Nelson Agholor

WR, New England Patriots

Height 6'0" Weight 198
DOB 1993-05-24 Age 29.2
College USC

2022 Fantasy Rankings

WR # 98 (Tier 9)

Position Rankings

Tier 9
96Randall Cobb, GB1431.913.118.0
97KJ Hamler, DEN923.14.1
98Nelson Agholor, NE1029.26.8
99Bryan Edwards, ATL1423.76.9
100Dee Eskridge, SEA1125.32.2
1 Fantasy Football Calculator (12-team PPR)
2 2021 season, PPR scoring

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Patriots Optimistic About Nelson Agholor, Jonnu Smith

    The free-agent signings of New England Patriots wide receiver Nelson Agholor and tight end Jonnu Smith seemed like mistakes after last season, but the Patriots are very optimistic about both Agholor and Smith this summer. The team is high on Agholor after they feel like he made a jump in the offseason thanks to some schematic changes. Agholor finished with only 37 catches (64 targets) for 473 yards and three TDs in 15 games in 2021, and the Patriots also have Jakobi Meyers, Kendrick Bourne and DeVante Parker. Smith finished with 28 catches (45 targets) for 294 yards and one score and was outshined by teammate Hunter Henry, especially in the red zone. Both players could see added opportunities in 2022 in a new offense, but they still face big obstacles for consistent real-life and fantasy production.

    Aug 5 · Source via Patriots Nelson Agholor Jonnu Smith
  • Nelson Agholor Working As Fourth Receiver

    New England Patriots wide receiver Nelson Agholor is reportedly working as the fourth option in OTAs. The former first round pick is coming off a forgettable season during his first year in New England. Agholor finished with 37 receptions, 473 receiving yards, and three touchdowns in 15 games. It's not surprising to see that Agholor has fallen on the depth chart after that campaign. They've acquired DeVante Parker this offseason, so he'll likely be the No. 1 option next season. The Patriots also have Kendrick Bourne and Jakobi Meyers on the roster. It's worth noting that rookie Tyquan Taylor will be in the mix as well. That being said, fantasy managers shouldn't expect a bounce back season from Agholor in 2022.

    May 31 · Source via Patriots Nelson Agholor
  • Wide Receiver Stats



    1MIAL 16-1715.76485.39.37757214.4100-00
    2@NYJW 25-63.65186.45.1333217.0000-00
    3NOL 13-282.75880.611.1882178.5000-00
    4TBL 17-197.04372.910.26535518.30144.0000
    5@HOUW 25-224.74367.26.34433210.7000-00
    6DALL 29-353.23259.37.44312727.00111.0000
    7NYJW 54-1312.14357.36.75525125.5100-00
    8@LACW 27-247.56179.27.86636020.0000-00
    9@CARW 24-60.05487.10.00000-000-00
    10CLEW 45-73.14770.16.04422110.5000-00
    11@ATLW 25-012.54976.67.8555408.0100-00
    12TENW 36-133.55083.35.0333206.7000-00
    13@BUFW 14-100.02549.03.92100-0166.0000
    15@INDL 17-275.43247.18.8664348.5000-00
    18@MIAL 24-332.85588.74.83312323.0000-00
    WC@BUFL 17-472.35282.53.22211818.0000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 7, 25, 19


    1@CARW 34-308.81219.01.61112323.0100-00
    2NOW 34-242.41518.81.31111919.0000-00
    3@NEL 20-364.25084.75.13323216.0000-00
    4BUFL 23-3012.46790.55.44444411.0100-00
    5@KCW 40-3213.75578.62.92226733.5100-00
    7TBL 20-4519.25178.513.899510721.4100-00
    8@CLEW 16-60.05677.82.82200-000-00
    9@LACW 31-2612.54284.06.03325527.5100-00
    10DENW 37-121.34359.75.644188.0000-00
    11KCL 31-3517.84474.615.39968814.7100-00
    12@ATLL 6-437.94266.79.56655410.8000-00
    13@NYJW 31-285.85266.714.111114389.5000-00
    14INDL 27-4418.54566.213.299510020.0100-00
    15LACL 27-306.96484.210.58844912.3000-00
    16MIAL 25-2624.04976.69.466515531.0100-00
    17@DENW 32-316.24463.85.84415757.0000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 23, 7, 59, 20, 45, 17, 21, 85


    1WASW 32-272.16080.06.7552115.5000-00
    2@ATLL 20-2420.77896.313.61111810713.4100-00
    3DETL 24-2721.07598.715.812128506.3200-01
    4@GBW 34-270.05690.31.61100-000-00
    5NYJW 31-62.56189.74.43312020.0000-00
    6@MINL 20-386.25686.210.87744210.5000-00
    7@DALL 10-373.45793.46.64422412.0000-00
    8@BUFW 31-132.75575.38.264471.80273.5000
    9CHIW 22-143.67988.89.0883217.0000-00
    11NEL 10-176.06688.012.09944010.0000-00
    13@MIAL 31-375.66388.78.56634113.7000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 4, 20, 2

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