Keenan Allen

WR, Los Angeles Chargers

Height 6'2" Weight 211
DOB 1992-04-27 Age 30.3
College California

2022 Fantasy Rankings

Overall # 30 · WR # 8 (Tier 2)
ADP (12-team PPR): 3.03, 28th

Position Rankings

Tier 2
6Stefon Diggs, BUF728.72.0116.8

Feels like a safe, reliable, top WR option, and there is nothing wrong with that. One hopes the Bills offense continues business as usual, but the loss of OC Brian Daboll raises concerns. Through good times or bad, QB Josh Allen will lean heavily on his most reliable receiver, Diggs.

7Mike Evans, TB1128.92.1116.3

Evans is a big touchdown guy, since Tom Brady came to town. With the unforgettable departure of Antonio Brown, no more Gronk, and Chris Godwin unlikely to start the season, Brady should lean on Evans. Don't reach for Evans but he should be a reliable, consistent performer, particularly early in the season.

8Keenan Allen, LAC830.33.0316.0

Remarkably consistent for five straight seasons, can he do it for a sixth season at the age of 30? He should with one of the best young quarterbacks in the league. Could come at a slight discount in drafts as fantasy players continue to search for the "league winner" types with double-digit TD potential. Allen's scored 8 TD twice in his career, and otherwise 6 or less.

9A.J. Brown, PHI725.13.0513.8
10Deebo Samuel, SF926.52.0515.8

Deebo had a really nice season last year, but gets the warning / risk symbol for now. He wants a new contract, and I don't think the 49ers are going to give it to him. This could get ugly. Putting the contract aside, Deebo grumbled about his rushing role, and he is in danger of getting beat up the more rushing he does. Seems like a high risk pick unlikely to match what he did last year. Pass.

1 Fantasy Football Calculator (12-team PPR)
2 2021 season, PPR scoring

Wide Receiver Stats



1@WASW 20-1614.56782.716.01313910011.1000-00
2DALL 17-2012.86591.511.388410827.0000-00
3@KCW 30-2415.05583.318.212128506.3100-00
4LVW 28-147.16688.014.711117365.1000-00
5CLEW 47-4210.56890.712.09967512.5000-00
6@BALL 6-347.55191.18.95555010.0000-00
8NEL 24-2716.75998.318.3111167712.8100-00
9@PHIW 27-2416.46289.918.81313121048.7000-00
10MINL 20-2713.85593.218.6111189812.3000-00
11PITW 41-3715.76281.617.11313911212.4000-00
12@DENL 13-2812.06185.914.1101078512.1000-00
13@CINW 41-2217.95382.812.5885346.8200-00
15KCL 28-3416.86278.513.9111067813.0100-00
16@HOUL 29-415.55588.79.7664358.8000-00
17DENW 34-1312.44973.113.49944411.0100-00
18@LVL 32-358.28288.28.6886528.7000-00

Touchdown Distances
Receiving: 4, 5, 4, 7, 8, 8


1@CINW 16-135.77094.610.8884379.3000-00
2KCL 20-2313.18197.612.0101079613.7000-00
3CARL 16-2125.77596.224.419191313210.2100-01
4@TBL 31-3810.25094.322.612128627.8000-00
5@NOL 27-309.91216.92.82222914.5100-00
7JACW 39-2917.56985.216.013131012512.5000-00
8@DENL 30-3117.28597.713.812119677.4100-00
9LVL 26-3120.87898.713.91111910311.4100-00
10@MIAL 21-2911.45587.311.17733913.0100-00
11NYJW 34-2828.57895.123.21919161459.1100-01
12@BUFL 17-2712.07894.012.0101044010.0100-00
13NEL 0-457.36286.115.311115489.6000-00
14ATLW 20-1715.75778.115.111119525.8100-00
15@LVW 30-272.22436.46.14311717.001-1-1.0000

Touchdown Distances
Receiving: 14, 17, 9, 27, 13, 13, 5, 10


1INDW 30-2422.35382.815.61010812315.4100-00
2@DETL 10-1313.86191.022.4151589812.3000-00
3HOUL 20-2736.86890.724.018171318314.12133.0000
4@MIAW 30-107.35683.69.0665489.6000-00
5DENL 13-203.86998.68.6664184.5000-00
6PITL 17-244.36096.89.76623316.5000-00
7@TENL 20-238.16093.817.2111146115.3000-00
8@CHIW 17-168.83168.922.210107537.6000-00
9GBW 26-115.56287.35.64434013.3000-00
10@OAKL 24-2610.86584.415.612118688.5011818.0000
11KCL 17-2417.17188.815.012128718.9100-00
13@DENL 20-2315.86395.59.16666811.3100-00
14@JACW 45-1010.84266.79.56658316.6000-00
15MINL 10-3914.45893.516.1101099911.0000-00
16OAKW 24-179.65386.918.0111057114.201-5-5.0000
17@KCL 21-3118.77293.513.010109829.1100-00

Touchdown Distances
Receiving: 28, 7, 12, 7, 36, 12

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