Duke Johnson

RB, Buffalo Bills

Height 5'9" Weight 210
DOB 1993-09-23 Age 28.8
College Miami (FL)

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • James Cook Looking Good In Camp

    Buffalo Bills running back James Cook has "opened some eyes here a little bit in the run and pass game," stated head coach Sean McDermott. The former Georgia Bulldog has undoubtedly impressed since being taken in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft, especially as a pass-catcher. Although Devin Singletary will likely get a bulk of the snaps out of the backfield this season, there may be room for Cook to get involved on the fantasy end, especially in PPR formats. While the 22-year-old probably won't be an impactful fantasy producer on a week-to-week basis this year, he unquestionably has more insurance policy appeal than Zack Moss and Duke Johnson.

    Aug 4 · Source via Bills James Cook Duke Johnson Zack Moss Devin Singletary
  • Duke Johnson Competing With Zack Moss

    Buffalo Bills running back Duke Johnson's roster security likely depends on how Zack Moss plays this summer at training camp, but Johnson's experience and relative success in the NFL could help him stick if Moss falters. Johnson had two 100-yard games with the Miami Dolphins last year and offers more explosiveness in the receiving game than Moss. He'll also turn 29 in September, but Moss is still young and has two years left on his rookie deal. The odds are in favor of Moss, but Johnson has a chance if general manager Brandon Beane decides to trade Moss this summer. If Moss makes the team, Johnson will be expendable, but there could be a spot on the practice squad for Johnson.

    Jul 1 · Source via Bills Duke Johnson Zack Moss
  • Running Back Stats



    11@NYJW 24-171.868.05.344184.500000-00
    15NYJW 31-2425.24157.732.423221074.862112020.000
    16@NOW 20-33.92334.819.71313393.000000-00
    17@TENL 3-347.53658.116.1107497.00032168.000
    18NEW 33-2418.74363.238.226251174.6811155.000

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 1, 6, 1


    1@KCL 20-341.41423.710.265142.800100-00
    4MINL 23-316.02538.513.895244.80043217.000
    5JACW 30-142.41729.36.94382.670111111.000
    6@TENL 36-421.61926.48.36492.2502122.000
    7GBL 20-356.72029.48.861-1-1.00055438.600
    9@JACW 27-2515.35281.331.32016412.56144328.001
    10@CLEL 7-105.45494.726.31514543.860100-00
    11NEW 27-205.04777.024.61510151.50053206.700
    12@DETW 41-2515.54275.023.2139374.110434314.310
    13INDL 20-266.23453.112.58284.00066244.000
    14@CHIL 7-368.93045.515.2108263.250225326.501

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 1


    1@NOL 28-3011.04262.720.9149576.33054338.300
    2JACW 13-123.12639.410.676315.170100-00
    3@LACW 27-203.42948.38.35221.000322211.000
    4CARL 10-168.84565.213.096569.330322211.000
    5ATLW 53-327.22939.713.7109596.5601188.000
    6@KCW 31-2412.43437.09.895346.800422010.010
    7@INDL 23-306.63960.018.5127344.860522211.000
    8OAKW 27-2411.43744.69.68310.33054338.310
    9@JACW 26-316.63347.117.1127131.861556813.600
    11@BALL 7-415.43659.013.186406.6702242.000
    12INDW 20-173.53050.810.265224.4001188.000
    13NEW 28-2217.53867.926.8159364.000655410.810
    14DENL 24-387.54252.511.39155.00086406.700
    15@TENW 24-213.32133.37.95242.00032199.500
    16@TBW 23-202.12943.99.16242.000411212.001
    17TENL 14-3514.22132.315.4104123.00165459.000
    WCBUFW 22-198.32739.18.7633812.670333010.000
    DP@KCL 31-515.94556.311.3911111.00085234.600

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 1, 1
    Receiving: 11, 12, 14

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