2017 Fantasy Rankings
Overall # 10 · WR # 5 (Tier 2)

Michael Thomas

WR, New Orleans Saints

Height 6'3" Weight 212 DOB 1994-08-16 Age 23
College Ohio State

Position Rankings
Tier 1
3Mike Evans, TBJameis Winston has some egos to manage in this Bucs offense to keep everyone happy (cough, cough ... DeSean Jackson), but Evans enters his fourth season after setting a career high in receptions and yards, plus adding a dozen touchdowns. Prefer Evans over many of the top WR for fantasy thanks to his impressive touchdown numbers inside the red zone.
4Odell Beckham Jr., NYGSome excellent choices in this top WR tier, especially considering Beckham is listed 4th. Three consecutive seasons topping 90 receptions, 1,300 yards and double-digit touchdowns. Damn. Many will take him first at this position, potentially first overall, and that is fine. Is his short temper or attitude going to get him in trouble and cost him games at some point? It is something you might think about from time to time with OBJ on your roster.
Tier 2
5Michael Thomas, NOAn aggressive ranking for a player who surprised as a rookie and is therefore ripe for a sophomore slump, but at the same time he still has Drew Brees as his QB and plenty of targets left New Orleans in the off-season. In that respect he might be one of the safer bets in the late-1st, early-2nd round. Thomas did what he did on 120 targets last season, so there is clearly room for that to grow.
6A.J. Green, CINMr. Reliable or Mr. No Respect? Perhaps both. Missed 6 games last season and most of the talk about the Bengals is about rookies RB Joe Mixon and WR John Ross. Green might not have flashy upside, in part thanks to his QB Andy Dalton, but hard to argue with 90-1,300-10 when he plays 16 games.
7Jordy Nelson, GBAfter a completely lost 2015 season Nelson returned with a vengeance with 97-1,257-14 on 152 targets in 2016. He had some doubters, and now age 32, doubt will continue. I still don't think Aaron Rodgers fully trusts Davante Adams as his primary go-to guy, while Randall Cobb isn't built to handle the targets of a WR1 or WR2. Until Nelson truly shows signs of slowing down, I'm pretty comfortable drafting him early to mid-second round.

Complete WR Rankings

Wide Receiver
1MINL 19-290000545004.5
2NEL 20-360000589008.9
3CARW 34-1300007871014.7
4MIAW 20-000008891014.9
6DETW 52-380000311001.1
7GBW 26-170000782008.2
8CHIW 20-120000777007.7
9TBW 30-100000865006.5
10BUFW 47-10000081120011.2
11WASW 34-310000691009.1
12LARL 20-260000552005.2
13CARW 31-2100005701013.0
14ATLL 17-200000101171017.7
15NYJW 31-1900008881014.8
16ATLW 23-130000466006.6
17TBL 24-310000694009.4
1OAKL 34-350006658005.8
2NYGL 13-160005456005.6
3ATLL 32-45000117711013.1
4SDW 35-3400094441010.4
6CARW 41-3800055781013.8
7KCL 21-2700013101300013.0
8SEAW 25-200006663006.3
9SFW 41-2300085732019.3
10DENL 23-250006440024.0
11CARL 20-230005568006.8
12LARW 49-210001091082022.8
13DETL 13-280005442004.2
15ARIW 48-41000107521011.2
16TBW 31-240008698009.8
17ATLL 32-3800014101561021.6

Touchdown Distances
Receiving: 3, 5, 9, 1, 32, 6, 21, 4, 14