Davante Adams

WR, Las Vegas Raiders

Height 6'1" Weight 215
DOB 1992-12-24 Age 29.6
College Fresno State

2022 Fantasy Rankings

Overall # 12 · WR # 4 (Tier 2)
ADP (12-team PPR): 1.11, 11th

Position Rankings

Tier 1
2Justin Jefferson, MIN723.21.0519.4

Jefferson could easily be my number one receiver. Many have him ranked number one, and I may even end up drafting him over Kupp at times in the interest of diversifying my picks across leagues. Pick the one you prefer, you can't go wrong with either.

3Ja'Marr Chase, CIN1022.41.0917.9

I could almost copy and paste the same note for Chase as for Jefferson. Not quite as many have Chase as the WR1, but would it surprise? Last year's rookie numbers came after an entire year off from football! More talented options to share the ball with on the Bengals puts Chase third for me, but it is very close.

Tier 2
4Davante Adams, LV629.61.1121.5

This is a tough one. A downgrade at QB and a much better receiving corps around him now than Adams had with the Packers. He will still be the alpha, but probably not peppered with targets as much. On the plus side, the Raiders should be in plenty of shootouts in their division. I'm comfortable with Adams but most likely go in a different direction (RB) in drafts.

5CeeDee Lamb, DAL923.32.0414.2

I'm on the fence about Lamb, and leaning to no, I'll let someone else draft him. Late last season I faded him in my weekly rankings many times which worked out. Maybe I'll be proven wrong but I just don't see him as a high volume WR you want at this point in the draft, and he hasn't been a big touchdown guy yet either. Scored 6 each of his first two seasons.

6Stefon Diggs, BUF728.72.0116.8

Feels like a safe, reliable, top WR option, and there is nothing wrong with that. One hopes the Bills offense continues business as usual, but the loss of OC Brian Daboll raises concerns. Through good times or bad, QB Josh Allen will lean heavily on his most reliable receiver, Diggs.

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2 2021 season, PPR scoring

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Raiders: How fresh is the chemistry between Derek Carr and Davante Adams?

    Carr has his old college teammate back, which could be the key to getting the Raiders to the next level and elusive back-to-back playoff appearances.

    Jul 20 · ESPN Raiders Davante Adams Derek Carr
  • Davante Adams Looking Smooth

    Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams has looked smooth during the team's offseason program and has almost exclusively lined up outside and has worked from the left and right sides of the field. Adams played with quarterback Derek Carr at Fresno State and they also worked out together during several offseasons, so it hasn't taken them long to get used to each other again. Adams drew most of his targets from quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the slot last year with the Packers, but he should spend the vast majority of his time out wide with his new team with Hunter Renfrow manning the slot. The 29-year-old five-time Pro Bowler has great chemistry with Carr, though, and he should remain a strong WR1 target for fantasy managers in 2022.

    Jun 12 · Source via Raiders Davante Adams
  • Davante Adams Praises Derek Carr

    Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams compared quarterback Derek Carr to his former signal-caller in Green Bay in Aaron Rodgers. "As far as talent and ability, it's really similar, if I'm keeping it real," Adams said. "They throw the ball a lot different. Derek's gonna fire it in there, and you gonna know that thing's coming quick. Aaron's got the ability to tighten that core up and flick that ball to you." Carr is coming off a career-high 4,804 passing yards on 428 completions in 2021 while leading the team to their first playoff berth in five years. The 31-year-old could be even better this year with Adams in town, potentially making him a solid low-end QB1 in fantasy.

    Jun 10 · Source via Raiders Derek Carr Davante Adams
  • Wide Receiver Stats



    1@NOL 3-388.14070.212.37755611.2000-00
    2DETW 35-1716.15787.713.899812115.1000-00
    3@SFW 30-2825.25688.928.618181213211.0100-00
    4PITW 27-179.46387.515.3111166410.7000-00
    5@CINW 25-2232.15890.625.016161120618.7100-00
    6@CHIW 24-1410.95084.78.55548922.3000-00
    7WASW 24-1016.64885.712.57767612.7100-00
    9@KCL 7-137.25892.122.214146427.0000-00
    10SEAW 17-011.37094.614.9111177811.1000-00
    11@MINL 31-3427.05288.113.688711516.4200-00
    12LARW 36-2814.48097.611.099810413.0000-00
    14CHIW 45-3029.15889.220.013131012112.1200-00
    15@BALW 31-3013.45791.911.3776447.3100-00
    16CLEW 24-2228.45593.222.013131011411.4200-00
    17MINW 37-1025.16282.718.714141113612.4100-00
    18@DETL 30-378.52231.910.1776559.2000-00
    DPSFL 10-1313.55394.619.6111199010.0000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 1, 5, 17, 10, 18, 38, 3, 3, 9, 1, 11


    1@MINW 43-3434.67089.721.817171415611.1200-00
    2DETW 42-215.13852.14.13333612.0000-00
    6@TBL 10-389.15282.515.9101066110.2000-00
    7@HOUW 35-2038.15791.925.816161319615.1200-00
    8MINL 22-2826.87194.716.012127537.6300-00
    9@SFW 34-1728.35075.818.212121017317.3100-00
    10JACW 24-2016.65381.518.512128668.3100-01
    11@INDL 31-3420.15795.013.388710615.1100-00
    12CHIW 41-2515.16388.712.79966110.2100-00
    13PHIW 30-1629.15488.519.712121012112.1200-00
    14@DETW 31-2421.06292.514.91010711516.4100-00
    15CARW 24-167.76096.816.110107426.0000-00
    16TENW 40-1437.74771.218.212121114212.9300-00
    17@CHIW 35-1613.64189.113.0666467.7100-00
    DPLARW 32-1817.16282.713.310109667.3100-00
    CCTBL 26-3117.26895.821.115159677.4100-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 24, 1, 3, 45, 5, 1, 7, 36, 6, 5, 12, 1, 9, 56, 5, 7, 8, 6, 1, 2


    1@CHIW 10-35.66296.912.5884369.0000-00
    2MINW 21-1614.17195.912.299710615.1000-00
    3DENW 27-167.65291.27.04445614.0000-00
    4PHIL 27-3423.05569.619.015151018018.0000-00
    9@LACL 11-267.64583.320.411117415.9000-00
    10CARW 24-1615.35479.414.71010711816.9000-00
    12@SFL 8-3713.86075.015.012127436.1100-00
    13@NYGW 31-1321.45277.614.9101066410.7200-00
    14WASW 20-156.15283.99.76644110.3000-00
    15CHIW 21-1319.85593.222.01313710314.7100-00
    16@MINW 23-1018.16280.520.81616131168.9000-01
    17@DETW 23-2018.87888.614.8131379313.3100-00
    DPSEAW 28-2332.05992.217.21111816020.0200-00
    CC@SFL 20-3718.36196.817.51111913815.3000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 2, 8, 17, 29, 20, 20, 40

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