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Fantasy Baseball Projections Update How-To Video

Draft Buddy update baseball projections

Draft Buddy is updated for all four sets of fantasy baseball projections – ATC, THE BAT, Steamer and Zeile. The update is as-of Friday February 16, to keep us on a weekly update schedule.

The update includes new ADP from each of NFBC and FantasyPros. NFBC ADP is from the last two weeks of drafts. As we get into heavier draft season of late February and March, then the time frame might change to only one week.

Updating Projections in Draft Buddy

I often write out the process for updating multiple sets of projections in Draft Buddy. This time I recorded a video to demonstrate how it is done.

To update one set of projections it is pretty straight forward. Go to the action tab. Use the drop-down to select the set you want to update. Click “Check For Update” (to verify an update is available) or click “Update Projections”.

Draft Buddy pulls the latest baseball projections (plus ADP and prospects) and imports them into the first large yellow section on each of the hitters data and pitchers data tabs. Finally, Compile Cheatsheets to update Draft Buddy.

However, to update two or three sets of projections you need to update one set and move it, before updating another set. The update always imports into that first yellow section, a.k.a. Site A. Check this video:

Avoid Clearing Keepers and Draft Picks

One note about updating projections, is you don’t want to lose keepers you already input in Draft Buddy. Or, if you set a custom draft order, or are in the middle of a draft, you don’t want to lose that data. (Although re-syncing your Fantrax or NFBC draft is an easy fix.)

It is actually the Compile Cheatsheets function that can reset Draft Buddy to a complete refresh state, not the baseball projections update itself. That reset means, brand new cheat sheets based on your current settings, and a clean draft report tab.

To avoid this, simply make sure to change the two reset options on the action tab from “yes” to “no”. Doing this, and compiling, Draft Buddy will save and restore your keepers, draft order, and draft picks.

Draft Buddy action tab reset options

These options are yes by default because after downloading Draft Buddy, users input their league settings and Compile to customize for their league. This ensures everything is updated properly. After inputting keepers, and making sure your auction or draft report tab is correct, these options can switch to no.

To take a saved copy of Draft Buddy and prep for a second league, use File > Save As.. (macro-enabled workbook), change the filename, and now you have second copy of Draft Buddy. Reset options should go back to yes and Compile Cheatsheets to do a complete reset for the new league.

Download Fantasy Baseball Draft Buddy

If you don’t have Draft Buddy for the 2024 fantasy baseball season yet, then sign up and download. I recommend creating an account so you can return and download again, if needed, for feature improvements or bug fixes. All baseball projection updates are included through the start of the MLB season.

2 Comments on “Fantasy Baseball Projections Update How-To Video”

  • Matt


    Hey Mike, any idea why there’s such a big difference between the LPP model and the draft buddy model when creating auction values? Same $260 league and I’m seeing a difference of $15 for Acuna which seems like a lot. Thanks!

    • Mike


      Hi Matt! Sorry for the delay on this. I’m supposed to get an email when there are new comments to approve, and this one didn’t get to me and I just found your comment.

      That is a good question. They are two different systems for valuing players. I’d like to consolidate to one system between the two tools at some point, but haven’t managed to do that. Are you sure the settings and projections are the same across both? I do know Draft Buddy will tend to “spread the wealth” around more than LPP, which will tend to deflate values a bit for top players in DB. But I wouldn’t have thought it was this extreme. I’ll try to test it out and see if I can isolate what is causing the biggest differences.

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