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2017 Fantasy Rankings
Overall # 22 · WR # 11 (Tier 2)

Keenan Allen

WR, Los Angeles Chargers

Height 6'2" Weight 211 DOB 1992-04-27 Age 25
College California

Position Rankings
Tier 2
9Dez Bryant, DALThe price of winning and the way they did it, Dez was a supporting cast member in 2016 and is now two seasons removed from the 90-1,300 and double digit touchdown seasons his fantasy owners enjoyed from 2012-2014. Still only 28 and a very talented player, draft him banking on the talent to rise to the top. Plenty can happen to help him produce, whether Ezekiel Elliott gets suspended, isn't as effective, Dak Prescott opens things up more in his second season, or a bit of all three.
10Doug Baldwin, SEABaldwin's ridiculous run of games to finish the 2015 season (11 TD Weeks 12-16) wasn't sustainable, but he showed he is no fluke either and clearly has a nice rapport with QB Russell Wilson. Wilson was a bit off last season. A return to expectations for him can only help Baldwin.
11Keenan Allen, LACWhen he plays, this guy is really, really good. Everything you want in your WR1 - a target hog with big play ability and nose for the end zone, plus a QB not afraid to sling the pigskin. The problem is Allen hasn't played a ton missing all but one game last season and half of the 2015 season. Indications are he is healthy now. I would take a chance on him.
Tier 3
12Amari Cooper, OAKDon't get me wrong, I really like Cooper the player - and who isn't giddy about a competitive Raiders team right now? - but for fantasy he seems a tad overrated. The problem is he doesn't score many red zone touchdowns. Every TD he scored last season was from beyond 30 yards, and he had only two under 20 (from 15, 19 yard) as a rookie. Until he shows he can usurp Michael Crabtree in this category, we should discount Cooper accordingly in the rankings. Tier 3 is more appropriate than Tier 2.
13Demaryius Thomas, DENAnother talented WR, another porous QB situation. In this one we don't even know which QB is going to get the call at this time, although it is promising former Chargers HC Mike McCoy is the new Broncos OC. As Philip Rivers career shows, McCoy isn't afraid to air it out, which could mean good things for DT.

Complete WR Rankings

Wide Receiver
1DENL 21-2400010535109.5
2MIAL 17-190001091000010.0
3KCL 10-240009561006.1
4PHIL 24-260001151380013.8
5NYGW 27-2200012467006.7
6OAKW 17-160009545004.5
7DENW 21-00007341004.1
8NEL 7-180005461006.1
10JACL 17-201607448004.8
11BUFW 54-2413013121592027.9
12DALW 28-600014111721023.2
13CLEW 19-1000014101051016.5
14WASW 30-13000861110011.1
15KCL 13-300008554005.4
16NYJW 14-700010563006.3
17OAKW 30-100011291331019.3
1KCL 27-330007663006.3
1DETW 33-2800017151660016.6
2CINL 19-240004216011.6
3MINL 14-3100018121332025.3
4CLEW 30-2700074721013.2
5PITL 20-2400010657005.7
6GBL 20-2700015141570015.7
7OAKL 29-3700013989008.9
8BALL 26-290005535109.5

Touchdown Distances
Receiving: 34, 19, 28, 13

1ARIL 17-180009537003.7
2SEAW 30-210006555005.5
3BUFW 22-100002217001.7
4JACW 33-1400011101350013.5
5NYJW 31-00007325002.5
6OAKW 31-280006327002.7
7KCL 20-2300010658005.8
8DENL 21-35000139731013.3
9MIAL 0-370009447004.7
11OAKW 13-600013863006.3
12STLW 27-24000961041216.4
13BALW 34-3300015111212024.1
14NEL 14-23000323000.3
15DENL 10-220008318001.8

Touchdown Distances
Receiving: 2, 29, 12, 23