2017 Fantasy Rankings
Overall # 76 · WR # 34 (Tier 5)

Jarvis Landry

WR, Miami Dolphins

Height 5'11" Weight 202 DOB 1992-11-28 Age 25
College Louisiana State

Position Rankings
Tier 5
32Willie Snead, NOSolid but not spectacular stats in his first two seasons but with the amount of targets that left the Saints in the offseason, and Snead's continued development, a very good chance he approaches 90 catches and tops 1,000 yards this season.
33Rishard Matthews, TENMatthews showed he was very undervalued last year, and low and behold he is once again under the radar coming off a 9 TD season. Eric Decker signing is bit concerning because Decker is so good in the red zone but Matthews is still a WR1 on what should be a good overall team and offense. Well worth the price.
34Jarvis Landry, MIAThe lack of touchdowns by Landry (5, 4, 4 from 2014-16) continues to push fantasy players to hope another option emerges on the Dolphins, meaning he might come at a reasonable discount, but still a player you probably only really want in a PPR scoring league. He is what he is, a 1,000 yard receiver who doesn't score much. Not a game breaker.
35Sammy Watkins, LARI had Watkins ranked well below his ADP before being traded to the Rams. Mid-training camp trades are not usually a positive for fantasy given the new playbook, new teammates and life upheaval to get accustomed to. In this case I will hold steady on Watkins. Worse QB, perhaps better offensive philosophy, a team that wants him, tougher division. In most cases someone else will draft him based on name recognition higher than I would be willing.
36DeSean Jackson, TBJackson is still pretty reliable on the long ball for his success, so at age 30 and with a new, still young, QB, I'd be cautious expecting a lot from DJax his first year in Tampa.

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News from the Past 90 Days
  • Thu Dec 28 12:02 pm
    Jarvis Landry 'encouraged' by contract talks

    Impending free agent Jarvis Landry said he has been "encouraged" by contract discussions with the Dolphins.

  • Tue Dec 12 12:02 am
    Jarvis Landry scores two touchdowns in win

    Jarvis Landry caught 8-of-8 targets for 46 yards and two touchdowns in the Dolphins' Week 14 win over the Patriots.

  • Thu Nov 30 4:02 pm
    Jarvis Landry (knee) limited on Thursday

    Jarvis Landry (knee) was limited at Thursday's practice.

  • Sun Nov 19 4:02 pm
    Jarvis Landry scores sixth TD in seven games

    Jarvis Landry caught 6-of-11 targets for 95 yards and a touchdown in Sunday's Week 11 loss to the Buccaneers.

  • Tue Oct 31 8:02 am
    Not finished: Dolphins shopping Jarvis Landry

    The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero reports the Dolphins are shopping Jarvis Landry ahead of the trade deadline.

  • Tue Oct 24 12:02 pm
    NFL ends Landry investigation, no suspension

    ESPN's Josina Anderson reports the NFL has closed the investigation into domestic violence allegations against Jarvis Landry.

  • Sun Oct 22 4:02 pm
    Landry extends touchdown streak to three

    Jarvis Landry turned 11 targets into seven catches for 93 yards and a touchdown Sunday in the Dolphins’ Week 7 win over the Jets.

  • Wide Receiver
    2LACW 19-171-7001378007.8
    3NYJL 0-200000648004.8
    4NOL 0-200000640004.0
    5TENW 16-1000005441010.4
    6ATLW 20-1700008621012.2
    7NYJW 31-2800007931015.3
    8BALL 0-400000533003.3
    9OAKL 24-270000632109.2
    10CARL 21-4500005421010.2
    11TBL 20-3000006951115.5
    12NEL 17-350000870007.0
    13DENW 35-90000562006.2
    14NEW 27-2000008462016.6
    15BUFL 16-240000992009.2
    16KCL 13-290000551015.1
    17BUFL 16-2200009921015.2
    1SEAL 10-1200010759005.9
    2NEL 24-3100013101350113.5
    3CLEW 30-2421601271201018.0
    4CINL 7-2200010761006.1
    5TENL 17-301203328002.8
    6PITW 30-150009791009.1
    7BUFW 28-250008578007.8
    9NYJW 27-230006333003.3
    10SDW 31-240006653005.3
    11LARW 14-100005528108.8
    12SFW 31-240007447004.7
    13BALL 6-381-10141187008.7
    14ARIW 26-23000641030110.3
    15NYJW 34-13000431081016.8
    16BUFW 34-311006329002.9
    17NEL 14-35000129761013.6

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 42, 10, 66, 8

    1WASW 17-10114012853005.3
    2JACL 20-231601081100011.0
    3BUFL 14-411-1013867006.7
    4NYJL 14-27229012440004.0
    6TENW 38-1022414342004.2
    7HOUW 44-2615055832020.3
    8NEL 7-360008671007.1
    9BUFL 17-334180131169006.9
    10PHIW 20-19160127521011.2
    11DALL 14-240007466006.6
    12NYJL 20-3814016131651022.5
    13BALW 15-13000525000.5
    14NYGL 24-31100181199009.9
    15SDL 14-3000010854005.4
    16INDL 12-180001171110011.1
    17NEW 20-1026011672007.2

    Touchdown Distances
    Rushing: 22
    Receiving: 50, 10, 4, 5
    Punt Return: 69

    1NEW 33-20000100000.0
    2BUFL 10-290006549014.9
    3KCL 15-340007324002.4
    4OAKW 38-140004438013.8
    6GBL 24-2700086751013.5
    7CHIW 27-140005446004.6
    8JACW 27-131403323002.3
    9SDW 37-000065461010.6
    10DETL 16-201-8010753005.3
    11BUFW 22-900055461110.6
    12DENL 36-39000117502017.0
    13NYJW 16-1300011868006.8
    14BALL 13-280006655005.5
    15NEL 13-4100011899009.9
    16MINW 37-350009831013.1
    17NYJL 24-370009555005.5

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 11, 14, 8, 5, 1