Tyler Boyd

WR · Cincinnati Bengals

Height 6'2" Weight 203
DOB 1994-11-15 Age 28.8
College Pittsburgh

2023 Fantasy Rankings

WR # 59 (Tier 8) · ADP (12-team PPR): 12.08, 140th

Position Rankings

Tier 8
57Romeo Doubs, GB623.410.026.3
58Jayden Reed, GB623.314.06
59Tyler Boyd, CIN728.812.088.5
Tier 9
60Rondale Moore, ARI1423.313.108.5
61Parris Campbell, NYG1326.216.076.6
1 NFFC (12-team PPR)
2 2022 season, Half PPR scoring

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Tyler Boyd - Week 2 Outlook for Fantasy Football

    Headshot for Tyler Boyd

    Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd had just one catch in the regular-season opener versus the Browns. In all fairness, the Bengals offense scrounged together just three points in that one, so the wideout wasn't the only one who didn't do much for fantasy managers. But with Joe Burrow expected to rebound in Week 2, Boyd could follow the lead. The Ravens also won't have Marlon Humphrey (foot) and Marcus Williams (pectoral), meaning Cincinnati's pass-catchers could exceed expectations. As a result, Boyd remains a flex option in all formats.

    Sep 15 · Source via Bengals Tyler Boyd
  • Tyler Boyd Logs Full Practice On Thursday

    Headshot for Tyler Boyd

    Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd (toe) practiced in full on Thursday. The veteran wideout did the same on Wednesday, so things look promising concerning his availability for the Week 1 opener in Cleveland. Without a doubt, Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins will receive most of Joe Burrow's attention versus the Browns. However, Boyd is still capable of having potent fantasy showings, so he at least deserves flex consideration.

    Sep 7 · Source via Bengals Tyler Boyd
  • Tyler Boyd Practices In Full On Wednesday

    Headshot for Tyler Boyd

    Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd (toe) practiced in full on Wednesday, meaning he'll likely be available for Week 1 against Cleveland, barring a setback. The veteran has spent his entire career with the Bengals, so he's had plenty of encounters with the Browns over the years, amassing 50 grabs for 525 yards and five touchdowns in 12 meetings. Although Boyd is not expected to be a routine contributor for Cincinnati this season, considering Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins will receive most of Joe Burrow's attention, the 29-year-old warrants flex consideration in all fantasy setups on Sunday in what could be a high-scoring affair between the AFC North clubs.

    Sep 6 · Source via Bengals Tyler Boyd
  • Wide Receiver Stats



    WkVsScoreFPtsWR RankSnpSnp%MS%OppTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1@CLEL 3-242.0874783.95.4332105.0000-00
    2BALL 24-278.2545591.713.3886528.7000-00


    WkVsScoreFPtsWR RankSnpSnp%MS%OppTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1PITL 20-2311.3308080.07.0774338.3100-00
    2@DALL 17-202.7835781.42.9222178.5000-00
    3@NYJW 27-1218.594667.67.455410526.3100-00
    4MIAW 27-155.7484671.99.46524723.5000-00
    5@BALL 17-194.7666196.86.34433210.7000-00
    6@NOW 30-269.6325596.510.56666611.0000-00
    7ATLW 35-1725.535175.013.299815519.4100-00
    8@CLEL 13-3211.3255196.29.45533812.7100-00
    9CARW 42-216.9334966.28.1665448.8000-00
    11@PITW 37-305.2525481.810.67724221.0000-00
    12@TENW 20-162.6845375.75.7442168.0000-00
    13KCW 27-248.0436286.16.95546015.0000-00
    14CLEW 23-100.0-23.01.51100-000-00
    15@TBW 34-2312.0204060.67.6555357.0100-00
    16@NEW 22-183.6654250.64.8443217.0000-00
    18BALW 27-167.6414872.710.67755110.2000-00
    WCBALW 24-174.1-5289.75.2333268.7000-00
    DP@BUFW 27-102.8-5370.72.72212323.0000-00
    CC@KCL 20-235.0-1522.73.02224020.0000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 2, 56, 60, 13, 3


    WkVsScoreFPtsWR RankSnpSnp%MS%OppTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1MINW 27-244.7745173.95.84433210.7000-00
    2@CHIL 17-2010.8414887.316.49977310.4000-00
    3@PITW 24-1011.6283778.712.8664369.0100-00
    4JACW 24-2116.3123662.119.01111911813.1000-00
    5GBL 22-254.4735582.17.5554246.0000-00
    6@DETW 34-111.2974562.54.233177.0000-00
    7@BALW 41-175.9434571.411.1774399.8000-00
    8@NYJL 31-3415.4134580.416.19856913.8100-00
    9CLEL 16-411.6835978.72.72211111.0000-00
    11@LVW 32-137.9315270.312.2986498.2011414.0000
    12PITW 41-102.3835276.52.9222136.5000-00
    13LACL 22-4111.0255775.09.27758517.0000-00
    14SFL 23-267.5475785.19.06545513.80188.0000
    15@DENW 15-1018.194686.811.36659619.2100-00
    16BALW 41-2116.0136990.86.65538528.3100-00
    17KCW 34-3111.6275477.18.6664369.0100-00
    18@CLEL 16-210.0--0.00.0-000-000-00
    WCLVW 26-1910.6-5690.39.7654266.51133.0000
    DP@TENW 19-162.7-5890.64.7332178.5000-00
    CC@KCW 27-243.9-4869.68.7664194.8000-00
    SBLARL 20-237.3-5082.09.8665489.6000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 17, 10, 56, 68, 5, 10


    WkVsScoreFPtsWR RankSnpSnp%MS%OppTgtRecReYdReAvgReTDRuAttRuYdRuAvgRuTDFL
    1LACL 13-165.3695580.97.4554338.3000-00
    2@CLEL 30-3516.7107884.88.78877210.3100-00
    3@PHIT 23-2317.5145475.018.113131012512.5000-00
    4JACW 33-2512.5235877.312.09879012.90144.0000
    5@BALL 3-276.2544668.79.06644210.5000-00
    6@INDL 27-317.9295778.112.39855410.8012525.0000
    7CLEL 34-3721.666080.018.71413111019.2100-00
    8TENW 31-2015.7155575.312.39766711.21294.5000
    10@PITL 10-367.1405280.012.3886416.8000-00
    11@WASL 9-2013.0235682.416.211119859.4000-00
    12NYGL 17-193.0774081.612.2663155.0000-00
    13@MIAL 7-1913.7252446.29.65417272.0100-00
    14DALL 7-306.8535981.912.5995438.6000-00
    15PITW 27-170.0-1119.61.81100-000-00
    17BALL 3-380.61004195.39.343111.0011111.0000

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 9, 11, 7, 72

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