Cole Beasley

WR, Free Agent

Height 5'8" Weight 174
DOB 1989-04-26 Age 33.3
College Southern Methodist

2022 Fantasy Rankings

WR # 101 (Tier 9)

Position Rankings

Tier 9
99Bryan Edwards, ATL1423.86.9
100Dee Eskridge, SEA1125.32.2
101Cole Beasley, FA33.39.8
1 Fantasy Football Calculator (12-team PPR)
2 2021 season, PPR scoring

Fantasy News Last 90 Days

  • Cowboys Not Looking To Add Veteran WR

    James Washington‘s Jones fracture will force him to miss a portion of the regular season, with October likely looming as his earliest return window. Michael Gallup will also not be ready for Week 1. This certainly looks like it will create an uphill battle for the Cowboys, who began this offseason’s wideout trade rush by […]

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  • WR Cole Beasley Drawing Interest

    It sounds like Cole Beasley won’t be unsigned for much longer. According to NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo (on Twitter), the veteran wideout has drawn “significant” interest around the NFL. Beasley was released by Buffalo earlier this offseason after the team and the player unsuccessfully found a new home for the receiver. As Garafolo notes, the […]

    Jul 27 · Pro Football Rumors Cole Beasley
  • Cole Beasley Waiting For Right Opportunity

    Former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley remains unsigned, but it's not for a lack of interest. Beasley is remaining patient on the open market as he waits for the right opportunity and offer. The 33-year-old veteran slot man was second on the Bills in catches (82) and receiving yards (693) in 2021 and added one touchdown. He caught 231 passes for 2,438 yards and 11 touchdowns in his three seasons with Buffalo, so he'll surely land with an organization at some point before the 2022 campaign. It wouldn't be a surprise for the New York Giants to be interested, given that Beasley worked with new head coach Brian Daboll in Buffalo. The Giants could also use more receiver depth after being decimated by injuries at the position in 2021.

    Jul 26 · Source via Cole Beasley
  • Latest On Bills' WR Competition

    The Bills are in line to once again have one of the league’s most prolific passing attacks in the NFL in 2022. They have undergone some changes at the receiver position, though, setting up a competition for the starting role in the slot to replace Cole BeasleyIsaiah McKenzie “appears to have an early lead” to […]

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  • Wide Receiver Stats



    1PITL 16-2310.07790.615.313138607.5000-00
    2@MIAW 35-05.63960.06.2444369.0000-00
    3WASW 43-2115.35265.816.5131311988.9000-00
    4HOUW 40-02.63650.02.8222168.0000-00
    5@KCW 38-201.02239.33.622155.0000-00
    6@TENL 31-3418.36787.011.79978812.6100-00
    8MIAW 26-1116.05271.219.214131011011.0000-00
    9@JACL 6-97.34567.216.411118334.1000-00
    10@NYJW 45-172.5916.13.6222157.5000-00
    11INDL 15-414.33257.18.9554235.8000-00
    12@NOW 31-67.14669.77.6555469.2000-00
    13NEL 10-141.64069.05.23311111.0000-00
    14@TBL 27-3310.96380.814.111119647.1000-00
    15CARW 31-145.53245.711.4884358.8000-00
    17ATLW 29-153.23748.77.96622211.0000-00
    18NYJW 27-105.14251.26.1554317.8000-00
    WCNEW 47-172.41729.81.81111919.0000-00
    DP@KCL 36-429.03046.912.58866010.0000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 29


    1NYJW 27-177.85563.28.07745814.5000-00
    2@MIAW 31-289.54167.29.86657014.0000-00
    3LARW 35-3213.03861.311.377610016.7000-00
    4@LVW 30-2310.71829.56.64433210.7100-00
    5@TENL 16-428.34461.18.3666538.8000-00
    6KCL 17-2612.53464.213.27744511.3100-00
    7@NYJW 18-1016.76182.416.212121111210.2000-00
    8NEW 24-213.43662.13.42222412.0000-00
    9SEAW 44-345.44667.64.43333913.0000-00
    10@ARIL 30-3222.45879.517.81313111099.9100-00
    12LACW 27-173.55385.58.15422512.5000-00
    13@SFW 34-2423.55575.315.11111913014.4100-00
    14PITW 26-156.66181.313.310105418.2000-00
    15@DENW 48-1915.24561.613.71010811214.0000-00
    16@NEW 38-93.23548.66.9553175.7000-00
    WCINDW 27-249.24169.511.9777578.1000-00
    DPBALW 17-30.03663.23.52200-000-00
    CC@KCL 24-3812.36183.612.39978812.6000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Passing: 20
    Receiving: 11, 8, 22, 5


    1@NYJW 17-166.54869.613.0995408.0000-00
    2@NYGW 28-1410.33748.75.34448320.8000-00
    3CINW 21-178.84760.312.810108486.0000-00
    4NEL 10-1611.07185.515.7131377510.7000-00
    5@TENW 14-73.64264.64.6333217.0000-00
    7MIAW 31-219.13155.410.7663165.3100-00
    8PHIL 13-3111.64979.011.37734113.7100-00
    9WASW 24-98.32845.23.2222136.5100-00
    10@CLEL 16-199.44666.78.76647418.5000-00
    11@MIAW 37-205.86590.35.6444389.5000-00
    12DENW 20-316.66581.311.39967612.7100-00
    13@DALW 26-1520.05988.110.477611018.3100-00
    14BALL 17-2410.97397.39.3774297.3100-00
    15@PITW 17-101.14569.29.266166.0000-00
    16@NEL 17-2414.34685.222.21212710815.4000-00
    WC@HOUL 19-226.45463.55.95544411.0000-00

    Touchdown Distances
    Receiving: 3, 14, 6, 18, 25, 3

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