Za'Darius Smith

LB · Cleveland Browns

Height 6'4" Weight 272
DOB 1992-09-08 Age 31.2
College Kentucky

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Browns' Pass-Rush Matchup Rated No. 1 In Week 7

    Headshot for Myles Garrett

    The Cleveland Browns defensive line has the most favorable matchup for rushing the opposing passer in Week 7, according to Pro Football Focus. The Browns' dominant defensive line has a 53% advantage against the subpar offensive line of the Indianapolis Colts. The Browns have the third-best pass rush grade this season. Their defense has limited opponents to the fewest points allowed all season and helped them pull upset wins over the San Francisco 49ers and the Cincinnati Bengals. On the other side of the ball, the Colts have had the tenth-best pass-blocking grade, but have allowed pressure on 28% of passing plays, and they just can't stand up to the combined force of Myles Garrett, Za'Darius Smith, Dalvin Tomlinson, and the rest of the Browns defense.

    Oct 20 · Source via Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett Za'Darius Smith Dalvin Tomlinson
  • Myles Garrett Has the Bengals' Number

    Headshot for Myles Garrett

    Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett has a history of success against his Week 1 opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals. Last season, Garrett made 3.5 sacks and 7 QB hits in his two games against the Bengals. In his career, he has made 11.0 sacks in nine games against the Bengals. While the Bengals' offensive line has improved in recent years, it is still only average at best. Moreover, Bengals QB Joe Burrow goes down more often than other quarterbacks facing the same amount of pressure. His sack-to-pressure rate has typically been among the top half of the league. Myles Garrett and his new teammate on the other side of the defensive line, Za'Darius Smith, are both quality starts this week.

    Sep 8 · Source via Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett Za'Darius Smith
  • Linebacker Stats



    1CINW 24-32.03766.1020.01000
    2@PITL 22-261.03666.7100.00000
    3TENW 27-31.03062.5020.00000
    4BALL 3-280.53460.7010.00000
    6SFW 19-170.04267.7000.00000
    7@INDW 39-3811.05172.9401.00010
    8@SEAL 20-240.53662.1010.00000
    9ARIW 27-07.03057.7301.00000
    10@BALW 33-315.02750.0220.50000
    11PITW 13-102.02848.3200.00000
    12@DENL 12-291.03146.3100.00000
    13@LARL 19-360.53250.0010.00000


    1GBW 23-76.04573.8201.00000
    2@PHIL 7-246.55474.0211.00000
    3DETW 28-242.56380.8210.00000
    4@NOL 25-285.02440.0101.00000
    5CHIW 29-223.53774.0110.50000
    6@MIAW 24-1611.56076.9312.00000
    8ARIW 34-2620.05469.2703.01000
    9@WASW 20-176.54773.4410.02000
    10@BUFW 33-306.55674.7111.01000
    11DALL 3-400.52534.7010.00000
    12NEW 33-263.04785.5300.00000
    13NYJW 27-222.56475.3110.01000
    14@DETL 23-340.54564.3010.00000
    15INDW 39-369.06379.7320.50010
    16NYGW 27-240.05478.3000.00000
    17@GBL 17-412.53352.4210.00000
    18@CHIW 29-130.0---------
    WCNYGL 24-312.55272.2210.00000


    1@NOL 3-381.01830.0100.00000
    DPSFL 10-135.01935.2101.00000


    1@MINW 43-346.04382.7201.00000
    2DETW 42-217.55694.9311.00000
    3@NOW 37-306.55691.8110.00011
    4ATLW 30-1618.56491.4533.00000
    6@TBL 10-380.54975.4010.00000
    7@HOUW 35-206.55073.5211.00000
    8MINL 22-284.54790.4330.00000
    9@SFW 34-1711.03256.1201.00011
    10JACW 24-208.05382.8321.00000
    11@INDL 31-345.57589.3330.01000
    12CHIW 41-258.56392.6111.00010
    13PHIW 30-168.55283.9211.50000
    14@DETW 31-241.05986.8000.01000
    15CARW 24-166.06087.0121.00000
    16TENW 40-148.53563.6111.00010
    17@CHIW 35-161.56688.0110.00000
    DPLARW 32-185.04584.9101.00000
    CCTBL 26-313.05787.7220.00000
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