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Fantasy Football Newsletter – Values Brock Purdy, Zay Flowers + SFB

Zay Flowers

In the previous newsletter we looked at a few players that Mike has ranked below consensus. This week, let’s look at a handful of players ranked above consensus. Check Mike’s 2024 draft rankings, and ADP is referenced from the multi-site ADP tool. First a word from our sponsor…

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Undervalued Players

QB Brock Purdy, SF

Draft Buddy QB7, Consensus QB11

I want to hate Brock Purdy as a fantasy commodity, but we’ve got two years of data now and I just can’t do it. Since Purdy became a full time starter in Week 13 of 2022 he was the QB12 the rest of the way that year, and QB6 for 2023. With the addition of another route running specialist in Ricky Pearsall the offense for the 49ers looks to continue to lean into what Purdy does well – pepper open areas of the field with anticipation and touch. Purdy won’t have the upside of your elites at the position, but with his incredibly high floor he deserves every bit of this QB7 ranking.

Mike: Put aside what you think about Purdy with respect to his draft pedigree and even pure QB skills relative to other NFL quarterbacks. It does not matter. There may be a dozen more talented QBs in the league, but there are not very many (any?) with a better supporting cast and a better coaching situation. Purdy is proven more than capable to excel in this situation. I’m surprised ten QBs go off the board before him. Take advantage.

RB Brian Robinson, WAS

Draft Buddy RB22, Consensus RB31

As much as anything, these rankings show how consensus views Robinson vs. Ekeler who they have as RB29, whereas Mike ranks Ekeler at RB37 (Mike: mulling changes). This really isn’t a departure from where Robinson finished last year when he finished as the RB21 despite missing two full games outright. People also tend to forget that Robinson was as high as RB6 as far into the season as Week 12 depending on scoring rules despite his points per game settling in RB 13-18 range for most of the season. All those screens that Kliff Kingsbury loves to call, leading the league in 2022 the last time he coached, will be ripe for the picking for savvy Robinson drafters.

Mike: Robinson is a bit tough to rank because the Commanders seemed reluctant to use him in the passing game, most of the time. Plus, Ekeler throws a wrench into things, the talented back and pass catcher that he is.

However, Robinson is more talented than the fantasy community seems to want to give him credit for. Don’t forget how his NFL career started, recovering from being shot twice in an attempted armed robbery, August 2022. He had to recover physically and mentally, and the Commanders rightfully slow-played him back his rookie season. Not to mention the mess of an offense should trend up with improved coaching and Jayden Daniels at QB. Bet on the talent. A step up improvement is very much in the cards for Robinson this season.

WR Zay Flowers, BAL

Draft Buddy WR22, Consensus WR26

The top target earner for a top five QB is available early in the 5th round according to ADP, after secondary and even tertiary options in other offenses. I see people getting scared off because Mark Andrews is considered the primary target earner in that offense, but in 2023 Flowers out-earned Andrews in terms of targets 6.75 to 6.1 per game. Entering his sophomore season, he can build on this and continue to pay dividends as he and Lamar Jackson continue to learn each others’ game.

Mike: Remember the Ravens playoff game earlier this year against the Chiefs. High profile game, what do people remember about Zay Flowers? Taunting penalty, and then critical fumble right after. Here is something else to remember… he had the best game matching against CB L’Jarius Sneed than any other WR all season. Some amazing receivers on the list, too, including Hill, Chase, Jefferson, A.J. Brown, Wilson, Ridley, Adams. While we don’t want to over analyze one game, understand that Flowers is very talented. Finishing WR30 as a rookie, expect Top 24 as a sophomore and room for more.

Rainbow Bowl Superflex Draft Board

#RainbowBowl that we mentioned last time is underway. Eleven 12-team superflex drafts kicked off July 1. Mike is participating and picking sixth. It is a slow draft and as of Wednesday evening eight rounds are in the books. Check the draft board.

Mike: I’ve done superflex taking QB early and I wanted to try it different this time. I very likely would have gone QB in the 3rd, but when Garrett Wilson fell there I was compelled to add Wilson after heavily debating Gibbs vs. Wilson in the 2nd.

Do I love Rodgers QB1? No. But I’m not upset by it. Don’t be a headcase A-ARod (which I understand is asking a bit), stay healthy, and he should be more than serviceable or better. This is dual-flex beyond the superflex spot, so priority stacking WRs ahead of RB2 should work very well.

Scott Fish Bowl

Hopefully you’re already familiar with the Scott Fish Bowl. If you’re not, it’s a huge charity-driven event that unofficially kicks off fantasy football season. From their homepage:

The world’s most famous fantasy football tournament with nearly every analyst in the fantasy industry, athletes, actors, musicians, celebrities, and thousands of other fans of fantasy football playing in the spirit of charity and doing good.

All proceeds raised through Scott Fish Bowl go to Fantasy Cares, which is exactly what it sounds like – an organization set up to help fantasy sports enthusiasts give back.

The scoring is unique and tends to change every year. This year we get to experience the impact of the NFL’s new kickoff return rules. Check out Doug Orth’s SFB preview that highlights the ins and outs. Also, kickers are an important part of SFB, so check out Linda’s work to help you get ready (and for kicker insight for your home leagues).

SFB is such an event we can’t do it justice in a short blurb. Check the SFB Podathon on YouTube that aired 36 straight hours of fantasy talk this past weekend. Draft Buddy is an annual Podathon sponsor. Underdog is running a SFB Satellite tournament. Check for live events in your area. Sign up for 2025.

Slow drafts start July 8. Follow my draft, picking 11th in Stanley Ipkiss and Mike’s, 8th in Luke Skywalker.

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