Allen Robinson

WR, Los Angeles Rams

Height 6'2" Weight 220
DOB 1993-08-24 Age 28.9
College Penn State

2022 Fantasy Rankings

Overall # 79 · WR # 25 (Tier 4)
ADP (12-team PPR): 6.04, 66th

Position Rankings

Tier 4
23Devonta Smith, PHI723.77.0910.9
24Darnell Mooney, CHI1424.86.1112.4
25Allen Robinson, LAR728.96.047.1
26Adam Thielen, MIN731.96.0115.4
27Elijah Moore, NYJ1022.38.0311.5
1 Fantasy Football Calculator (12-team PPR)
2 2021 season, PPR scoring

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Rams In Love With Allen Robinson II

    The Los Angeles Rams coaching staff is in love with wide receiver Allen Robinson II. They love his approach in meetings to what he can give them in this offense. His route tree and where he can line up are more varied than they would have hoped. The bottom line is that Robinson could be in for a monster year in his first season in LA, especially now that Robert Woods and Odell Beckham Jr. (knee) are gone. Cooper Kupp, who finished as the WR1 in fantasy in 2021, is still top dog, but A-Rob has a real chance to make his fantasy managers happy this year now that he's out of Chicago. At his current low-end WR2/high-end WR3 price, Robinson has value pick written all over him.

    Jul 27 · Source via Rams Allen Robinson
  • Joining The Rams An Easy Decision For Allen Robinson II

    Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Allen Robinson II called his decision to join the team a "no-brainer." The 28-year-old signed a three-year, $46.5 million this offseason after spending his career with stops in Jacksonville and Chicago, totaling 6,409 yards and 40 touchdowns off nearly 500 catches along the way. He has been open about his fondness for head coach Sean McVay and his playcalling style, with the veteran believing he will flourish by having roles in different areas on the receiving end. It may take some time for Robinson and Matthew Stafford to get on the same page, especially considering an elbow issue limited the signal-caller throughout the offseason. However, being on the same side as McVay, Stafford, and Cooper Kupp gives the wideout a chance of having his best fantasy year to date.

    Jul 22 · Source via Rams Allen Robinson
  • Allen Robinson II In Constant Communication With QB

    Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Allen Robinson II believes he will thrive under head coach Sean McVay. However, with Matthew Stafford spending the offseason recovering from an elbow issue, Robinson hasn't had a chance to catch throws from his new signal-caller. Yet, the wideout claims he's been in constant communication with Stafford, and while they can't do much work on the field currently, they have had routine discussions regarding things such as route running. Robinson, who signed a three-year, $46.5 million contract with the Rams in March, is coming off a horrendous 2021-22 season. He finished with only 38 catches for 410 yards and a touchdown. Yet, with Chicago in rebuilding mode, the 28-year-old shouldn't accept all of the blame for his lousy play. Nevertheless, Stafford and Robinson may need some time to build the rapport needed to benefit fantasy managers. Still, the former Nittany Lion is young, so he has the potential to bounce back in L.A. and increase his production from last season.

    Jul 10 · Source via Rams Allen Robinson
  • Allen Robinson II Could Be Difference-Maker In Red Zone

    Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Allen Robinson II, who is known as an elite jump-ball, contested-catch receiver, is expected to provide head coach Sean McVay's offense and quarterback Matthew Stafford with a weapon across the field, especially inside the 20-yard line. "It has a chance to take our offense to the next level," tight end Tyler Higbee said of Robinson's addition. A-Rob has been building chemistry with Stafford in the meeting room, even if Stafford hasn't been able to throw passes to his new receiver. The 28-year-old had a tough year in Chicago in 2021 due to injuries, but he's recorded 1,000 receiving yards in three seasons and was a Pro Bowler back in 2015 with the Jaguars. With Robert Woods gone and Odell Beckham Jr. still a free agent, a big bounce-back year could be in the works for Robinson.

    May 24 · Source via Rams Allen Robinson
  • Allen Robinson II Believes He Will Benefit Under Sean McVay

    Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Allen Robinson II is looking to erase a lackluster 2021-22 campaign with the Chicago Bears, one where the veteran had one of the worst seasons of his career. However, he feels playing for Sean McVay will do wonders for his production. "He allows players to play. Each and every day we go out there, and as we're practicing and things like that, we're able to make corrections and make adjustments based on things that guys are doing right or doing wrong," said Robinson when speaking about his new coach. Nonetheless, the 28-year-old, who inked a three-year, $46.5 million deal in March, will likely surpass his totals from last season. But he'll have to battle with Cooper Kupp for the attention of Matthew Stafford. The team also hasn't ruled out the possibility of bringing back Odell Beckham Jr., which may drop Robinson's ceiling even lower.

    May 22 · Source via Rams Allen Robinson
  • Wide Receiver Stats



    1@LARL 14-346.56391.315.911116355.8000-00
    2CINW 20-179.45280.06.24422412.0100-00
    3@CLEL 6-263.74088.913.36622713.5000-00
    4DETW 24-147.84069.05.23336321.0000-00
    5@LVW 20-95.25382.87.8554328.0000-00
    6GBL 14-247.35691.811.57745313.3000-00
    7@TBL 3-382.66293.96.1442168.0000-00
    8SFL 22-333.65680.05.7443217.0000-00
    9@PITL 27-298.84877.49.76646817.0000-00
    14@GBL 30-452.44877.49.7662147.0000-00
    17NYGW 29-35.54669.79.1664358.8000-00
    18@MINL 17-313.25364.64.94422211.0000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 11


    1@DETW 27-239.95381.515.410957414.801-1-1.0000
    2NYGW 17-134.85381.513.89933311.0000-00
    3@ATLW 30-2623.36478.015.913131012312.3100-00
    4INDL 11-1919.65588.716.11010710114.4100-00
    5TBW 20-1914.05587.325.4161610909.0000-00
    6@CARW 23-167.85887.913.69955310.6000-00
    7@LARL 10-249.05079.46.34447017.5000-00
    8NOL 23-2617.76897.110.07768714.5100-00
    9@TENL 17-2411.67394.811.79978111.6000-00
    10MINL 13-197.34590.018.0996437.2000-00
    12@GBL 25-4123.46494.119.113138749.3200-00
    13DETL 30-3410.55173.910.17767512.5000-00
    14HOUW 36-722.84575.021.71313912313.7100-00
    15@MINW 33-2710.35789.17.85548320.8000-00
    16@JACW 41-1715.34968.118.113131010310.3000-00
    17GBL 16-354.77194.76.75523718.5000-00
    WC@NOL 9-218.54488.014.0776559.2000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 37, 16, 24, 1, 6, 3


    1GBL 3-1013.77095.917.81313710214.6000-00
    2@DENW 16-146.15590.211.57744110.3000-00
    3@WASW 31-159.05989.410.67766010.0000-00
    4MINW 16-611.26387.59.77777711.0000-00
    5@OAKL 21-2425.258100.013.88879713.9200-00
    7NOL 25-3619.76396.924.6161610878.7100-00
    8LACL 16-178.77389.08.57756212.4000-00
    9@PHIL 14-221.14395.611.155166.0000-00
    10DETW 20-1311.65596.515.89968614.3000-00
    11@LARL 7-173.57598.77.9664153.8000-00
    12NYGW 19-1422.16990.813.21010613121.8100-00
    13@DETW 24-2018.66092.318.5121288610.8100-00
    14DALW 31-2419.37197.311.0885489.6200-00
    15@GBL 13-2116.08095.216.71414712517.9000-00
    16KCL 3-268.35993.719.012126538.8000-00
    17@MINW 21-1911.67296.017.313129717.90122.0000

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 4, 16, 7, 32, 10, 5, 8

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