Fantasy Baseball Testimonials

Thanks to everyone for their continued support of Draft Buddy (formerly Cheatsheet Compiler & Draft Buddy) for fantasy baseball. This is just a small sample of testimonials received over the years. Please feel free to leave your own in the comments.

I had my draft yesterday. Draft Buddy was amazing…thank you! I have used _____ [other brand; name removed] software the last three years, and while it is comprehensive, it is almost too overwhelming. Having access to too much info during the speed of an auction can bog you down.

With Draft Buddy I had the rankings sheets at view, knew who was left, clear pre-draft numbers and inflation value, all this is there on their software but in and amongst the numbers. It may just be me, but this was so easy to use and powerful. I was able to add players on the fly (you know the AA player some guy adds because he is a Phillies fan or something). Can’t do that on theirs without everyone being a 1B, lol.

The auction summary was great because I could see who was accumulating what players – no other system I have used had that yet it seems a simple feature. Lastly, the summary of team allowed me to finish early, hit almost all my targets and, dare I say, leave money on the table. That is never a good thing I know, but it allowed me at various stages to get whoever I wanted and not wait for $1 nominated players.

Thank you ~ Hughcifer

I’ve been using the Fantasy Football CC/DB for over 10 years now and just wanted to commend you guys for putting the best product out there year in and year out. Your technical assistance via email and message board is second to none. This will be the second year that I’m using the Fantasy Baseball CC/DB and cannot wait for draft day because of it! Keep up the great work! ~ scalesse27

Hi Mike. Thank you for providing the Draft Buddy. Im a faithful customer of yours and will continue to be because your product is the best. Last year I was in 3 leagues and won a 1st, 3rd and 4th places winning money because of draft buddy. Thank you again and im working on DB for another great season. ~ Luis

You do excellent work. I use your stuff every year, for football and baseball, and it’s a huge help. ~ omnigamer

Your system works great… so far none of my opponents have found this… keep it secret!!! ~ wallyworld

Won my league last year using it and have been a football user for ages. ~ marcyeager