy radar unless something happens to Lawrence.

    Aug 27 · Source via Jaguars C.J. Beathard
  • Nathan Rourke Efficient In Preseason Win Over Detroit

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    Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nathan Rourke went 10-for-12 for 121 yards and added 14 rushing yards in Saturday's 25-7 preseason victory over the Detroit Lions. With all offensive starters resting, C.J. Beathard started the ballgame, but Rourke again outshined the veteran quarterback with timely throws and on-target passes. Both players each saw a half-of-game action, with Rourke leading two touchdown drives that secured a second-straight victory for Jacksonville. Based on the play of the two signal callers thus far, Beathard's grasp on the QB2 spot is loosening. The third and final exhibition game should tell how this battle plays out.

    Aug 20 · Source via Jaguars C.J. Beathard Nathan Rourke
  • Nathan Rourke Shows Promise In First NFL Game

    Headshot for C.J. Beathard

    Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nathan Rourke impressed against the Cowboys, going 9-for-17 for 153 yards and a score, also logging a rushing touchdown in the victory. The rookie out of Ohio started the second half and outshined C.J. Beathard, who tossed for 80 yards throughout four drives in the first two quarters. Rourke led two touchdown drives that helped the Jags secure the victory. He also made arguably the highlight of the preseason when he escaped a sure-fire sack of four crashing defenders and tossed a 21-yard strike to Qadree Ollison while getting hit. The former CFL standout is still likely behind the veteran Beathard in the quarterback pecking order. Still, if he keeps making plays like the one he made on Saturday, the Jaguars will have no choice but to consider him for Trevor Lawrence 's top backup. Both quarterbacks are only on the fantasy radar if Lawrence goes down.

    Aug 13 · Source via Jaguars C.J. Beathard
  • Quarterback Stats



    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1@INDW 31-210.0-----------------
    2KCL 9-170.0-----------------


    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1@WASL 22-280.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    2INDW 24-00.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    3@LACW 38-10-0.1-11.31.3100-00001-1-1.0000
    4@PHIL 21-290.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    5HOUL 6-130.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    6@INDL 27-340.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    7NYGL 17-230.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    8DENL 17-210.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    9LVW 27-200.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    10@KCL 17-270.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    12BALW 28-270.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    13@DETL 14-400.33647.15.432366.7600000-00
    14@TENW 36-220.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    15DALW 40-340.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    16@NYJW 19-3-0.3-34.24.2300-00003-3-1.0000
    17@HOUW 31-30.5381930.212.785862.52901100-00
    18TENW 20-160.0-----------------
    WCLACW 31-300.0-----------------
    DP@KCL 20-270.0-----------------


    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1@HOUL 21-370.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    2DENL 13-230.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    3ARIL 19-310.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    4@CINL 21-240.0--0.00.0000-000000-00
    5TENL 19-370.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    6MIAW 23-200.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    8@SEAL 7-310.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    9BUFW 9-61.73069.83.3222100.03300000-00
    10@INDL 17-230.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    11SFL 10-300.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    12ATLL 14-210.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    13@LARL 7-370.22911.71.7100-0000122.0000
    14@TENL 0-200.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    15HOUL 16-300.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    16@NYJL 21-260.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    17@NEL 10-500.0--0.00.0-00-000000-00
    18INDW 26-110.0-----------------


    WkVsScoreFPtsQB RankSnpSnp%MS%OppPaCmpPaAttCmpPctPaYdPaTDPaINTSackedRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    4PHIL 20-256.9302331.526.019141973.713800100-00
    5MIAL 17-438.7273351.628.11891850.09410200-01
    10@NOL 13-270.0-11.41.41010.0000000-00
    15@DALL 33-419.03278.38.375771.410010000-00
    16@ARIW 20-1222.91656100.044.625132259.11823033186.0001
    17SEAL 23-2618.72366100.060.640253767.62731033103.3301

    Touchdown Distances
    Passing: 19, 49, 21, 9, 1, 3

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