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  • Latest On NFL, COVID-19

    Jul 9 · Pro Football Rumors Coronavirus Return to Play
  • NFL reportedly intends to give all players the choice to sit out the entire 2020 season

    Jul 8 · CBS Sports Coronavirus Return to Play
  • NFL Proposing Player Salaries Be Held In Escrow

    The National Football League Players Association informed its board of representatives on Tuesday that the league proposed 35 percent of player salaries be held in escrow to help manage costs during the 2020 season, according to sources. It comes as COVID-19 has created uncertainty for the upcoming season, with the league and players undecided on aspects of testing, preseason games and training camp structure. The league's proposal wasn't well-received by the players, with NFLPA executive Don Davis saying, "Basically, we told them to kick rocks." The NFLPA's stance is that any escrow deal would need to be collectively bargained. The NFL has a lot to work out before training camps and the regular season can start on time amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Jul 8 · Source via Coronavirus
  • Buccaneers' Bruce Arians on COVID-19 in 2020 season: Every player will 'get sick, that's for sure'

    Jul 7 · CBS Sports Buccaneers Coronavirus
  • NFLPA Proposes 80-Man Training Camp Rosters

    Jul 6 · Pro Football Rumors Coronavirus Return to Play
  • NFL sends teams COVID-19 protocols for training camp, including interaction with players who test positive

    Jul 4 · CBS Sports Coronavirus
  • Source: NFLPA board wants no preseason games

    Jul 3 · ESPN Coronavirus Return to Play
  • NFL Teams Likely To Bring Fewer Players To Training Camp

    In an effort to fight the spread of COVID-19, NFL teams are likely to bring fewer than the regular 90 players they typically bring to training camp in late July, according to league sources. One source is predicting that teams will bring around 80 players, and another source is saying 75, but nobody is expecting 90. There are also increasing questions from league sources about whether training camp will start on time with the number of coronavirus cases around the country spiking. The league is already proposing a reduction from four preseason games to two, but the players union might want zero games in this unusual offseason. Smaller training camp rosters would hurt the younger players looking to make the final roster the most.

    Jul 3 · Source via Coronavirus
  • Source: NFL may fine players for virus violations

    Jul 2 · ESPN Coronavirus
  • Players Association May Not Want Any Preseason Games

    NFL teams want to play just two preseason games in 2020 in order to get a read on their rosters and to get ready for Week 1 of the regular season, but the Players Association hasn't signed off on anything yet and is wondering if it's smart to start mixing teams for games that don't mean anything. If the players had it their way this year, they might prefer zero preseason games amid the coronavirus pandemic. Training camps are still on schedule to begin on July 28, but it's looking like there will be only two preseason games, at a maximum. Most of teams' starters hardly play at all in preseason games to begin with, so the NFL may be moving towards fewer preseason games in the future, regardless of COVID-19. Fewer preseason games would also mean fewer injuries to key players before the start of the regular season.

    Jul 1 · Source via Coronavirus Preseason
  • NFL Shortening Preseason To Two Weeks

    The National Football League is shortening the 2020 preseason to two games as part of a larger acclimatization plan for players following an unprecedented virtual offseason program amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a source. Most players will still report to training camp on July 28, but the first preseason games won't be played until Aug. 20-24. Each team will play one home game and one road contest. The preseason is expected to be cut further when owners activate a provision in the collective bargaining agreement to expand the regular season to 17 games, which they can do as early as next year. Of immediate concern this year is the health and safety of the players and the staff.

    Jul 1 · Source via Coronavirus Preseason
  • NFL Cancels Supplemental Draft

    Jul 1 · Pro Football Rumors Coronavirus NFL Draft
  • COVID-19 Latest: Preseason, Travel, Arizona

    Jun 30 · Pro Football Rumors Coronavirus
  • NFLPA president J.C. Tretter suggests many players are at a 'higher risk' for COVID-19

    Jun 30 · CBS Sports Coronavirus
  • Latest On NFL, COVID-19

    Jun 29 · Pro Football Rumors Coronavirus
  • NFLPA's Smith: Workouts go against player safety

    Jun 28 · ESPN Coronavirus