Cairo Santos

K · Chicago Bears

Height 5'8" Weight 164
DOB 1991-11-12 Age 32.3
College Tulane

2023 Fantasy Rankings

K # 23 (Tier 2)

Position Rankings

Tier 2
21Dustin Hopkins, CLE533.37.8
22Anders Carlson, GB625.7
23Cairo Santos, CHI1332.35.6
24Blake Grupe, NO1125.3
25Eddy Pineiro, CAR728.47.6
1 NFFC (12-team PPR)
2 2022 season, Half PPR scoring

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Bears Extend K Cairo Santos

    Headshot for Cairo Santos

    Cairo Santos is sticking around Chicago for the foreseeable future. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that the Bears have signed their kicker to a four-year extension. The four-year deal is worth $16.5MM, including $9.5MM in guaranteed money. The contract will keep Santos in Chicago through at least the 2027 season. The veteran was […]

    Dec 23 · Pro Football Rumors Chicago Bears Cairo Santos
  • Cairo Santos Inks Four-Year Extension

    Headshot for Cairo Santos

    Chicago Bears kicker Cairo Santos signed a four-year, $16 million extension with the team on Saturday morning, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. The deal includes $9.5 million guaranteed and keeps Santos in Chicago through 2027. The veteran has been quite reliable with the Bears, missing just four field goals over his last 30 games. As the Bears' offense looks to build on flashes of success next season, Santos' accuracy in the kicking department will be key.

    Dec 23 · Source via Chicago Bears Cairo Santos
  • Cairo Santos Kicks Bears To Victory Monday Night

    Headshot for Cairo Santos

    The Chicago Bears were unable to score a single offensive touchdown on Monday night against the division-rival Minnesota Vikings, but they got the win anyway by a score of 12-10 on the strength of kicker Cairo Santos' four made field goals. The 32-year-old veteran did miss one of his kicks but made the other four, including the game-winner with time expiring late in the fourth quarter. Santos wasn't at all on the fantasy radar this year until recently. In the last three games, he's seen a big boost in field-goal chances and has made 11 of his 12 field goals and all three of his extra points. Santos is still a bit of a stretch as a fantasy streamer at the position, but having quarterback Justin Fields back certainly gives him more upside.

    Nov 28 · Source via Chicago Bears Cairo Santos
  • Kicker Stats



    1GBL 20-386.0220100.0000
    2@TBL 17-275.0110100.0220
    3@KCL 10-414.0110100.0110
    4DENL 28-314.0000-440
    5@WASW 40-2016.0440100.0440
    6MINL 13-197.0220100.0110
    7LVW 30-126.0110100.0430
    8@LACL 13-301.0000-110
    9@NOL 17-245.021050.0220
    10CARW 16-1310.0330100.0110
    11@DETL 26-3114.0440100.0220
    12@MINW 12-1012.054080.0000
    14DETW 28-1310.0330100.0210
    15@CLEL 17-205.0110100.0220
    16ARIW 27-169.0220100.0330
    17ATLW 37-1713.043075.0440
    18@GBL 9-179.0330100.0000


    1SFW 19-101.0000-310
    2@GBL 10-274.0110100.0110
    3HOUW 23-2011.0330100.0220
    5@MINL 22-2910.0330100.0110
    6WASL 7-121.0000-110
    7@NEW 33-1415.0440100.0330
    8@DALL 29-495.0110100.0220
    9MIAL 32-356.0110100.0330
    10DETL 30-316.0110100.0431
    11@ATLL 24-276.021150.0330
    12@NYJL 10-314.0110100.0110
    13GBL 19-287.032166.7211
    15PHIL 20-252.0000-321
    16BUFL 13-357.0220100.0110
    17@DETL 10-414.0110100.0110
    18MINL 13-291.0000-110


    1@LARL 14-342.0000-220
    2CINW 20-178.0220100.0220
    3@CLEL 6-266.0220100.0000
    4DETW 24-146.0110100.0330
    5@LVW 20-98.0220100.0220
    6GBL 14-242.0000-220
    7@TBL 3-383.0110100.0000
    8SFL 22-3310.0330100.0211
    9@PITL 27-299.032166.7330
    11BALL 13-161.01010.0110
    12@DETW 16-1410.043175.0110
    13ARIL 22-332.0000-220
    14@GBL 30-4512.0330100.0330
    15MINL 9-173.021150.0000
    16@SEAW 25-245.0110100.0220
    17NYGW 29-39.0220100.0330
    18@MINL 17-319.0330100.0000


    1@DETW 27-239.0220100.0330
    2NYGW 17-135.021150.0220
    3@ATLW 30-266.021150.0330
    4INDL 11-193.0110100.0000
    5TBW 20-198.0220100.0220
    6@CARW 23-1611.0330100.0220
    7@LARL 10-244.0110100.0110
    8NOL 23-2611.0330100.0220
    9@TENL 17-245.0110100.0220
    10MINL 13-197.0220100.0110
    12@GBL 25-415.0110100.0220
    13DETL 30-346.0110100.0431
    14HOUW 36-710.0220100.0440
    15@MINW 33-2715.0440100.0330
    16@JACW 41-1711.0220100.0550
    17GBL 16-3510.0330100.0110
    WC@NOL 9-213.0110100.0000
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