Darren Waller

TE, Las Vegas Raiders

Height 6'6" Weight 255
DOB 1992-09-13 Age 29.9
College Georgia Tech

2022 Fantasy Rankings

Overall # 46 · TE # 5 (Tier 2)
ADP (12-team PPR): 4.11, 49th

Position Rankings

Tier 1
3Kyle Pitts, ATL1421.84.0110.4
Tier 2
4T.J. Hockenson, DET625.16.0111.9
5Darren Waller, LV629.94.1112.1
6George Kittle, SF928.84.0214.1
7Dawson Knox, BUF725.78.0110.8
1 Fantasy Football Calculator (12-team PPR)
2 2021 season, PPR scoring

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Darren Waller Dealing With Hamstring Issue

    Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller (hamstring) has been dealing with a hamstring injury that has kept him out of training camp. However, the issue is not serious and shouldn't keep him on the shelf for an extended period of time, as he is expected to rejoin his teammates at practice next week. The 29-year-old played in just 11 games last year, so it is wise for the Raiders to take a cautious approach with their big red zone target prior to the start of the season. Waller will have more competition for targets from Derek Carr with Davante Adams now in the mix, but he still figures to produce high-end TE1 numbers for fantasy managers. He can continue to be valued as a top-5 tight end

    Aug 12 · Source via Raiders Darren Waller
  • Darren Waller Remains Absent At Practice

    Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller remains absent at training camp practice on Monday with an undisclosed injury. The fact that the Raiders haven't disclosed what is keeping Waller off the field most likely means it's nothing too serious, but we'll keep you updated once we hear more on the situation. For now, there's no reason to drop the 29-year-old tight end in your fantasy rankings for the upcoming 2022 season. Waller played in only 11 games due to injury in 2021 and finished with 55 receptions (93 targets) for 665 yards and two touchdowns. With All-Pro wideout Davante Adams now in town, Waller could see his target share drop enough to take him out of consideration as a top-three fantasy tight end.

    Aug 8 · Source via Raiders Darren Waller
  • Darren Waller To Play Regardless Of Contract Status

    Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller stated he's leaving contract talks to his agent, adding, "whatever happens with that, I'm here playing." There was speculation the veteran would consider holding out. However, Waller reported to camp on Wednesday, supporting his claim that he'll be on the field this season regardless of the outcome of negotiations. The 28-year-old has been a relatively reliable fantasy option over the years, although he finished the 2021-22 campaign with 55 catches for 865 yards and two touchdowns, appearing in only 11 games due to injury. Nonetheless, Waller has an excellent chance of bouncing back this year, especially with Davante Adams expected to command most of the attention of opposing defenses.

    Jul 23 · Source via Raiders Darren Waller
  • Raiders' Darren Waller Reports To Training Camp

    With training camps opening up, attention is naturally being drawn to players with potential motivation to stage a ‘hold-out,’ or more recently, a ‘hold-in.’ One such player is Raiders tight end Darren Waller, whose contract status has generated plenty of speculation this offseason.  The 29-year-old has emerged as one of the league’s top players at his […]

    Jul 22 · Pro Football Rumors Raiders Darren Waller
  • Darren Waller Reports To Training Camp

    Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller reported to training camp on Wednesday, according to sources. With two years of non-guaranteed money left on his contract, his deal is worth watching, but no holdout is necessary. Waller is underpaid as of right now, but he and the Raiders are all-in for the 2022 season. The addition of All-Pro wideout Davante Adams will take notable targets away from Waller this year and moving forward, but he should still be considered a top-five fantasy tight end. After posting back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons with 12 total touchdowns in 2019 and 2020, Waller played in only 11 games due to injuries in 2021 and finished with 55 receptions (93 targets) for 665 yards and two touchdowns.

    Jul 20 · Source via Raiders Darren Waller
  • Darren Waller Contract Extension Imminent?

    There is a sense that Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller will be around for a long time and that a new contract extension is imminent. But Waller still has two years left on his current deal, and the Raiders might want to get one more year of real value out of him. The 29-year-old is also extremely excited with how he'll be used in new head coach Josh McDaniels' offense this year. The addition of No. 1 receiver Davante Adams will take some targets away, but it should also give Waller more room to work in the middle of the field. Waller had a down year in 2021 and played in only 11 games, but the two previous years he totaled 197 catches for 2,341 yards and 12 touchdowns. He's easily a top-five fantasy tight end.

    Jun 12 · Source via Raiders Darren Waller
  • Darren Waller Not Focused On Contract Talks

    Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller isn't focused on a new contract. The 29-year-old, who will make $7 million this season, inked a deal in 2019. He now has two years remaining, although there isn't any guaranteed money left. Yet, with David Njoku recently receiving a four-year, $56.75 million ($28 million guaranteed), Waller will leave things up to his agent and continue to focus on learning new head coach Josh McDaniel's system. The former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket is coming off a horrendous 2021 season, where he finished with 55 catches for 665 yards and two touchdowns. He also played in only 11 games due to injury. Nonetheless, Waller has proven that he can be one of the most potent options at the position. He'll be playing for an offensive-friendly coach in 2022 and will also be paired with Davante Adams, who will unquestionably take some pressure off. As a result, Waller has a good chance to return to fantasy prominence, but he'll need to stay healthy.

    May 29 · Source via Raiders Darren Waller
  • Tight End Stats



    1BALW 33-2721.58194.222.119191010510.5100-00
    2@PITW 26-179.06192.410.67756513.0000-00
    3MIAW 31-287.96679.58.47755410.8000-00
    4@LACL 14-2813.05393.012.37745012.5100-00
    5CHIL 9-206.56495.511.98844511.3000-00
    6@DENW 34-248.44682.18.95555911.8000-00
    9@NYGL 16-2312.76188.415.9111179213.1000-00
    10KCL 14-414.44990.713.0774246.0000-00
    11CINL 13-3215.14493.617.088711616.6000-00
    12@DALW 36-334.32123.95.75523316.5000-00
    18LACW 35-323.26278.511.49922211.0000-00
    WC@CINL 19-2611.17192.215.6121277610.9000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 10, 3, 10


    1@CARW 34-307.55688.912.7886457.5000-00
    2NOW 34-2422.37492.520.01616121038.6100-00
    3@NEL 20-361.95694.96.844294.5000-00
    4BUFL 23-3013.37094.616.212129889.8000-01
    5@KCW 40-3213.36491.410.0775489.6100-00
    7TBL 20-4514.05990.813.8996508.3100-00
    8@CLEW 16-65.35779.28.3665285.6000-00
    9@LACW 31-2610.74488.020.010105224.4100-00
    10DENW 37-125.26488.96.95533712.3000-00
    11KCL 31-3518.35593.211.97778812.6100-00
    12@ATLL 6-434.36196.811.1774235.8000-00
    13@NYJW 31-2838.57494.921.817171320015.4200-00
    14INDL 27-4411.06697.114.7101077510.7000-00
    15LACL 27-3025.56990.815.81212915016.7100-00
    16MIAL 25-2613.76398.49.466511222.4000-00
    17@DENW 32-3122.26087.014.51010911713.0100-01

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 1, 5, 1, 2, 3, 9, 38, 35, 28


    1DENW 24-1610.558100.013.88877010.0000-00
    2KCL 10-289.36295.410.87766310.5000-00
    3@MINL 14-3419.95389.825.415141313410.30177.0000
    4@INDW 31-248.86191.011.9887537.6000-00
    5CHIW 24-215.95778.16.8554399.8000-00
    7@GBL 24-4228.16192.412.188712618.0200-00
    8@HOUL 24-278.15496.414.3882115.5100-00
    9DETW 31-246.25779.22.82225226.0000-00
    10LACW 26-245.55696.68.65534013.3000-00
    11CINW 17-1010.36694.311.48757815.601-2-2.0000
    12@NYJL 3-345.65389.810.26634113.7000-00
    13@KCL 9-4013.55591.715.099710014.3000-00
    14TENL 21-4210.36196.89.56667312.2000-01
    15JACL 16-2016.26688.013.31010812215.3000-00
    16@LACL 17-245.75181.06.3444379.3000-00
    17@DENL 15-1613.76994.513.71010610717.8000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 7, 17, 8

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